Zero Waste Shopping Guide: Saskatchewan

Hello Saskatchewan! Here is the Zero Waste Shopping Guide: Saskatchewan, you will find low waste shops, refill stores and much more.

Researching this Zero Waste Shopping Guide, I discovered the Repair Cafés that have happened in Regina, Prince Albert and Saskatoon. The idea is that you invite people to bring a broken item: it could be torn clothing, broken appliances, electronics, a bicycle etc. Attendees can bring their item to pre-determined stations where savvy volunteers would provide assistance in DIY fixes.  An initiative that started in the Netherlands, you can purchase a toolkit from their website in order to host a Repair Café in your own community; or search to see if there’s one near you!

Reducing waste builds community. It shows when looking at the locally owned businesses in this guide, like the Backyard Project and The Better Good. When committing to less waste, we integrate new habits into our lives and seek help while doing it. The possibility of new, creative communities reaching out to collaborate and share skills is a great bio-fuel for your Zero Waste Journey!



Saskatchewan Farmers’ Markets – Farmers Markets are a great way to source local foods in season, cutting down on food miles and packaging by bringing your own bags. Search the alphabetized list for a market near you.

Bulk Barn - As of February 2017, Bulk Barn allows customers to bring their own reusable containers rather than using the plastic bags provided in-store. Go to the front counter to tare your containers, then fill up.


Value Village – A popular second-hand retailer with locations in every province; they have pretty frequent sales throughout the year as well as a free “Super Savers Club” membership that entitles you to 20% off on your birthday.


Diva Cup – A reusable menstrual cup that you can find at retailers all over the province.


Staples – Sells paper-wrapped toilet paper, and has drop bins to recycle old markers, pens, mechanical pencils, batteries, cell phones, printer ink and toner cartridges.

Sapadilla -  A “nice little eco-cleaner” for your home! Sells dish soap, hand soap, all-purpose cleaners, laundry liquids and more.  With refill stations across Canada.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore – Each ReStore is different, selling used and surplus furnishings and building materials. The kitchen donation program originated with 5 dedicated Winnipeg volunteers. Locations in Winnipeg and Brandon.

Recycle My Electronics – An online database where you can enter your postal code and see all the e-waste recycling options in your area.



Regina Farmers Market - A thriving farmers market in downtown Regina: bring your reusable bags and meet local vendors. Location changes seasonally.


Loom and Magpie - Named after the Loom (reminding us of the time and energy it takes to create a garment) and Magpie (one of nature’s recyclers), this consignment shop believes in the co-existence of sustainability and fashion.

Cozy Cradles Consignment - Aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the kid's fashion industry and encourage the re-use of children’s outgrown items.


Groovy Mama - A baby, mama and family focussed shop that sells re-usable pads, diapers, dryer balls, bamboo toothbrushes, natural cleaning products and more!


Saskatoon farmers market - Visit the scenic Saskatoon Farmers Market with your re-usable kit, and discover a wide variety of local foods and community members!

Steep Hill Food Co-Op - Has encouraged ecological lifestyles as part of its mandate since 1978.  This grocery store does not provide any bags to customers; you must bring your own. Uses local suppliers whenever possible and with a preference for organic foods. Sells bulk foods, hormone-free meats, fair trade coffee, and more.

Soul Foods Conscious Grocer - Has a bulk foods section, cafe and 6 tap kombucha bar as well as community events!

Bulk Basket - A new bulk food store that is 90% plastic-free. Its’ owner Nag Arajan wants to provide a customer experience where you can have help finding what you need, get exactly the amount you want, and packaged how you want it. BYO Container is strongly encouraged!


Better Off Duds - “Believes in sequins and second chances”.  Specializes in vintage collections for all sizes, genders and styles.

The Knick - Near the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market, the Knick’s selection is vintage and repurposed outfits curated by the owner Sarah Gaudry. Also carries local vendor items.


We haven’t found anything for Saskatoon… any suggestions? In the meantime, check out our beauty tips!


The Better Good - A community-oriented shop that is now 100% solar-powered, and has a refillable soap station. Prioritizes the sale of household goods that trend towards organic, local, fair trade, made from renewable goods, and/or natural.

The Library of Things -  Why buy when you can borrow? Lends tools, camping gear, small kitchen appliances and more. Also runs “Repair Cafes” and “Mending Meet-ups”!

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