30+ Best Eco Friendly Zero Waste School Supplies

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You picked out the perfect sustainable backpack! But what about all the goodies you need to stuff in it? We've rounded up the best Eco Friendly Zero Waste School Supplies your kids will love. From pencils to pens to notebooks, we've got you covered.

Sustainable stationery might seem like a lofty goal when considering how many trees are being cut down to make paper products.

Americans use 68 million trees per year for their paper needs, resulting in massive deforestation, destroying habitats, and contributing to climate change. The good news is that many great companies offer sustainable paper products and other school supplies.

1. Eco-Friendly and Zero Waste School Supplies: Paper Products

Opting for 100% recycled paper is a great way to support the planet. Be on the lookout for a third-party certification like Green Seal, EcoLogo, The Chlorine Free Products Association, and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Printworks makes paper from 100% recycled post-consumer waste from beverage and food containers, is certified by FSC, and is also chlorine-free. Most recycled papers are made with only 30% recycled fiber; this paper is 100% recycled content and is around the same price. So choosing this paper is a no-brainer!

A stack of recycled paper. Pin

Staples also carries 100% recycled paper products. This paper is FSC certified and made with 100% post-consumer recycled content, which is fantastic. The higher the post-consumer content the better!

A stack of recycled paper.Pin

If you have an artist in your family, recycled drawing paper is the way to go. These are natural unbleached paper made from recycled materials AND it's fully recyclable!

A stack of craft paper. Pin

Notebooks & Notepads

For sustainable notepads and notebooks, you have a few to choose from:

Michael Roger Inc. makes notebooks called Decomposition books. They are made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper and are fully compostable. These are pretty. You can choose from an assortment of beautiful nature-inspired covers. They are made in the USA with soy ink. This company is the OG of paper products, having been in the industry for over 70 years!

A eco friendly zero waste school supplies notebook from Decomposition. Pin

Plantable notebooks, yep you read that right, these are made using recycled paper infused with seeds, so when you are done with the book, you simply plant it! I mean how cool is that? The seeds include Snapdragon, Bird’s Eye, Black-Eyed Susan, Clarkia, Sweet Alyssum, and Catchfly.

These are made by PML Studios, you can choose between 30 and 60 sheets and they are 5" x 7" in size and come in packs of three and six. PML is based in the USA and is run by Pauline M. Lewis, an award-winning artist based in New York.

A eco friendly zero waste school supplies notebook from PML. Pin

These spiral notebooks are made with 100% recycled paper, and the cover is made of Kraft paper, durable and compostable. A good alternative to plastic or hardcover journal. And they are super affordable.


Ecojot has these gorgeous jumbo-sized journals that have 150 lined sheets / 300 pages. They are perfect for taking notes. The paper is 100% post-consumer recycled and made from paper that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

This Canadian company is based in Quebec, and they run an award-winning sustainable paper mill. Ecojot is a family-run business founded in 2007 by brother and sister team Mark and Carolyn Gavin. Their love for paper and great design has enabled them to create a sustainable brand made entirely in Toronto, Canada.

A collection of jumbo journals from ecojot. Pin

For the budget-conscious (who isn't these days?), you can choose Northbooks Notebook/Journals. These are 5x8 in size and made with paper that is Forest Stewardship Council Certified. They also work with Eden Projects, so each time you place an order, they plant a tree!

An eco notebook from Northbook. Pin

Probably the most eco-friendly paper is tree-free.... banana, anyone? Ecopaper's Tree-Free Banana Paper Notebooks and Journals are made from the waste of coffee, mangoes, hemp, tobacco, sugar cane, and lemons! They are also chlorine-free.

Check out how this paper is made. It's super cool. You know we are all about fair wages regarding the items we suggest, and this company is all about that too!

A stack of banana paper. Pin


All that eco paper needs a home, here are our top picks for binders. You want something that is durable and going to last. Binders are kind of a fashion statement. They were when I was a kid, it would take forever to pick the right cover.

But I think if my mom explained to me how bad the plastic waste that is created is, I would have been happy to choose a plainer one. I mean, you have the option to decorate the front yourself, which can be fun.

Here are three eco-friendly binders to choose from:

The Guided Products Recycled ReBinder is made with recycled chipboard. They can fit about 100 sheets and have 0.5” rings. Each ReBinder comes with a one-page labeling system at no extra charge, which you can easily print to customize your binder's front, spine, and back.

Guided Products are doing great work with communities, non-profits, schools, and churches, where they offer discounted prices to ensure they all have access to items that are the best choice for the environment.

