9 Best Eco Friendly Ethical Sandals For Summer 2022

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The summer weather brings the need (or want) for sustainable summer sandals and in the era of working from home, socks and bare feet have found their way into most outfits. But now, it's time to put our best foot forward with these 10 eco-friendly and ethically made sandals for summer fun!

Top recommendations for Eco Friendly Ethical Sandals

Eco-friendly ethical sandals are a sustainable footwear option that minimizes their environmental impact while being stylish and comfortable. These sandals are made using recycled rubber, plant-based alternatives like cork or pineapple leather, and natural fibers like jute or hemp. Put your best foot forward with our guide on how we choose these brands at the bottom of this post.

1. Poppy Barley

A woman wearing a pair of eco friendly ethical sandals from Poppy Barley. Pin
Image: Poppy Barley

Poppy Barley is a Canadian shoe brand that is easy to fall in love with. I own a few of their winter boots because I am obsessed with their quality and style. They also carry some of the best eco-friendly sandals.

They have a really chic collection of summer sandals, from flats to mules. I love that each pair will stand the test of time — they are trendy but not so much that you wouldn't be able to wear them every season. If you need a sandal with a small block heel, they have that too!

Poppy Barley's — fabrics and materials

For materials, they use source leathers that are a by-product of food production and are natural alternatives to synthetic leather that sometimes come from the fossil fuel industry. They work with tanneries that are certified and audited by the not-for-profit Leather Working Group.

"Leather Working Group, an international not-for-profit that audits tanneries for environmental performance. LWG is responsible for the world’s largest leather sustainability program. The average LWG-accredited tannery saves 12.1 billion litres of water and 775 megawatts of energy per year through its sustainable practices."

The leather that lines their footwear is vegetable-tanned leather from a Gold Certified Leather Working Group tannery that is chemical and chrome-free.

They also use a material made from a cactus. This is an excellent vegan alternative. Vegan leather is a complicated subject for sure, but they are typically made from plastics like PVC or PU. PVC is known to contain harmful, toxic ingredients (phthalates), and these plastic types also support the fossil fuel industry.

In place of PU and PVC, they use PB PLNT, which is sourced ethically in Mexico. The cacti grow in abundance and require no water. They only harvest the leaves, so the rest of the plant is left intact. Cactus leather is free of phthalates and other harmful chemicals.

Poppy Barley's ethical sourcing

Their sustainable sandals are built to last, designed in Canada, and made ethically in family-owned factories in Mexico and Brazil. Not only do they sell these at a fair price, but they also donate 1% of their sales back to their communities. Poppy Barley is the brainchild of sisters Justine and Kendall Barber who had a lightbulb moment after traveling to Bali.

They then set their eye on León, Mexico "in search of a leather shoe factory that prioritized its people and could offer flexibility in sizing and inventory through small-batch manufacturing."

Poppy Barley's corporate responsibility

Poppy Barley is a certified B Corporation, meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

All of their factories are strictly vetted and all the artisans are paid a living wage and have safe working conditions. Every year, they publish their People and Planet Report which was created as a means of full transparency.

All of their shoe boxes are made with FSC-certified paper and they ship everything plastic-free!

2. Brave Soles

4 young women wearing a pair of eco friendly ethical sandals from Brave Soles. Pin
Image: Brave Soles

Brave Soles makes upcycled tire sandals for men, women, and kids. This Canadian sustainable shoe brand was founded by Christal Earle, who is also the founder of an international youth humanitarian organization. She's been working with a local community of garbage dump workers in the Dominican Republic since 2005.

After seeing the overwhelming amount of tires being discarded in the garbage dump, which are a breeding ground for bacteria and are highly toxic, she decided to do something about it... and Brave Soles was born. Why not use tires for the soles of shoes?

Brave Soles fabrics & materials

The top part of the shoe is made with ethically sourced leather from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Argentina. It all comes from certified gold members of the Leather Working Group. The brand is working towards being 100% upcycled. The part between the tire sole and the leather shoe bottom is made from high-quality foam.

Brave Soles ethical sourcing

They work with artisans across the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and have developed close relationships with all of them. This ensures that they build trust and transparency. All of the shoes are made ethically and all the craftspeople are paid a fair wage and work in safe conditions.

