10 Sustainable Lingerie Brands For ALL Occasions

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Spoil yourself with eco friendly, durable lingerie that feels as good as it looks. Embrace sustainable options that cater to your taste and values.

By choosing quality over fast fashion, you'll not only enjoy lingerie that lasts but also contribute to a greener planet. Switch to ethical brands and feel the difference in comfort, style, and impact.

Our top recommendations for ethical lingerie

Ethical and sustainable fashion is the way to go and what lady doesn’t need the perfect ethical lingerie set to go with her favorite fashion items? Look below at some of our favorite lingerie brands that we know you will fall in love with, too. Head on down to the bottom of the post for some additional information on certifications, fabrics, and more.

1. Uye Surana

A model wearing red sustainable lingerie from Uye SuranaPin
Image: Uye Surana

Uye Surana is an affordable sustainable lingerie company that makes stunning small-batch lingerie, and they offer bralettes and wireless bras.

They also offer four options for undies: high-waisted, cheeky, bikini, and thongs. To enhance your experience, you can pair your pieces with thigh-high stockings, waist clinchers, and garter belts. Their simple and unique prints will surely have something for everyone’s unique taste.

Uye Surana also creates small batches so the styles they come out with are not overproduced (so get your hands on styles you love quickly!). They are also size inclusive and carry the same products from petite to plus size lingerie, the size range here is XS-3XL.

 Uye Surana — fabrics and materials

 These beautiful products are ethically hand-printed in NYC. Their dye technology ensures that the prints are transferred onto the materials without the use of water and excess dyes. The products are also durable and made with anti-rip material to guarantee long-lasting products that will last the test of time.

 Uye Surana — ethical sourcing

They are partnered with a family-owned factory in Colombia that follows ethical guidelines.

 Uye Surana — corporate responsibility

The company ships its products to you in 100% recycled mailers, boxes, and tissue paper to further reduce its carbon footprint.

 2. Mary Young

A model wearing pink sustainable lingerie from Mary Young.Pin
Image: Mary Young

When you buy from Mary Young you support local which gives back to the economy of Canada because that’s right all you Canadian ladies, this product is made in Montreal!

This company has a variety of items from swim to lounge, in stunning simple colors like lavender, seafoam, pistachio, and of course your staple white, black, and grey, with sizing starting at XS-2X You can go from extremely sexy with their line of mesh lingerie, to a more modest look with their full coverage items.

Mary Young — fabrics and materials

Made of mainly rayon of bamboo fabric that is OEKO-TEX certified and passed UV tests which ensures the products are free of harmful substances.

Mary Young — ethical sourcing

 Made in Montreal Canada and adheres to equal wages and conditions. The products are ethically made and during their knitting and weaving process, they avoid waste by prohibiting chlorine bleach or dyes that can release carcinogenic amine compounds and the use of synthetic sizing agents.

Mary Young —  corporate responsibility

Single-use plastics like poly bags have been eliminated as they use tissue wrapping that is compostable, the inserts are recyclable, and the mailers are made from 100% recycled material.

3. Pact

A model wearing gray sustainable lingerie from pact. Pin
Image: Pact

Variety is what you will find when you shop for organic lingerie at Pact, there are various soft colors such as mauve, sunflower, and wisteria, and subtle prints. Their modest bras and camisoles are made from organic cotton making them incredibly soft and comfortable, the size range is from XS-XXL. Pact has just what you’re looking for in a minimalist wardrobe. They also make the cutest ethical t-shirts, sustainable jeans, and even eco socks!

Pact — fabrics and materials

Pact is GOTS–certified organic cotton and is a Fair-Trade certified factory. Their products contain a small amount of elastane and have zero toxic chemicals.

Pact — ethical sourcing

 This minimalist lingerie is made in India in a Fair-Trade certified factory to ensure fair wages and protection for their employees. Their products use 81% less water and are not produced with toxic chemicals.

Pact — corporate responsibility

Pact’s products are shipped to you in 100% post-consumer recycled paperboard and cardboard boxes, as well as biodegradable plastic Polybags that you can recycle. At the checkout you can offset your carbon footprint associated with your shipment by checking off a box, so be sure to look for that.

4. Cosabella

2 models wearing sustainable lingerie from Cosabella.Pin
Image: Cosabella

What can we say about this Italian-made gorgeous lingerie, Cosabella is fashion forward with stunning artisanship. They have stunning details in all their lingerie and have matching sets for everything. The rich colors and a variety of cuts and products include bodysuits, thongs, garter belts, teddys, bras, and bralettes.

