How To Make Seedling Pots From Toilet Paper Rolls

Plant good seeds, reuse what you have and have a little fun with this video on How To Make Seedling Pots From Toilet Paper Rolls. 

With so many people hoarding toilet paper during this pandemic there are going to be tons and tons of cardboard rolls leftover, so why not put them to good use.

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Using cardboard to start your seedlings off is very eco-friendly because you can plant them in the ground and they will break down and compost.

A few extra tips to take into account:

Use an old plastic container, I used an old plastic lettuce shell to keep the roll in.

Make sure your pots are standing upright in the container. You can adjust the folds to ensure the rolls sit flat (before you add soil) or you can use twine to string them together to keep them from falling over.

Moisten the soil lightly before you add the seeds.

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Once you’ve added the seeds, place them near sunlight. Be sure not to over or under water them. Check the moisture of the soil before you do.

You will have to wait a few weeks to see the seeds sprouting before you plant them in your garden.

When they are ready, plant the whole roll into the garden. Make sure that there is no cardboard sticking out from the ground, if that happens, you can just cut the cardboard down. This ensures that no excess water gets to the roots.

The cardboard will biodegrade!

Happy planting!

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