The man behind the shoe's design pictured is named Bernard, and they call him the "Tire Wizard". He's been upcycling tires most of his life and built a car from upcycled parts! He now trains all the up-and-coming tire wizards at Brave Soles.

They also carry cute bags and accessories: "Upcycled aircraft seats and furniture cutoffs from furniture makers and overstock leather from the manufacturing zones of the Dominican Republic."

Brave Soles corporate responsibility

At Brave Soles, you can shop their carbon-neutral products. As they say, you’re investing in projects that promise stronger communities, cleaner skies, and a greener Earth!"

3. Handmade Love

A bunch of pairs of eco friendly ethical sandals from Handmade Love. Pin
Image: Handmade Love

Handmade Love makes some of the cutest sustainable beach slide sandals that come in various colors. This Etsy shop is based in India, and not only do they carry the most affordable sustainable sandals at $25 and make home goods ranging from baskets to Macrame Lamps, which are gorgeous by the way!

Handmade Love's fabrics & materials

Their sandals are made using 100% natural straw with a rubber sole. They use sustainable materials like jute and straw and handmake all their items. These cute sandals are 100% vegan too.

Handmade Love's ethical sourcing and corporate responsibility

All of the cute sandals are handmade by the shop owner herself.

4. Swahili Coast

A woman wearing a pair of eco friendly ethical sandals from Swahili  Coast. Pin
Image: Swahili Design

I love this brand's eco-friendly and comfortable sandals — they remind me of my homeland, South Africa. They are so pretty, colorful, and beaded. They also carry bangles, cuffs, earrings, and beautiful home goods like baskets, bags, and towels. You'll love them all!

Swahili Coast's fabrics & materials

All of their eco friendly ethical sandals are made from locally sourced, naturally-tanned, free-range Tanzanian leather.

Swahili Coast's ethical sourcing

Swahili Coast works with artisans in East Africa who are part of worker-owned cooperatives that are provided continual support through fair exchange and promotion of workers' rights. This brand is all about Worker-owned, worker-managed, and worker-financed.

Swahili Coast's corporate responsibility

"Swahili Coast supports their worker-owned co-op in Tanzania and Kenya through their fair trade business in Wilmington, North Carolina. Its mission is to provide fair wages, safe working conditions, and growing opportunities for women artisans and to create a cross-cultural exchange. 80 percent of Swahili Coast’s co-op members are women."

5. Proud Mary

A pair of eco friendly ethical sandals from Proud Mary. Pin
Image: Proud Mary

Proud Mary's Pink Fringe ethical outdoor sandals are to die for! I love pink, so it's no surprise I'd love them! If pink is not your thing, don't worry; they have many other colors and styles to choose from. You can also choose from strappy sandals, open and closed-toe, and loafers, which I am currently eyeing.

Proud Mary fabrics & materials

The raffia is sourced ethically from Madagascar, and the leather comes from Europe. Raffia is a natural fiber made from palm trees but sliced more thinly than the traditional palm goods you’ll find, such as handbags and furniture. The soles are made from scrap cow leather.

Proud Mary ethical sourcing

These sandals are handmade in Morocco by women artisans who are paid a fair wage for each pair. Not only do they make them, but many also use the work to become more independent. They also make one trip a year to visit their sourcing partners in Morocco.

Proud Mary works with local coordinators who have been audited to ensure that they are ethical. Many coordinators refuse to work with foreign retailers who do not pay ethical and fair wages.

Proud Mary corporate responsibility

Proud Mary is owned by another company called Catrinka which was founded in 2013 and works with local women artisans in Mexico and India.

They are all about empowering women in all aspects of the manufacturing process. They have provided fair work to 284 women in 16 countries and supported 595 adolescent girls in 5 countries. They also created the Catrinka Girls Project to support their life skills mentoring program.

6. Darzah

A woman wearing a pair of eco friendly ethical sandals from Darzah. Pin
Image: Darzah

Darzah is an ethical footwear brand based out of Palestine that is a not-for-profit company. They sell beautifully made shoes, sandals, and mules, and you can also find a range of accessories and home decor items like pillows and aprons. All of them are so stunning.

