Get Cozy With These 8 Eco Friendly And Organic Comforters

There are two things in life that make me really happy: a good night's sleep and a cozy, warm comforter but the price and selection can be more of a nightmare than a dream. We all want eco-friendly and organic comforters that are not only snug and stylish but also durable, easy to clean, and build to last. So snuggle up and read on because I've got all the info you need to make a great choice for your bedtime routine. Make sure to read the end of the post for tips on how to pick a good one for you.

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Why consider buying an eco friendly organic comforters

Most conventional comforters are made with petroleum-based polyester-fillers and fluffy feathers or down that come from chickens, geese, or ducks either before or after they die. On top of that, the feathers are typically sterilized with formaldehyde, bleach, and other chemical anti-allergens. You also have to worry about flame retardant chemicals. These are really bad for us and the environment. We really just want to avoid them like the plague. Choosing sustainable fabrics and materials is better for you and the planet.

How to shop for an eco friendly & organic comforter

Like all the sustainable and ethical fashion posts on The Eco Hub, I look at certain criteria: the fabrics and materials used, how the fabrics and materials sourced, and what's the company's corporate responsibility, let's break it down a little further:

1. Fabrics and materials

the types of materials used in the production of clothing and bedding. We know that organic cotton is a much better choice than its conventional counterpart and we also know that lyocell, recycled cotton, and even ethical wool are fantastic at keeping you warm for years.

It's important to look for third-party certifications, in the case of bedding these are the best:

These certifications are important because they ensure that all stages of textile production from the raw material to the final product are free of toxic chemicals, and the rights of employees and the impact on the natural environment are taken into account. They also help consumers from not being greenwashed by vague claims.

2. Ethical Sourcing

Along with fabrics, ethical sourcing is just as important. It's all about the supply chain and the practices and standards that are put into place to ensure that the manufacturing and labor involved are treated and paid fairly. Also considered are the certifications their products and factories carry, and the level of transparency surrounding their production. There are certifications that can ensure this: Textile Exchange, Fair Trade, GoodWeave International, and  FLO-certified.

3. Corporate responsibility

This criterion looks at the company as a whole, what are they doing internally to reduce energy consumption, and do they work with charities? Are they carbon neutral? Are they trying to reduce plastic packaging? Are they a Certified B Corporation or Members of 1% For The Planet? What other sustainable initiatives are they working on? These are just guides ultimately all the brands featured below are doing an incredible job offering eco friendly comforters to help us sleep a little easier!

Top picks for Eco Friendly & Organic Comforters

Cozy up and read on!

1. Resthouse Sleep Solutions

We all want eco friendly and organic comforters that are not only snug and stylish but also durable, easy to clean and build to last. Pin
Image: Resthouse

Resthouse Sleep Solutions was founded in 2014 when Dawn and Chris could not find the right natural bedding to suit both their needs. What began as a humble showroom in their converted garage has grown into a sustainable bedding brand that dreams are made of. Whatever you need to get a good night's sleep they've got it: organic bedding, non-toxic mattresses, pillows, ethical and sustainable furniture, bathroom essentials, and even organic pet beds for your fluffy loved ones.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Resthouse Sleep Solutions carries well-known ethical brands like Coyuchi and Obasan. Kakūn is a line of handmade customized products made with natural materials to help you have better nights and even better days.

Resthouse Fabrics & Materials

The organic cotton and natural wool comforter from Kakūn will have you instantly wanting to curl up in one of these organic cotton comforters. It's made with organic sateen cotton fabric and filled with Premium Eco Wool, making it the best eco-friendly wool comforter.

Resthouse sources all of its wool from Holy Lamb Organics which is certified Premium Eco Wool™. It's not certified organic but it does adhere to very strict standards by the IOAS, a "non-profit certification organization dedicated to the integrity of eco-label claims in the field of organic and sustainable agriculture, environmental management, social justice, and fair trade."

Wool is an excellent choice over feathers; it's antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant. It also helps to regulate your body's temperature (bye-bye, night sweats!) and is fluffier and more breathable. The Kakūn comforter is also available in three weights: lightweight for hot sleepers, medium weight for all climates, and heavyweight for cold climates and for those of us who need a little extra TLC in the warmth department.

You can have it all with this comforter: the best in sustainable fabric, no overheating, and one that will hug you like a fluffy poodle.

Resthouse Ethical Sourcing

Along with GOTS, Fair Trade, and IOAS certifications, you will also find The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), OEKO-TEX® Association, USDA Organic, and many more. All of these certifications ensure that the people making the bedding are being treated and paid fairly and that the animals are kept in humane conditions.