4 binders by Guided Binder. Pin

Naked Binder carries a 3-ringed binder. This is what they say about this binder on the website:

"The Naked Binder is crafted from one piece of board with the hinge pressed directly into it. This leaves no weak spots on the binder and makes for a super-strong 3-ring binder. An independent lab flexed the Naked Binder 250,000 times without failing, which means if you use this binder 20 times a day for 34 years, you still will not break the hinge. Now that’s strong."

Naked Binder makes file folders that are made from left-over chipboard and are durable, and are also 100% recycled FSC-certified post-consumer waste. These binders are made in the USA and sold in packages of 25. Naked Binder is a member of 1% For The Planet.

A file folder from Naked Binder. Pin

2. Eco Friendly and Zero Waste School Supplies: Pens, Pencils, Crayons, and Markers

Lucky for us eco-friendly pen and pencil alternatives come in all shapes and sizes. What's the problem with pens? Well, they are made from plastic, most do not come with a refill, so they end up in a landfill. Earth911 reports that "Americans toss 1.6 billion disposable pens annually." Sheesh...that's a lot of waste. And if you think pencils are better, think again, "82,000 trees are cut down annually to produce pencils!"

If you have a bunch of old pens lying around, you can recycle them. TerraCycle and Staples Canda partner to provide a second life for used writing instruments. Save used writing instruments and recycle them at your nearest Staples store.

"Through in-store collection at over 300 locations across Canada, we have successfully diverted over 2 million writing instruments from ending up in landfills."

Eco Friendly Pens

So many to choose from. One option is a refillable fountain pen. They may seem a little daunting at first, but they are lovely to write with. They can be a little costly, but so many secondhand options are available on places like eBay.

The Lamy Fountain pen is a great choice. It's made of fiberglass and stainless steel and is refillable.
The Diplomat Traveller is also a good option. You will need ink for both of these options.

Not everyone will be into a fountain pen, so here are some other options:

EarthHero, one of your favorite zero waste online stores, carries a Natural Grass Pen from A Good Company. These pens can be used over and over again as they as refillable and made from meadow grass paired with BPA-free plastics.

They are also manufactured in a factory powered by biogas and renewable energy. A Good Company plants trees in Africa to mitigate carbon emissions from production!

An eco friendly pen from A good company.  Pin

Eco Pen Club offers a pen that's made up of recycled craft paper and soy-based ink, which is non-toxic. You can compost the pen and recycle the cartridge.

Eco Pen Club is also a carbon-neutral company show's motto is "Pen by pen, highlighter by highlighter, we’re working to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills, to reduce the amount of harmful, toxic ink we’re all exposed to, and to plant trees."

2 pens from Eco Pen Club. Pin

Conscious Concepts is another really cool eco-friendly pen. These are made from cork and wheat straw. They are not 100% zero waste, but nothing really is. Cork is a sustainable fabric, and the Wheat straw they use is the leftover byproduct from harvesting grains. This waste is often burned for disposal. Instead, they repurpose it as a plastic alternative to their pens.

5 cork pens. Pin

I could not find a 100% zero waste pen. All of the ones above offer lots of really eco-friendly benefits, but finding a truly green pen was a challenge. There is also a TON of greenwashing in this space.

There are also a ton of pens made from recycled plastic bottles like this one from Pilot B2B. They come in assorted colors and a fine point and medium point. You can replace the ink when it runs out. B2P pens are the world's first pens made from recycled bottles.

A pen made from recycled plastic bottles. Pin

I don't typically show brands that are not 100% eco in all aspects of their business. But recycled school supplies are hard to come by, so I want to give you as many options as possible.


I LOVE Sprout Pencils from Sprout World. Their sustainable pencils are the world's first plantable pencils. They have a water-soluble seed capsule instead of an eraser and are made with PEFC-FSC-certified wood. The idea of a plantable pencil came from a group of MIT students five years ago.

Sprout World is also a UN Global Compact corporate citizenship initiative member. Available in eight different colors and nine seed types.

"Write, draw, doodle, and design until your pencils become too short. Then, turn them upside down, plant the stub, and enjoy watching them grow into fragrant herbs, beautiful flowers, or fresh vegetables." Oh, they also make the world's first plantable eyeliner!

A box with sprout pencils next to it. Pin

Three Leaf sustainable pencils are another option. These are pretty cool. They are made from torn strips of recycled paper, making them completely tree-free, eco-friendly, and biodegradable. Crafted from tight rolls of paper, these pencils are as hard as any other wooden pencils. They do have a latex-free rubber eraser.

A box of pencils from three leaf. Pin

In the zero waste pencil category, I love these recycled newspaper pencils. They are innovative and made with newspapers, Paper Scraps, Fabric, and Graphite. These are from an Etsy shop called PARWANA Beautiful Handmade Paper. Their paper products are handcrafted, using cotton and silk textile remnants and plant fibers.

