Sustained Book Cover - Book by Candice Batista

Looking for easy, budget-friendly ways to reduce your environmental impact and save money? Authored by award-winning environmental journalist, Candice Batista, Sustained takes you on an eye-opening journey towards sustainability and eco-friendly living starting at home. This step-by-step, eco-living guide offers simple yet powerful ways to turn each room in your home into a hub of sustainability, while pocketing impressive savings.

Small changes, big impact. Starting with a deep dive into how our actions at home impact the planet, Sustained offers a practical suite of never-before-seen tools and solutions to initiate the shift towards a greener lifestyle–without draining your time, energy, or budget.

  • Eye-Opening Ideas: Explore green cleaning alternatives, ethical fashion brand recommendations, kitchen composting and waste management advice, laundry routine overhaul guidance, and more.
  • Cleaner and Greener: Reduce your dependence on chemical products and single-use plastics, decipher cryptic food and fashion labels, shop like an eco-pro, and make room for a new lifestyle that’s kinder to you, your pocket, and the planet.
  • Eco-Living Simplified: Going green doesn’t have to push your bank account into the red. Uncover tried-and-trusted tips for sustainable living, fresh recipe ideas, and up-to-date insights into top-rated biodegradable home products.

Sustained is a treasure trove of inspiration and motivation, going beyond the surface and diving deep into how to change how we live and why it’s so important. It’s practical and human-centered and is powerful enough to cast big ripples of change out into the wor

Candice’s personal connection with the environment is what makes this book so authentic, digestible, and even hopeful. She provides so many easy solutions that fit into any lifestyle or demographic so that together we can all help sustain the planet!

When true expertise is achieved, the ability to teach others naturally manifests. “Sustained” concisely demonstrates Candice’s ability to break down and transmit in-depth environmental information.

When true expertise is achieved, the ability to teach others naturally manifests. “Sustained” concisely demonstrates Candice’s ability to break down and transmit in-depth environmental information.

Sustained is a practical handbook that will help you save money and reduce waste. It’s a perfect entry-level book for those starting to greenify their home.

Candice Batista is an award-winning Environmental Journalist. And revered eco-living authority. Having devoted her entire career to Environmental Journalism, Candice knows a thing or three about how our daily choices impact wildlife, the climate, and the environment. Candice has spent years on the front line of national and international media as one of Canada's leading eco advocates, leveraging her background in Media and communications to produce and report on the most pressing climate and environmental crises for digital audiences worldwide. 

Batista has made numerous television appearances as a well-regarded Eco Expert, including HuffPost, The Globe and Mail, The Weather Network, CTV's The Marilyn Denis Show, CTV's Your Morning, City TV's Breakfast Television,  CNN, MindBodyGreen, and more. 

Today, she is the leading Sustainability Expert for Cityline, Canada’s number-one daytime talk show.  Candice is The Eco Hub's proud founder and owner, a leading online destination and resource for all things sustainable. The Eco Hub has spent close to a decade as a well-regarded lifestyle and news publication with a growing audience of green living advocates. Candice's website is celebrated for its impeccable reporting and commitment to staying on the pulse of the global green living anatomy.

From affordable green beauty to natural wellness, ethical fashion, low-waste living, environmental news and trends, and more, Candice is devoted to bringing her audience a meticulously selected ensemble of verified stories and products. The Eco Hub recently earned the distinction of Honoree at the 24th Annual Webby Awards. 

Candice has also produced 5,000+ TV segments and three television productions centered around sustainable living, including A Greener Toronto, @issue Earth, and Global Footprints. In 2011, the City of Toronto nominated Batista for their Green Toronto Awards in the Environmental Awareness category. Batista is also one of the only Canadians picked by former US Vice President Al Gore to be trained to deliver the powerful Inconvenient Truth Presentation. 

She is also a Fashion Takes Action advisory board member and a proud spokesperson for World Animal Protection.