How To Switch To Zero-Waste Dissolvable Shampoo Tablets

Making the switch from plastic bottled shampoo can feel like a big leap, here is a guide on How To Switch To Zero-Waste Dissolvable Shampoo Tablets.

There is no doubt that going low or zero waste is quite a bit of work, I can’t tell you how many questions I get from my readers asking for plastic-free hair and body care that works and is reasonably priced. I get it, the search can be as challenging as a bad hair day, and no one wants that! LOL!

Enter EARTHSUDS who found a way to remove the need for pesky plastic bottles by engineering solid-form dissolvable shampoo, conditioner, and body wash tablets.

And with 8.2 Billion plastic amenity bottles being used in North America every single year this is a super innovative way to address the need for effective, functional body and hair care products. With one MAJOR benefit, no more plastic waste. Gotta love that!

This post is generously sponsored by EarthSuds. Please know that I only feature products I love and use in my home.

Why Single-Use Tablets?

Most consumers looking for a way to decrease their use of single-use plastics have not yet discovered the perfect shower product, as shampoo and conditioner bars tend to be difficult to manage and wasteful once you get to the last of them. You can never use the entire thing, and they aren't very sanitary or aesthetically appealing once they've been used. You also have to wait for them to dry so if you're traveling they need to be placed in a small baggie that then becomes slimy.

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Not to mention the shower residue that collects on them between washes. EarthSuds has addressed all of these issues with its single-use tablets.

I have to say there will be a traveling game-changer for me once we get back to "normal life".

These tablets are vegan, as well as sulfate, paraben, and cruelty-free, and are also made with all naturally derived ingredients. The tablets are easy to use, you just have to crush them and combine them with water for them to sud and lather like traditional products.

EarthSuds does not use any single-use plastics from production to delivery of their products, and only sells products in reusable containers or boxes that can be recycled.

My Review: I’ve been using EarthSuds for over a month now and must say I am impressed with how well these tablets work. The body wash is a no-brainer switch for me.

You can buy the body wash tabs scented with Cedarwood Mint for a really great pick-me-up in the morning. The smell is invigorating.

They offer an unscented version as well. Smoothing and moisturizing, glycerin helps to lock in moisture and maintain the skin’s water balance to help prevent those ashy leg days. This body wash is infused with the botanical extracts of burdock root and green tea. Burdock root is packed full of antioxidants like luteolin, and phenolic acids which give it an anti-inflammatory effect to healing skin and enhancing appearance. Green tea extract is widely used to help diminish the signs of aging and even out discoloration for a youthful glow.

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How did the shampoo and conditioner hold up?

Happy to report! Really well! I love the fact that there are no harsh detergents which mean my hair gets the wash it needs without all the toxic crap found in most conventional hair care items.

I found the shampoo gently cleansed my hair, leaving it feeling clean and bouncy.

A few things you do need to keep in mind though. Don’t expect these tablets to lather like a lush bar. That lathering effect normally comes from ingredients like Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which also strips the hair of natural oils, you won’t find these harsh ingredients in EarthSuds.

Don't’ expect perfection immediately!

Hair is an interesting thing, I have found that it tends to get used to the products we use. So when you first make the switch, you might notice your hair acting up a bit. This is normal. It’s like switching to reusable cloth pads or natural deodorant.

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Each time I try a new eco-regime it does take my body a bit to adjust to the new products. And that did happen with the shampoo and conditioner.

It might take your hair less or more time to adjust and that’s because the ingredients do matter. Conventional shampoos can also contain dimethicone, a heavy silicone ingredient that is particularly prone to causing buildup. Dimethicone doesn't easily wash off without strong detergents (SLS will take it off), so it may take several weeks before your hair and scalp are free from build-up.

  • Wash 1: uh oh! What has happened to my hair?! Straight into a bun hidden away from human view!
  • Wash 2: Noticeably better, it felt great when wet and a bit greasy when dry – but not hideous. Needs another wash.
  • Wash 3: Still some residual feeling of waxiness.
  • Wash 4: Okay, we’re getting there. Still feels a bit waxy, but a thousand times better than wash 1, and I think that the end is probably very near!
  • Wash 5: Hair feels soft and manageable with a noticeable difference in the scalp and overall feel.

Hang in there, it’s so worth it!

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Make sure you crush the tablet fully and add water, once it starts to lather apply it directly onto the hair. If you have longer hair use 2 tabs. Give it a good rinse.

For the conditioner, I use it on my ends and it leaves my hair so soft and nourished.

I have also found that I am washing my hair less (which I love). I should mention that my hair is not colored at all.

I am overall very impressed with the quality of EarthSuds. I was a bit skeptical but the performance and the ingredients are top-notch!

Packed full of argan, avocado, and apricot oil, the shampoo is rich in monounsaturated fats and oleic acid which makes it one of the few oils that can actually evenly moisturize and smooth every last strand, making your hair frizz-free while helping to prevent breakage in the long-term. With the added power of marshmallow root, it helps to detangle and soften hair without the harm of added silicones, while its plant proteins help to promote healthy hair growth.

The tablets come in packs of 30 shampoo, conditioner, or body wash for $18 CAD, as well as a trio pack at the same price consisting of 10 tablets of each. Each EarthSuds tablet is generally equivalent to 1 wash.

Social Sustainability

I am so impressed with EarthSud's Social Sustainability. They saw an opportunity to make a strong social impact in their community alongside the environmental impact they’re already making. Adults with developmental disabilities face an unemployment rate as high as 69%, so EarthSuds hires and provides 1:1 training for these individuals, equipping them with transferable work skills and a paycheque. This program has continued to grow as they take on more Work Readiness Program Participants with every cohort.

EarthSuds was also one of the top 10 in National Geographic and Sky Ocean Ventures’ Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge, a global search for innovative solutions to plastic pollution.


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  1. Would you in the future produce tablets that could dissolve in a reusable shampoo bottle to create traditional jelly like pumping shampoo?

  2. Where is the list of what is in this product? You list what is missing but you fail to list what is included.

    “Natural” is an overused meaningless word. “Body Wash” however speaks volumes. It means it’s not SOAP! If it’s NOT SOAP what does that make this product? And why would anyone call a detergent (the opposite of soap!) “natural”?

    1. well natural has many connotations but definitely the fact that it doesn’t come from derived petroleum products, which are bad for the skin and the environment because of manufacturing and because of how it decomposes in nature.
      “Natural” products decompose easier in the environment, in comparison to artificial man-made products that require more time to decompose and can be harmful to flora and fauna in the environment. In terms of why natural products can be better for the body (skin, hair), many artificial man-made products are allergens that the body doesnt assimilate well and leads to inflammatory reactions, of course, there’s natural materials like poison ivy that can cause an immunologic reaction or even aromatherapies can be triggering to some people, but in comparison, natural beauty products are better assimilated than products with many artificial ingredients. Hope this clarifies why it is important to make a distinction between natural man-made products vs artificial man-made products, there is no clear line that differentiates the 2, it is a spectrum.