This New Canadian App Helps You Shop Together & Spend Locally!

I’ve always loved shopping local: from indie zero-waste stores to secondhand to supporting a farmers market. However, small businesses like these have been challenged by COVID-19 and some have struggled to stay open. That’s why I am SO excited to share this new Canadian App that Helps You Shop Together & Spend Locally!

Shop Together was created by co-founders Jacqueline Chan, Jayanth Kottapalli, and Sumit Pasupalak in Waterloo, Ontario. Together, they built an app to inspire Canadians to support local Canadian businesses, build community between shoppers, and support social distancing. In April 2020, the app Shop Together was born and has been discovered by over 10,000 early adopters in Toronto and Southwestern Ontario! The app is yet to be released elsewhere in Canada, but a broader launch is anticipated for midsummer 2020.

This post was sponsored by Shop Together. I only share companies and brands I know, love and use in my home!

“Discover Local Together” - Jacqueline Chan

How does it work?

Shop Together is a social shopping app. You create a profile, share about what you’ve purchased and what you think of it. Vendors also have profiles, so you are directly connected with the small business owners that you’re looking to support. Best yet- they promise next-day delivery to your doorstep, with no additional packaging.

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What I Love:

Shop local without leaving home. Not only does shopping locally benefit the local economy and build community, but the mindful consumer can also even support fair trade, ethical consumption and the environment.

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Zero Waste and Eco Options. Carrying brands like Greenovation Coconut Bowls, all Bambu and Lekko Life Goods (all pictured in this blog post), there are so many options that will continue to inspire your search for eco-friendly personal and cleaning products. I have been a longtime champion of purchasing eco products, and have even built a brand directory with ecological criteria to help you find authentic brands.

Emphasis on Community.  Having a strong online community has made a HUGE difference for me in my eco-journey. Shop Together hasn’t missed a beat: they have a mission to create a ‘community of users who champion products they love through unique, in-app social interactions’, and do so by making it easy for users to share their reviews, tips, and ways to use the products. Chances are, you’ll recognize someone you already know!

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Navigate with ease! With a huge variety of items (snacks, bath and body, beauty, drinks, home), it has got to be searchable. There are deal focussed ‘daily drops’, a category of ‘brand new’ and the ‘top sellers’ list. You can also see what items users are talking about with an Instagram story-style reel, or click the ‘discover’ search tab for a bit of randomness.

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“Shop together, share together

When I think of local business, I think of the saying, ‘Use it before you lose it.’ Using the Shop Together app is exactly how we can keep local businesses going through this pandemic.  Meanwhile, we all benefit from more connections by sharing tips, reviews and great finds as we are staying home.

How do you support local?

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