Resthouse Corporate Responsibility

Care is taken at every step of production, and that's what I love. All the brands they carry are top-notch in the bedding industry. Their own collection, Kakūn, is handmade and free of any harmful chemicals such as flame retardants. Resthouse chooses products made with these ingredients: "natural and certified organic cotton and rubber latex and eco/organic wool that are sustainably and ethically sourced, following strict social and environmental standards."

2. Takasa

We all want eco friendly and organic comforters that are not only snug and stylish but also durable, easy to clean and build to last.Pin
Image: Takasa

LOVE this Canadian brand so much. I have some of their sheets and let me just say that it's like sleeping on the coziest clouds. The Icon Quilted Organic Cotton Comforter (includes two pillowcases) comes in three lovely colors and features a chic quilt pattern that holds the cotton in place. This eco friendly luxury comforter is made for all seasons. Takasa translates to the Swahili word meaning “to purify, cleanse, make bright.”

Takasa's Fabrics & Materials

You will only find the BEST with Takasa: GOTS certified organic cotton and Fair Trade Cotton. GOTS guarantees that high standards are adhered to from the harvesting of the raw materials to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.

Takasa's Ethical Souring

Working with Fair Trade Cotton ensures that fair wages are paid to workers throughout the manufacturing process. "Fairtrade Canada was created to give fair pricing and premiums to these farmers in order to provide more stable incomes and give the promise of sustainability year after year." These are ethically made in India from farm to mill to the final product.

Takasa's Corporate Responsibility

Every product on the Takasa website is Carbon Neutral and through this program, they support a number of communities. They also partner with Green Story to measure the impact of their fabrics against that of conventional cotton. For every purchase you make a tree is planned with One Tree Planted. Your beautiful bedding will arrive in a 100% recyclable and certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program certification and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) box.

3. PlushBeds

We all want eco friendly and organic comforters that are not only snug and stylish but also durable, easy to clean and build to last.Pin
Image: PlushBeds

PlushBeds has been manufacturing organic and sustainable bedding since 2004. Everything is done in-house in their 80,000 square foot certified organic California manufacturing facility. These guys know good sleep, their innovation lab is dedicated to unearthing the best in sustainable materials and practices. They have you covered (see what I did there) in the bedding department, find organic pillows, eco-friendly mattresses, natural mattress protectors, and of course their eco friendly wool comforter.

PlushBeds Fabrics & Materials

You have three fabrics to choose from a down blend, a down microfiber, and wool. The outer shell is made from organic cotton and the stuffing is either cruelty-free eco-wool or responsibly sourced down. Their certifications include GOLS, GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic wool, and OKEO-TEX just to name a few. I'd opt for the natural materials over the microfiber.

PlushBeds Ethical Sourcing

All of their raw materials are sourced from farmers who adhere to the same principles. Through all of their certifications, they make sure that workers are paid fairly and that the animals meet cruelty-free standards. They also travel to their supplies regularly to make sure they are open and transparent.

The handmade natural wool comforter is made with premium eco-wool® fill and organic cotton sateen and is free from harsh scouring agents, dyes, and chemicals. This comforter is super lightweight, cozy, and will look great in any bedroom.

PlushBeds Corporate Responsibility

Not only is PlushBeds Green America Certified and TerraPass Carbon Neutral, but they also have some really great charitable initiatives too. They offer a scholarship program to students who are pursuing an "eco-degree". They support the Ed Asner Family Center and work with the Village of Mange Bureh, in Sierra Leone, Africa assisting in distributing food & nourishment to local families.

4. Boll and Branch

We all want eco friendly and organic comforters that are not only snug and stylish but also durable, easy to clean and build to last.Pin
Image: Boll and Branch

If you are looking for organic comforter sets take a peep at what Boll and Branch have to offer. Like all the companies I have featured so far, they offer a range of bedding for you to choose from. Think non-toxic mattresses, duvet sets, and covers, organic baby blankets, inserts, and more. If you live in Canada you can find this brand at The Bay, which makes it more accessible to everyone.

Founded by husband and wife Missy and Scott Tannen, their bedding is so good it even made its way into the White House. Their comforter sets will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Boll and Branch Fabrics & Materials

Ethical fabrics are at the heart of this company. Using organic cotton that is 100% Fair Trade, Oeko-Tex-certified, and GOTS-certified. The inserts are either PrimaLoft or responsibly sourced American Goose down. PrimaLoft is "an allergy-friendly premium synthetic fiber that mimics down’s lightweight loft. You can get comfy knowing you are getting the best in ethical bedding.

