How To Sell Used Clothes Online + 11 Of The Best Places To List Them!

Earnings aside, selling used clothes online can do a lot for the environment from the comfort of your own home. By deciding to sell gently used clothes online, you are giving a new purpose to those clothes that would otherwise end up polluting our planet in a landfill. Secondhand clothing is a really important part of Ethical and Sustainable fashion. And, if you love to thrift, make sure to check out my BEST tips for thrifting like a pro.

How To Sell Old, Used Clothes Online?

Photograph your clothes with the intent to sell!

Photos are EVERYTHING when it comes to how to sell used clothes. Try to take HD pictures of your items from different angles, so there are no surprises after purchase. I always find it annoying when the photos are blurring and not on an actual person. It might look great on the hanger but what does it look like on a real body? This is what people want to see!

Price Your Old Clothes Realistically

Be honest with yourself; if you sell old clothes that you have already worn several times, you can't sell them at the price you bought them for. Also, doing an online search to compare prices of the same garment on other sites can help you price it.

Keep the Description of your used item REAL

Keep it real, but write a killer description. Describe the item in full detail and specify any flaws or defects it may have. Building trust on any of these platforms is a must. And please make sure the item is clean.

"Best" Places to Sell Used Clothing Online For A Profit

1. Depop

How to Sell Used Clothes Online with Depop?

To start selling on Depop, first, download their app and tap “set up your shop.” Then, add images and one video of your item, your location, a category, a description, five hashtags, and that’s it. Easy peasy.

How do you get paid with Depop?

PayPal is Depop’s best friend, so you’ll get paid via PayPal as soon as the item sells. 

How much does it cost to sell on Depop?

On Depop, you can list your used clothes for free, and they won’t charge you for the length of time your item has been listed, but they will charge you a 10% fee once you sell it (plus PayPal fees).

Is Selling on Depop Worth it?

If you want to not only sell your clothes but be part of a community for free and interact with more people, Depop is worth it.

Is Depop really one of the Best Websites to Sell Used Clothes online from?

Some platforms charge much more commission than Depop when you make a sale, so it’s a must if you want to get started in the world of selling used clothes online. 

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2. eBay

How to Sell Used Clothes Online with eBay?

Who hasn't entered eBay before? It’s one of the largest second-hand shopping portals worldwide, and in fact, clothing is their most often searched category.

In order to sell online with them, you’ll need to create a listing, add photos, a description, a selling format (fixed price or auction), and shipping service.

Do used clothes sell well on eBay?

Clothes sell well on eBay if you know how to sell them. You need to be at the top of your game when it comes to your listings, writing professional-looking descriptions, and using the right keywords.

How do you get paid with eBay?

For years now, PayPal has been and currently is the standard intermediary between buyers, sellers, and their money on eBay. 

How much does it cost to sell on eBay?

eBay charges a 10% fee for most clothing categories plus PayPal’s fees, but they also offer you a monthly limit of zero insertion fee listings.

Is Selling on eBay Worth it?

eBay accepts just about any clothing, and it has a massive flow of buyers, so we say it’s worth it. 

Is eBay really one of the Best Websites to Sell Used Clothes online from?

The good thing about eBay is that it has a large buyer flow, and you can potentially sell your clothes for a higher profit. 

3. Facebook Marketplace

How to Sell Used Clothes Online with Facebook Marketplace?

You can simply tap on the Marketplace icon on the Facebook app and start listing your clothes to buyers near you. It couldn’t be easier. Once you add photos, a description, and the price of your item, it will show up to people near your location.

How do you get paid with Facebook marketplace?

If you choose to use the Facebook Marketplace shipping option, payment will begin five days after the item has been delivered. But if you want the delivery to be in person, you can opt for any person-to-person payment method.

How much does it cost to sell on Facebook Marketplace?

It costs 0 bucks! Selling on Facebook Marketplace is free because most transactions are done in person unless you want Facebook to ship your items.

Is Selling on Facebook Marketplace Worth it?

Absolutely worth it. It’s a great place to start because you don’t have to pay any fees, and listing items is as easy as ABC. 

Is Facebook Marketplace really one of the Best Websites to Sell Used Clothes online from?

Of all of the sites, we believe that Facebook Marketplace is the most easy-to-use. But be careful, you’ll need to know well with whom you are making your sales. Avoid getting scammed.

