10 Cozy Brands For Ethical Winter Coats

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A woman wearing an ethical winter coat from Bernadro.Pin

I have created a list of the BEST sustainable jackets to help you stay warm this winter AND keep your eco footprint light—giving you complete peace of mind while you shop. I have done the research for you by always considering locally made, sustainably produced, and ethically manufactured products. Now, let’s get cozy!

1. Fabrics and materials

Winter coats typically have three components: a synthetic outer shell with a hydrophobic coating for wind and moisture protection, an inner fill (usually down or synthetic insulation) for heat retention, and a synthetic liner like polyester or nylon, sometimes silk or satin, to hold the fill and add warmth.

For ethical winter coats, consider environmentally friendly materials, from recycled synthetics that reduce landfill waste to sustainable plant-sourced fabrics like bamboo or beechwood. Downfill is common for its warmth and durability; ensure it's ethically sourced by checking for the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification.

Alternatively, ethical wool coats should have the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certification to guarantee cruelty-free practices. 

2. Ethically Sourced

Ethical sourcing simply has to do with the production methods to make ethical winter coats, practices, and conditions under which your jacket is made. 

3. Corporate Responsibility

I consider what else a given brand is doing regarding social and environmental responsibility, including practices like plastic-free packaging and social and environmental initiatives.

Ultimate Picks for Sustainable Winter Coats

Whatever your needs, I’ve got brands with tons of options to help you stay warm this winter: 

1. Bernardo Fashions

A woman wearing an ethical winter coat from Bernadro. Pin
Image: Bernardo

With a commitment to becoming a fully sustainable brand, their selection of stylish ethical winter coat options includes several sustainable collections, like the Full Circle collection, which is made of 100% recycled materials.

Styles: Puffers, Jackets, Vests, Walkers, and Performance gear, along with Long Coats for those colder days. Heavy Winter Coats, classic Coats, Wool and Leather options, Vegan Fur for ethical style, and Rain Or Shine solutions for any weather.

Sizes range from XS to XXL. 

Price: $$-$$$$

2. Outerknown

A man wearing an ethical winter coat from Outerknown.Pin
Image: Outerknown

Natural and organic materials, ethical sourcing, and corporate responsibility add to a peace-of-mind brand! My favorite is the Men's Hooded Reversible Puffer—the perfect addition to your minimalist wardrobe!

Styles: Shirt Jackets and Puffers

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: $$$

3. Frank & Oak

A woman wearing an ethical winter coat from Frank and Oak. Pin
Image: Frank and Oak

Frank & Oak ensures that all suppliers meet sustainability requirements while ensuring organic fabrics. They’re a B-corp brand, so you know you can shop confidently!

Styles: Cardigans, Denim Jackets, Overshirts, and Coats

Sizes: XS to XXL

Price: $$-$$$$

4. Wuxly Movement

A woman and a man wearing an ethical winter coat from Wuxly.Pin
Image: Wuxly

Wuxly prides itself on producing the world's warmest sustainable outerwear—while still providing you with top-of-the-line fashion! This brand helps humans and animals stay warm while keeping products out of landfills—we love them!

Styles: Parkas, Raincoats, Trench Coats, Vests, Shell Jackets, and Bomber Jackets

Sizes: XXS-XXL

Price: $$-$$$

5. Everlane

A woman wearing an ethical winter coat from Everlane. Pin
Image: Everlane

With complete transparency, Everlane publishes its Annual Impact Report to show you exactly what they’re doing to create sustainable and beautiful fashion. And WOW, their numbers have me adding to cart again and again!

Style: Fleece, puffers, trench coats, shirt jackets, peacoats.

Sizes: XXS to XXL

Price: $$$-$$$$

6. Patagonia

A woman wearing an ethical winter coat from Patagonia.Pin
Image: Patagonia

You’ve probably heard of Patagonia, but did you know about their efforts to promote sustainability and provide ethical and durable products? Not only are they 1% For The Planet members, but they also offer repairs of your gear to extend its lifespan! That is a brand I can get behind, for sure!

Styles: Shell Jackets, Insulated Jackets, Parkas, Coats, Vests, Rainwear, and Fleece Jackets

Sizes: XXS-XXL

Price: $$$

7. Amour Vert

A woman wearing an ethical winter coat from Amour Vert.Pin
Image: Amour Vert

An amazing women’s brand with pillars of responsibility that are focused on materials, artists, trees, circular fashion, and honesty. Their beautiful selection of coats and jackets are made of vegan, recycled, and organic materials—gotta love that!

Styles: Denim Jackets and Motorcycle Jackets

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: $$$

8. Thought

A woman wearing an ethical winter coat from Wear Thought. Pin
Image: Wear Thought

Thought’s much-loved women’s coats include showerproof ponchos and organic cotton jackets that have been made to be classics you’ll return to again and again. I especially love their men’s organic trench coats!

Styles: Wool coats, parkas, puffers, and trenches

Sizes: XS-XXL

Price: $$$

9. tentree

A woman wearing an ethical winter coat from tentree. Pin

Tentree, named for planting ten trees with every purchase, is a climate-neutral certified brand offering a range of eco-friendly jackets and coats for all outdoor adventures. Ethically crafted from recycled or compostable materials, their collection is perfect for trail explorers or slope enthusiasts, providing both style and sustainability in every piece.

Styles: Rain Jackets, Puffers, Shell Jackets, Coats, Parkas, Bomber Jackets, and Fleece Jackets 

Sizes: XS-XL

Price: $$-$$$

10. prAna

A woman wearing an ethical winter coat from Prana. Pin
Image: Prana

prAna is one of my favorite brands for ethical activewear. Their collection features women’s jackets and outerwear like zip-ups that will coordinate with your winter outfit, no matter where you go!

Styles: Jackets, Vests, Insulated & Down, Fleece

Sizes: XS to XL

Price: $-$$$

Final thoughts on ethical winter coats

When shopping for your next eco-friendly winter coat this winter, just remember to opt for responsibly-sourced fabric and materials wherever possible. You also want to make sure your coat is produced ethically in certified facilities.

You can trust any of the brands featured in this article to provide some of the best options in this regard, but always remember to opt for whatever works best for you. Choosing sustainability however you can, wherever you can is just what we need. 

If you happen to be looking for other sustainable living essentials, the brand directory is always here to simplify your search for anything from home goods and natural cleaning products to jewelry and zero-waste essentials. 

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