Boll and Branch Ethical Sourcing

All of their natural bedding is made in India, Portugal, and the United States. All makers are paid fairly and treated with respect. Last year, they bought 2.4 million pounds of Fair Trade seed cotton, helping keep 12,800 farmers out of debt. They were also one of the first linen companies to become Fair Trade Certified™.

Boll and Branch Corporate Responsibility

Boll and Branch ships all of their raw materials by boat, this has allowed them to save 21,252 metric tons of carbon emissions, that’s equivalent to saving the greenhouse emissions from over 4,500 cars a year.

Even their packaging is sustainable noting on their website that: "100% of our packaging is made from recycled paper and can be recycled and/or repurposed. 100% of our outer shippers are FSC certified."

5. Stray and Wander

We all want eco friendly and organic comforters that are not only snug and stylish but also durable, easy to clean and build to last.Pin
Image: Stray and Wander

Doesn't the name just make you want to hop on a plane? This is one of my favorite sustainable brands from Canada. Their collection of eco friendly blanket comforters comes in a wide range of gorgeous colors that you will want to wrap yourself in. I have two of these BTW!

They are so soft and cozy to touch and add that little extra layer needed on those cold winter nights. They are super durable and made with tightly woven organic Turkish cotton. I highly recommend you take a look at their organic bath towels too, I have a few of these as well, don't judge. LOL!

You have five variations of blankets to choose from all of them can be used in the bedroom, as a throw, or even on a picnic. The Reve Blanket is plush and cozy and great for all year. The Chalet is more lightweight, rolls up small, and can be used on the go for your next adventure.

Stray and Wander Fabric & Materials

100% Organic Turkish cotton makes these some of the softest blankets on the market today. Turkish cotton only gets better with age, the more you wash it the better it will feel. Stray and Wander buy organic cotton directly from the makers.

Stray and Wander Ethical Sourcing

They work directly with women's cooperatives and artisans who make these gorgeous blankets. All of them are paid a fair price for their work. You will notice slight variations in the price, according to Stray and Wander that's because:

"Our towel prices are determined by the length of time they take to weave. Within the collection, our patterns range from simple classic patterns to extremely complicated patterns. All of our products are fairly traded and our artisans are paid fairly for their work. Therefore, the longer a pattern takes to weave, the higher the price point will be.

There is no difference in quality between price ranges since the entire collection of towels & blankets are of the same amazing premium quality and are all woven from the identical luxurious organic Turkish cotton."

Stray and Wander Corporate Responsibility

By connecting with local artisans they are helping to preserve the ancient traditions of weaving and giving people a living wage in rural communities where that is typically not the case.

6. Buffy

We all want eco friendly and organic comforters that are not only snug and stylish but also durable, easy to clean and build to last.Pin
Image: Buffy

According to the New York Times, these super soft eco friendly comforters are like sleeping on a "pile of cotton candy". You'll also find blankets, pillows, and sheet sets made from linen and eucalyptus. Buffy is on a mission to us "live comfortably — without making our planet uncomfortable" and that is evident in the gorgeous range of bedding they carry.

Either of their comforters will make a great addition to your bedroom. The Buffy Breeze is lightweight and temperature regulating and will keep you cool and dry. The Buffy Cloud is super fluffy and made for all seasons. It also has over 22 thousand 5-star reviews. It's also one of the most affordable natural organic comforters.

Buffy's Fabric & Materials

The Buffy Breeze: is made entirely out of 100% Oeko-Tex eucalyptus Lyocell which is derived from the eucalyptus tree. It's a really good sustainable fabric that is known to be super-soft and breathable. Lyocell fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources like eucalyptus and harvested from sustainably managed forests.

The Buffy Cloud: The shell is made from Lyocell and the fill is made from 100% GRS-certified, BPA-free, recycled PET bottles. Both comforters are vegan and cruelty-free.

Buffy's Ethical Sourcing

Buffy's products are all FSC and PEFC™ certified for their sustainable forestry practices. The eucalyptus comes from regenerative fibers in Austria and the PET is sourced in Estonia.

Buffy's Corporate Responsibility

They offset all CO2 emissions generated from freight and customer shipments. Their shipping packaging is made from FSC cardboard and has a goal to "make products that are either biodegradable or fully recyclable and before then, create a return takeback program to give gently-used Buffy products new life."

They are also working towards achieving "Closed Loop Comfort" which they hope will help to reduce waste even further.

7. Soma Sleep

We all want eco friendly and organic comforters that are not only snug and stylish but also durable, easy to clean and build to last.Pin
Image: Soma

Soma Sleep has been making organic bedding since 2004 all of it is made with high standards and great value for the price. They have a team of people who handpick these best of the best and carry brands like Green Sleep and Savvy Rest. Their brands are all third-party certified to ensure transparency and to assist customers in making the right decision.

