How To Make DIY Hanging Planters For Your Garden

Today on the blog we are teaching you how to make DIY hanging planters for your garden, which are gorgeous and will cost you next to nothing!

Small DIY projects are a wonderful way to upcycle the leftovers from larger jobs done around the house. Doing so helps to avoid these bits of wood, plastic, or metal from ending up in landfills, and they’re a ton of fun. The best part is, that they often will cost you next to nothing because you already have most of the raw materials on hand and the cost of labor is translated into an afternoon of fun. Not to mention, you get something unique for your home.

Last summer we built this DIY mosquito planter, which has been a real hit, make sure you take a look at it. It's a super fun project if you love to garden.

How To Build DIY Hanging Planters?

Step #1 — Recognize a Problem

What problem are you trying to solve? Do your tools need a shelf? Do your drawers need compartments? Do your flowers need a planter? Many of the small DIY jobs tend to be some sort of organizational or containment solution. DIY projects have a way of turning household problems into fun and creative puzzles to solve.

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Step #2 — Source your materials

Once you have decided on what problem you want to tackle, next it's time to "shop your home" for materials. Take a look through your garage and storage cabinets to see what forgotten and left-over bits you can find that can be repurposed as building materials.

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Step #3 — Design your solution

This is my favorite part!!! Don’t haphazardly go about slapping a few things together with gorilla glue and leftover screws. Now that you have an idea of the potential building materials you have at your disposal, take out a piece of paper and sketch out a design for your DIY masterpiece. You don’t have to be an artist but having even a basic visual representation goes a long way to figuring out your puzzle. Take some measurements so you know exactly how things will fit together. Remember a good carpenter measures twice and cuts once!

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Step #4 — Build Away

Organize a space in your garage, kitchen, backyard, or where ever, to build your masterpiece. Layout your tools, materials, and design to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. If you are using power tools, make sure you know what you are doing!!!

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Step #5 — Enjoy!

Now it's time to sit back and enjoy your new creation. It's amazing how building something yourself, even something small can create such a sense of pride. DIY projects don’t have to be perfect, in fact, it's often their imperfections that create that certain “je ne sais quoi” we often pay a premium for in the stores!

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