When you buy a pair of their shoes, you are directly contributing to artisan salaries and employment programs.

Darzah's fabrics & materials

Their sandals are made from rubber, leather, and embroidery. Their leather is locally sourced from a family-run manufacturer in Khalil/Hebron.

Darzah's ethical sourcing

The shoes are all hand-made in Palestine by skilled women, and the leather is sourced locally and ethically in the same region.

This Fair Trade-certified brand helps women in the West Bank earn a fair wage. These women have historically faced marginalization through gender inequality, low income, and lack of economic opportunities. When you buy a pair of these ethical shoes, you are helping to empower these women by proving fair income, job opportunities, and training.

Darzah's corporate responsibility

Darzah is a Child’s Cup Full project, a 501(c)3 non-profit social enterprise. They also created Zeki Learning, the sister brand to Darzah. Zeki Learning is a children’s educational resource brand committed to creating high-quality materials promoting cognitive development and language learning for preschoolers.

7. Rawganique

A bunch of pairs of eco friendly ethical sandals from Rawganique. Pin
Image: Rawganique

Rawganique is another fantastic Canadian brand that not only sells ethical vegan footwear but also shower curtains, clothing, socks, pajamas, and bath and home goods. Their summer sandals are made from hemp, one of the most sustainable fabrics on the market today. And if you are chemical sensitive, these are a great choice. These guys are the real deal!

Rawganique's fabrics & materials

Rawganique's products are as pure as they get. They have to say this on their website: "Our products are really pure. We know this because we grow, comb, spin, weave, knit, and sew them, so we know what goes in (and doesn’t) to our organic products. As chemically sensitive people, we only use our products because we know how pure they are."

Hemp is pretty amazing — it's breathable, vegan, and cruelty-free. These shoes are biodegradable, eco-friendly, unbleached, and dye-free!

Rawganique's ethical sourcing

These affordable, sustainable sandals are handmade in the USE and EU in sweatshop-free factories. Their motto is Zero animal testing. Zero animal cruelty. Zero slave labor. Zero sweatshops. They never have to test on animals because their organic products come from perfect natural fibers and can't harm any animal or human!

Rawganique's corporate responsibility

Not only are they 100% sweatshop-free. They also homestand off the gird on rural Denman Island, BC. They work on 45 acres without power tools and grow tons of fresh organic foods. Rawganique's organic wearables and home products are chemical-free, cruelty-free, and animal-friendly. 

8. Eating The Goober

A woman wearing a pair of eco friendly ethical sandals from Eating The Goober.Pin
Image: Eating The Goober

Eating The Goober makes recycled ethical sandals that also happen to be vegan! They are based in Athens, Greece (OPA!) and make super chic clothing and bags. The sandals won a 2019 Etsy Award in the earth-friendly category and come in more than 55 designs in three main categories: Classic, Fancy, and Playful!

If you want affordable, sustainable sandals, this is it! You know how much I love products with a dual purpose, and with their Ethical Magical Sliders sandals, you get 45 changeable tops, one to match every outfit. Truly magical.

You probably wonder where this name comes from — I know I was curious. This is how the brand explains it: "Super goober was the magic peanut that would miraculously transform Goofy, the cartoon character, into “Super Goof”. Metaphorically, “Eating the Goober” represents the effort to reveal our very own superhero alter ego."

Eating the Goober's fabrics & materials

These sliders are made from a variety of materials. The fabric on the top comes from upcycled fabrics, the liner is made from cork, and the outer and inner soles come from recycled tires and motorbike inner tubes. Pretty cool! They are ethically made and fully vegan.

Eating the Goober's ethical sourcing

They are ethically made and fully vegan. Everything is produced in Greece locally. Noting on their website that "our production is made locally manufactured by craftsmen with fair treatment of workers at every stage of production".

9. Third Oak

A woman wearing a pair of eco friendly ethical sandals from Third Oak. Pin
Image: Third Oak

Third Oak's sustainable beach slide sandals and flip-flops are responsibly made in the USA. They're manufactured locally, meaning they have less carbon footprint as the sandals do not have to travel the world before they get to you.

Third Oak's fabrics & materials

They are made from a blend of recycled plastics that are vegan and cruelty-free. They spent years co-developing their unique bio-based material: 45% soy by weight and 100% vegan.