You have two comforters to choose from the "All-Seasons" which are great for hot and cold climates and a good option if you don't have the space to store one for each season. The "Summer Comforter" is thin and lightweight and a perfect cuddle buddy for those hot summer months. Soma has s simple motto "a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep is essential to achieving optimal health."

Soma's Fabric & Materials

Feel comfortable wrapping yourself in organic goodness. All the organic fill and organic cotton are GOTS certified. Wool and cotton are naturally very breathable, unlike their synthetic counterparts. Made in Canada other certifications include OKEO-Tex and Eco-INSTITUT which independently test latex materials for chemicals. Look for this when shopping for your next eco mattress. Soma believes that "product certification plays an important role in the world of organic mattresses". I could not agree more.

Soma's Ethical Sourcing

The wool they use in their organic mattresses and accessories comes from New Zealand where the sheep graze on undeveloped land free of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. Organic cotton comes from Peru from well-managed farms.

Soma's Corporate Responsibility

Soma makes products that are good for you and good for the planet. Backed by over 22 years in the mattress and sleep specialty industry Soma provides consumers with a unique experience when shopping for a healthier mattress and sleep experience.

8. SOL Organics

We all want eco friendly and organic comforters that are not only snug and stylish but also durable, easy to clean and build to last.Pin
Image: SOL Organics

SOL Organics was founded by two friends who wanted to make a difference by creating textiles with integrity and they have done just that with their collection of bedroom and bathroom essentials. It's what makes them one of my favorite sustainable bedding brands. Their organic down comforter will make a stylish and functional addition to your bed. It comes in two weights, Summer (600 fill) and All-Season (700 fill). The shell is made from organic cotton which is light and breathable and the fill comes from Canadian down.

SOL Organics Fabrics & Materials

Organic cotton provides a high-quality product from "seed to sheet". It's GOTS certified and free from harmful pesticides and chemicals like bleach and formaldehyde. No dirty cotton here.

SOL Organics Ethical Sourcing

SOL took their time finding partners that aligned with their values of “Fair Trade at a Fair Price.” All of the factories they partner with have high standards for social, economic & environmental aspects of their business. The down is responsibly sourced right here in Canada.

SOL Organics Corporate Responsibility

SOL's overall impact on their business is reduced substantially thanks to their use of organic cotton, which uses way less water and because no chemicals are used, the impact on the environment is way less. When you make a purchase they donate $7.50 to a variety of charities like The Fund for Animals, the Children’s Defense Fund, and the Anti Racism Fund.

How to pick the right sustainable comforter

I always wondered what the difference is between a duvet, blanket, and comforter. A comforter is a plush bedding topper that has a fabric outer layer that is sewn through to keep the filling in place. The amount of fill inside will determine how warm it will keep you. You can cover them with a duvet cover another in most cases it's not necessary. Organic cotton, cotton blend, and synthetic fibers are the most common fabrics.

Picking the fill

The fill is one of the most important aspects of a good comforter. Goose and duck down are the most common. Goose has larger down clusters which it makes warmer. Duck down has smaller clusters so less insulation. Duck is also less expensive.

What warmth level do you need?

Are you buying an organic comforter to keep you warm in the cold winter months? Or are you wanting something you can use for all seasons? The fill and weight will let you know how warm a comforter is. The fill relates to how much material is inside the shell. For the summer months look for a fill of 400 or less and for winter 600 or higher is great. For weight, the higher the fill weight, the warmer the comforter.

Pick the right stitch

The stick matters it makes sure the fill does not move around and clump in certain places. There are many to choose from: quilted, baffle box, seen through, and gusseted. It's personal preference but I'd recommend talking to the brand and reading the reviewers before you make a choice.

What about the weave, thread count & size

The weave determines the feel and the breathability. There are two kinds of waves, sateen (thicker) and Percale (more lightweight). The thread count in simple terms is about how soft the fabric is. 500 - 700 count is perfect for chilly weather. For size you want it to hang over your mattress. Measure your bed to determine the perfect size for you.

Final thoughts on choosing eco friendly & organic comforters

Choosing organic bedding can be pricey and comforters typically do cost more, but when you find the right one you will sleep like a baby. It's well worth the investment in my opinion because healthy sleep means a healthy life. A good comforter can keep you really warm in the fall and winter and that means you don't have to crank up the thermostat!

The bottom line is you want to pick a comforter that will last and you want to take care of it properly so makes sure you read the care instructions provided by the company carefully and use a good laundry detergent.

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