A box of recycled newspaper pencils. Pin


Crayons seem pretty safe, but they are made from petrochemical paraffin. They are toxic and not biodegradable. A better option would be these from Etsy Shop Earth Grown.

These zero waste crayons are made with a combination of vegan soy wax and mineral pigment, all organic and non-toxic, certified by the Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI).

They are so cute for kids! And adults too! They come in these really cute shapes, unlike transitional sticks. Come on, imagine getting a box of these to draw with!

A box of crayons from Earth Grown. Pin

These Honey Stick Crayons are another non-toxic alternative for kiddies. They are made from 100% pure New Zealand beeswax and have no cheap fillers or paraffin. They use non-toxic pigments that are safe for everyone, from infants to adults.

Their chubbiness makes them easy to hold and hard to break! The beeswax used to create Honeysticks is a natural by-product of honey production. They come in 12 really fun colors.

A box of honey bee stick crayons. Pin

4. Eco-Friendly and Zero Waste School Supplies: Accessories

It's amazing how many things we need for school! I was reading an article about schools in Sweden, did you know the taxes they pay to cover all these items, so they don't have to purchase anything! Pretty cool if you ask me. For accessories, there are a few essentials we will cover.

Eco-Friendly erasers

Most erasers are made from plastic (usually vinyl) and wrapped in plastic. The key is finding one made from natural rubber and little to no packaging.

Three white natural runner erasers stacked together. Pin

Tombow carries a natural rubber eraser made from a mixture of sand and rubber that can be used to erase pencil and ink markings. It's wrapped in a paper sleeve that can be recycled.

Tombow has been around since 1913 and makes all kinds of office products and states on its website that "Safe products that take into consideration the environment are developed and produced; environmental awareness is communicated through sales."

Three natural rubber eraser from Tombow. Pin

Eco Friendy plant-based glue

There are non-toxic glues available in the market, but they come in plastic containers. Onyx + Green makes these glue sticks. They are made with plant-based materials, the tube is made from recycled plastics, and the cardboard box it comes in can be recycled. It's eco-friendly but now zero waste. Ultimately the choice is yours!

They are available on Amazon and at EarthHero.

Two plastic tubes of glue. Pin

If you want to go to zero waste and have fun with your kids, you can always make your own glue.


Hey, have you heard about this super eco-friendly kraft tape? Let's get into the green groove because this tape is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Yep, you heard right! It's made without any PE coating or pesky chemical inks.

So, when you're done with your box, there's no need to pick off the tape; recycle it as-is. And, if left out in nature? Tiny organisms can break this tape down. How cool is that?

Now, don't let its eco-friendliness fool you. This tape is heavy-duty, perfect for sealing even the bulkiest of boxes, whether you're moving, shipping, or just stashing stuff away for a while.

Have you got a message or label? Write directly on it, be it with a pencil, water-based marker, or even an oily marker. And guess what? No scissors or water is needed - it tears easily by hand and sticks on its own. But if you're into the whole tape dispenser vibe, it's compatible with that too.

This kraft tape is your best friend if you're a night owl or crave silence. Unlike that super loud transparent tape, this one goes on hush-hush. Perfect for those midnight packing sessions or when you need a bit of quiet.

kraft tape. Pin
Image: ADHES


Onyx and Green also make eco-friendly scissors for all your cutting needs, the blades are stainless steel and the handle is made from corn plastic, which is biodegradable.

Oyxn and Green have been making sustainable school supplies for years and use low-impact, recycled, and recyclable materials like bamboo, stone, corn starch, sugar cane, and biodegradable fabrics like ramie, jute, and cotton in all of their products, including their rulers and calculators.

You can find Onyx and Green on Amazon and at EarthHero.

An eco friendly scissors in its case. Pin


You have two options. This one from Onyx and Green is made from sustainably harvested bamboo and has 1000 staples. It does come in a plastic cover FYI. You can find it on Amazon and at EarthHero. Make sure when composting paper. You remove the staple!

A mini bamboo stapler. Pin

Another option for a stapler is to choose one that is staple-free. It's a very innovative item; the best part is that there are no staples! It's from a company called Plus Paper Clinch.

I like this idea because you do not have to keep buying staples, so there is less waste. It uses a special folding technique to mind the page together; you can only find 10 pages at a time.

A woman holding a PLUS Paper Clinch stapler. Pin

The item itself is made from plastic. It's also available at most big box stores, which makes it more accessible for people who are trying to reduce their school waste. The bottom line is you have to choose what works for you.


A bamboo sharpener. Pin

Again Onyx and Green offer the best selection for an eco-friendly sharper. Like the stapler, it's made from sustainably sourced bamboo you can compost. Just make sure you remove the blades. The packaging it comes in is cardboard and plastic.