They carefully created this material blend to balance flexibility and durability to add the right amount of bounce to your step.

Their shoes are also 100% recyclable, meaning anything left as scrap is reused to make more shoes, reducing waste even further. And, you can also recycle these shoes, which is pretty amazing and means that the entire process of making these shoes is landfill-free.

Conventional foam flip-flops are not recyclable after use and will pollute landfills. They also produce a lot of waste in the manufacturing process. Third Oak certainly offers a better alternative to those!

Third Oak's ethical sourcing

Everything is made and sourced ethically and locally in the USA.

Third Oak's corporate responsibility

When you are ready to get a new pair, mail your old ones back to be recycled and get 15 percent off your next pair as a thank-you! Third Oak is owned by Okabashi and was featured in Google’s 2018 Economic Impact Report as one of Georgia's businesses that helps local economies & creates jobs.

What to look for when shopping for Eco Friendly Ethical


We take three main factors into account when looking for any ethical fashion.

Materials/Fabrics: What kind of textiles make up the shoe? Are they biodegradable, recyclable, and ethically sourced, and do they have third-party certifications, like OEKO-TEX? In the case of ethical sandals, most of the soles are made from recycled tires, and the fabrics are either upcycled or natural. If leather is used, it needs to be sourced responsibly. More on that is below.

Some brands use innovative materials like cactus and pineapple (Pinatex). Others are using Recycled PET or nylon from fishing nets and ocean plastic.

Natural rubber is also a popular option as it's biodegradable and can be extracted from trees without causing harm. Other sustainable fabrics commonly used in eco-friendly sandals include recycled PET/Nylon, deadstock fabric, cork fabric, and jute.

Cork fabric is a natural material that is cushioning, supportive, and antimicrobial, making it perfect for shoes. It can also be harvested without harming the cork tree and ultimately composted. Jute is a plant-based fiber woven from the leaves of the jute plant, while Pinatex is a plant-based fiber made from pineapple leaf scraps that would otherwise be burned.

Ethical Sourcing: When it comes to ethical fashion, it's essential to consider the entire supply chain, from sourcing materials to manufacturing the final product.

Labor practices are at the forefront of this consideration - we only feature companies that ensure their workers are treated fairly and paid living wages. We also prioritize companies that take environmentally-friendly measures such as using green energy, purchasing carbon offsets, recycling their products, and using low-waste packaging.

Third-party certifications such as B-Corp and Fair Trade are valuable because they validate that a company's practices are ethical and not merely a form of greenwashing.

Corporate responsibility: Are the people making the shoe working in safe conditions? Are they being paid a fair wage? What steps is the company taking to ensure this? This information should be easy to find when you visit their website. Transparency is key.

A word on leather

Leather is a contentious issue in the fashion industry, as it often involves harmful chemicals and raises ethical concerns about animal welfare. While we usually do not feature leather in our ethical fashion guides, some consumers still prefer it.

We've categorized the different types of leather based on their sustainability. Upcycled or repurposed leather is the most sustainable option, as it repurposes existing materials and avoids contributing to landfills.

Naturally, sun-dyed leather is another eco-friendly option, as it involves no chemicals, while vegetable-dyed leather undergoes the tanning process without toxic chemicals. Chrome-free leather is the least sustainable option, as it still utilizes harmful tanning chemicals, although to a lesser degree.

In addition to the sustainability of the leather itself, we also consider the sourcing of the leather. We prioritize upcycled leather since it reuses existing materials.

Wild-caught leather is another ethical option, sourced from indigenous or rural communities that use animal meat to feed their communities, ensuring no waste.

We avoid featuring brands without a clear leather sourcing policy or those that source from the pure leather industry, which needlessly kills over 1 billion animals per year.

A final word on sustainable summer shoes

As summer approaches, we hope our guide to sustainable summer shoes has inspired you to make more ethical choices in your footwear. Remember to fully embrace a conscious lifestyle and fully embrace your eco-friendly shoes with other sustainable summer essentials such as zero-waste sunscreen and eco sunglasses.

There are so many great brands. If you want to share, please drop a note in the comments below... happy sunning!

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