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4. Material World

How to Sell Used Clothes Online with Material World?

Material World specializes in designer labels, so in order to sell your luxury apparel on their site, just request a Trade-In Kit, send in your items and wait for an offer. 

How do you get paid with Material World?

If they accept your items, you’ll be able to redeem your earnings through shopping credit that you can use to shop Material World or its partner stores or cash out via PayPal.

How much does it cost to sell on Material World?

When you request the Trade-In Kit, Material World covers 100% of the shipping for both trade-ins and any returns. The only cost to sell on their website is the PayPal fee.

Is Selling Material World Worth it?

If you have luxury pieces that are on their list of accepted brands, it's worth it because of their low fees.

Is Material World really one of the Best Websites to Sell Used Clothes online from?

Material World has several advantages over other sites. You can sell accessories as well as clothing itself; the pieces arrive adequately cleaned and packaged to the buyer, and with their service, you can contribute to charity.

5. Poshmark

How to Sell Used Clothes Online with Poshmark?

Poshmark is the leading smartphone app for buying and selling used clothes because YOU are the one who’s in control of the selling process.

Just download the app, start taking photos of your clothes, enter their details, and then share them across the network. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll become a Posher!

How do you get paid with Poshmark?

You can keep your earnings as credit in your Poshmark account, but if you prefer getting paid in cash, you can have a check sent to you or receive a direct deposit to your bank account.

How much does it cost to sell on Poshmark?

Joining Poshmark and posting your items is free, but for all sales under $15, Poshmark takes a flat commission of $2.95. For sales of $15 or more, they take 20%.

Is Selling Poshmark Worth it?

If you enjoy interacting with your buyers, build a following, and be part of a community while you sell your stuff, Poshmark is worth it. 

Is Poshmark really one of the Best Websites to Sell Used Clothes online from?

Unlike many online clothing resale stores, Poshmark accepts a wide range of brands and lets you be in total control of your items.

6. Refashioner

How to Sell Used Clothes Online with Refashioner?

On ReFashioner, you start by creating your own “closet,” which you can fill with photos of the things you want to sell. Then, ReFashioner lets you know whether your items were accepted or rejected. If they are accepted, the platform suggests a reasonable price.

How do you get paid with Refashioner?

Anytime you sell something, you have the option of leaving the money in your account to be used on the site rather than taking it as cash.

How much does it cost to sell on Refashioner?

It charges a 22% commission on the final sale of items on its website.

Is Selling on Refashioner Worth it?

Refashioner only accepts clothes that have an amazing story or were made by avant-garde designers, so we’re not sure if it’s 100% worth it right now.

Is The Refashioner really one of the Best Websites to Sell Used Clothes online from?

This site promotes vintage culture and brand quality, plus their website is very simplistic and easy to use. Their target is very exclusive but if you fit in, go for it!

7. REI Good & Used

How to Sell Used Clothes Online with REI Good & Used?

REI Good & Used sends you a shipping label, you send them your gear, and if everything’s in order, you’ll get an REI gift card. As simple as that.

How do you get paid with REI Good & Used?

Gift cards are the only way you can get paid with REI Good & Used; you can use them to shop in person at REI stores or online.

How much does it cost to sell on REI Good & Used?

Selling on REI Good & Used is a benefit exclusive to REI Co-op Members, so selling costs a membership. If you want to become a member, you only pay a one-time fee of $20 for a lifetime subscription. 

Is Selling on REI Good & Used Worth it?

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, selling your gear on REI Good & Used is 100% worth it. 

Is The REI Good & Used really one of the Best Websites to Sell Used Clothes online from?

This answer is going to be quite specific: it’s one of the best places to sell and get items for adventurers only if you don't mind not receiving cash to spend on other places.

8. Tradesy

How to Sell Used Clothes Online with Tradesy?

Making sales on Tradesy’s platform is pretty straightforward. You list your products with their corresponding photos, a description, and you're done. Then, you’ll set the price, or they will suggest a selling price, and once you make a sale, they’ll give you a prepaid package to send to the buyer.

How do you get paid with Tradesy?

You can manage your payments from Tradesy’s website or from their app, where you withdraw earnings using PayPal, a debit card, Tradesy Cash, or an ACH transfer.

How much does it cost to sell on Tradesy?