Even though it's not 100% zero waste, it's a great green choice. It's annoying that we have to but this, I remember when I was in school, we had a sharpener at the back of the classroom that we use. Not that was zero waste! Do you remember those?

You can this bamboo sharpener on Amazon or at EarthHero.

Pencil Case

A colorfulcotton pencil case. Pin
Image: Firiri

Many of these are made using conventional cotton, and we already know the environmental impacts of that. Best to choose one made either from scarp materials or organic, natural fibres that are eco-friendly.

Looking for a plastic-free haven for all your eco-friendly school supplies? Look no further. If you've yet to stumble upon a ditty bag in the forgotten corners of your home, let me introduce you to the wonders of Firiri's 100% cotton zippered pencil bags.

These bags aren’t just regular bags, mind you. They come alive in a burst of colors, and here's the best part: they’re handwoven by incredibly talented women in rural Nepal who might not have had such opportunities otherwise.

When you slide your fingers over the fabric, you can feel the robustness of the weave – it’s meant to endure, whether tucked under heaps of your sustainability reads or jostling around in your backpack.

Let's chat a bit about Firiri. The soulful resonance behind the name comes from a beloved Nepalese folk tune. Hailing from Vancouver, the heart behind Firiri is Valeria Bogdachev.

She didn't just start a brand; she kindled a movement to uplift women in remote Nepalese communities. Since launching in 2014, Firiri has been all about empowering these artisans, and they show no signs of hitting the brakes.

But Firiri’s magic doesn't stop at creating jobs. Every purchase reverberates with goodwill because their profits go straight into nurturing causes close to their heart.

Think free education initiatives, medical camps in the heart of Nepal's Solkha district, and reconstructing the Himalayan villages that bore the brunt of nature's wrath. So, with every bag you snag, you're not just buying a product but part of a much larger, beautiful story.

These are great options if you are seeking eco-friendly school supplies. Besides these, a quick Etsy search will uncover many options too.

A small zero waste pencil case with little lightbulb on it. Pin

5. Eco Friendly and Zero Waste School Supplies: Gear

Buying a durable backpack built to last is the way to go. You certainly do not want to be buying these every year. Most of them are made with synthetic materials and can't be recycled. Textile recycling rates are really low in Canada and the USA, which makes buying an eco friendly backpack more important than ever.

We love Patagonia's sustainable backpacks. There are so many to choose from. They have waterproof ones, vegan ones, one's for girls and boys. They are made from organic cotton and recycled materials, and their NetPlus® material is made from 100% recycled discarded fishing nets collected in fishing communities in South America! All of their fabrics are ethically sourced, and they are members of 1% For The Planet.

A man wearing a blue and brown backpack from Patagonia. Pin

Laptop covers

Protecting your gar from daily wear and tear is important if you want it to last longer, which I assume you do. These adorable laptop covers are made from Jute. Jute is a great sustainable fabric. It's 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. A hectare of jute plants consumes about 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and releases 11 tonnes of oxygen. Cultivating Jute enriches soil fertility for the next crop, promoting further vegetative growth!

Hey Jute (ok this name!) has a fabulous selection of laptop covers, backpacks, and even reusable grocery bags. You can check Durable off your list. These covers are made from jute on the outside and recycled terry cloth on the inside. Hey Jute is based in Canada. They work to empower underprivileged Women & Children through their Ethically minded branding partnerships. 

A laptop cover made from Jute. Pin

Cork is another great option. Cork is considered one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. It is also a vegan leather alternative. It's durable, waterproof, and does not scratch easily as conventional leather does.

ByCopola based in the UK, carries some of the most beautiful cork laptop covers. I love the fact that the cork can be composted. Copala is another sustainable Etsy shop selling recycled leaf pencil cases, craft paper laptop sleeves, and kraft paper backpacks.

A cork laptop case with a laptop in it. Pin

A few final tips on Eco Friendly Zero Waste School Supplies

Like all things, the most eco friendly option is the one you already own. Before you go out and buy new stuff, take an inventory of what you already have at home. I bet you will find a lot of the items listed above.

When you do shop, if you can't find what you are looking for, ask! It's a great opportunity to let shop owners know that sustainable alternatives matter to you.

It's also a good idea to find these items second-hand. eBay and Facebook Market Place are just two places that come to mind.

So many universities offer options for second-hand books and textbooks. Take advantage of that! Another great tip.

Consider Apps like Good Notes or Notability. These turn your tablet into a notebook eliminating the need for paper and pens. They allow you to organize notes and send PDFs. There is a cost associated, but you will save in the long run.

We tried to cover all the bases with this, if we have left anyone out, please share in the comments below.

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