Their platform is free to sign up and to list items for sale, but they charge commissions per sale made. Tradesy will charge you a fee of $7.50 for sold items less than $50, and on items over $50, they’ll deduct a rate of 19.8%.

Is Selling on Tradesy Worth it?

Tradesy is worth it to sell your luxury clothes or even a few fast fashion brands. Their fees aren’t massive, and they also help you with pricing; what more could you ask for?

Is The Tradesy really one of the Best Websites to Sell Used Clothes online from?

Tradesy can be your go-to in comparison to other sites. It’s a free platform created by women for women. You’ll find plenty of buyers that want to buy luxury brands.

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9. The RealReal

How to Sell Used Clothes Online with The RealReal?

With The RealReal, all you have to do is mail them your items for free using a prepaid label. They’ll then authenticate, photograph, price, and sell your items for you.

How do you get paid with The RealReal?

You can get paid via direct deposit, credit that you can use to shop on their website, or mailed check.

What major brands does The RealReal accept?

If you want to know all of the top-tier brands they currently accept, they have a detailed list on their website.

How much does it cost to sell on The RealReal?

It depends on the item, but RealReal charges at least 40% commission on the lowest-cost items ($145 or less).

Is Selling on The RealReal Worth it?

For a person wishing to sell luxury items of all kinds, it can be worth it. Also, with their RealReal Rewards program, you can make between 55% to 70% of the sale price, depending on how much you sell with them each year.

Is The RealReal really one of the Best Websites to Sell Used Clothes online from?

Although the fees are extravagant for low-priced items, if you have several high-value, top-tier items that you want to sell, this may be a good option for you. Plus, they’re making luxury sustainable.

10. ThredUp

How to Sell Used Clothes Online with ThredUp?

ThredUp works just as Material World. To sell, request a Clean Out kit, fill it with your clothes and send it back for free. Once a ThredUp expert decides what they can sell, you’ll receive your payment.

How do you get paid with ThredUp?

ThredUp pays through PayPal, in-store credit, or Stripe direct deposit.

How much does it cost to sell on ThredUp?

They send you their kit for free, but ThredUp can take up to 90% of your total sale price, although this only applies to the lowest-priced items. However, the more an item sells for, the lower the commission they take.

Is Selling on ThredUp Worth it?

Due to high volume, it will take up to 8 weeks to process your kit if you send it now. You can also pay for three-week processing, but we don’t know if it’s 100% worth it at the moment.

Is ThredUp really one of the Best Websites to Sell Used Clothes online from?

The advantage of ThredUp is that they do almost everything for you. It’s effortless to sell clothes on their platform, and they even recycle what they can’t sell. 

11. Vinted

How to Sell Used Clothes Online with Vinted?

On Vinted, you can sell your clothes through their app. Just list your item, add photos of them, and an honest description, and that’s it. Then, once the item gets sold, pack it and ship it within five working days of the sale. 

How do you get paid with Vinted?

They only operate with direct payments to bank accounts, so once you make a sale, your earnings will appear in your bank account in 5 working days after the payout.

How much does it cost to sell on Vinted?

There are no fees for uploading and selling your items on Vinted, but you can choose to pay a buyer-protection fee.

Is Selling on Vinted Worth it?

It’s free to list and sell, so it’s definitely worth it! The only downside is that it may take you a while to make a sale, but if you pay for a wardrobe spotlight, this factor is reduced (Vinted’s catch).

Is Vinted really one of the Best Websites to Sell Used Clothes online from?

Vinted is a good choice because you get to have total control over your product pics, description, and pricing.

Where can I sell my clothes for the most money?

Where to sell clothes online for a pretty penny? Regardless of the fees, eBay is a site where the bids for your items can go up significantly.

So… What is the best website to sell used clothes on?

So, what is the best way to sell clothes online? Drum roll… It depends on your needs! Giving an exact answer is almost impossible because, as you saw throughout the post, each site can satisfy different types of people.

But what I can say is that you are doing something really good for the planet. Remember you once loved those clothes as much as the next person will. Buying new clothes is all the time is obviously not sustainable, we need to think of slow fashion when we think about how we shop for clothes.

Giving your clothes new life is one of the most eco-friendly things you can do!

If you found this post helpful, please help someone by sharing this article – sharing is caring 🙂 ! And if you are looking to invest in sustainable clothing sans all the greenwashing, make sure to check out the brand directory.

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