There is something for everyone’s comfort level. They have inclusive sizing right down to pre-teens and even men’s wear the sizes run from XS-XL.

Cosabella — fabrics and materials

Cosabella only uses natural dyes on their pieces and their highest quality of materials are hand-crafted from start to finish in Italy. Their fabrics are a mix of viscose, polyamide, elastane, and cotton.

Cosabella — ethical sourcing

Made in Italy and founded by a husband-and-wife duo, their sexy sustainable lingerie is crafted in Italy from start to finish. They avoid using water from the natural springs found in Italy to ensure little to no water waste.

Cosabella — corporate responsibility

As they use natural dyes, they do not dip into the water in Italy, reducing their water waste and their impact on the environment. Their items are not overproduced which reduces their carbon impact.

5. Anekdot

2 models wearing sustainable lingerie from Ankedot.Pin
Image: Ankedot

Modern, sleek styles that offer comfort that will enhance your natural curve. Anekdot. Due to their upcycling process their sustainable lingerie is limited edition and can hardly be reproduced (get your hands on the styles you love quick!).

Anekdot — fabrics and materials

They use econyl regenerated nylon and Q-Nova with ROICA recycled lace.

Anekdot — ethical sourcing

Anekdot prides itself on being an upcycle brand, they source their materials from leftovers, end-of-lines, off-cuts, deadstock, and vintage trimmings to craft their product ensuring it is the most sustainable lingerie possible.

Their production is done in Berlin which allows them to oversee the production process and reduce their carbon footprint. They also ensure fair wages and support local talent.

Anekdot — corporate responsibility 

They are a zero-waste company and use all the textile scraps that are too small for use on their products and donate them to initiatives like art education refugee projects.

6. Only Hearts

A model wearing pink sustainable lingerie from Only Hearts. Pin
Image: Only Hearts

Sensual, natural, and just a touch of naughty, Only Hearts hits all spots, their lingerie is ethically manufactured in NYC. They carry bras, undies, slips and chemises, teddies, bodysuits, and bridal, with stunning designs that are sure to excite any woman’s prerogative.

They have unique prints along with classic colors so you can fit your lingerie to what suits you best, their sizes range from S-L.

Only Hearts — fabrics and materials

Most of the products featured at only hearts contain polyester, nylon, spandex, and OEKO-TEX-rated organic cotton. The dyes used contain ISO 14000 which is GOTS certified.

Only Hearts — ethical sourcing

Made with local deadstock, organic, recycled, and certified green textiles, approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and the dyes are certified by the Ecological and Toxical Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers (ETAD).

Only Hearts — corporate responsibility

They keep their footprint light by manufacturing their products in NYC and with the use of their upcycle materials.

7. Underprotection

A model wearing black sustainable lingerie from underprotection. .Pin
Image: Underprotection

Thinking about tomorrow is the focal point of Underprotection and its sustainable lingerie line. They ensure that their products are sourced, manufactured, and shipped with the planet’s future in mind. They have simple and elegant designs that will become a go-to in your lingerie drawer and have sizes ranging from XS-XL.

Underprotection — fabrics and materials

Underprotection uses organic hemp, bamboo, and upcycled cotton in its lingerie.

Underprotection — ethical sourcing

Their lingerie is upcycled and recycled materials that cut down on unnecessary resource extraction, energy, and water waste.

Underprotection — corporate responsibility

They are partnered with CarbonFund which offsets the carbon footprint created from transporting the products to their facility. Their packing also is recycled and compostable. Underprotection is also a B-certified corp, 1% for the planet member, and climate neutral.

8. NK Imode

A model wearing pink sustainable lingerie from Nk Mode. Pin
Image: NK Imode

NK Imode carries beautifully made eco-friendly lingerie, they put ethics at the forefront of their brand and ensure their brand is not only good for the environment but also for the people that work for them. They have a vast list of collections to choose from, all with a specific theme and fabric in mind.

The color options are soft pinks, baby blues, and bridal whites, they have some deep colors as well who those of you who are looking for something a little more but still classy. These colors come in royal blue, maroon, and deep lilac. Their styles are timeless and have a very classy appeal to them. Sizes include XS-XL.

NK Imode — fabrics and materials

These timeless pieces are made from silk charmeuse, nylon, elastane lace, lyocell, and biodegradable materials.

NK Imode — ethical sourcing

NK Imode only uses OEKO-Tex certified silks and non-toxic dyes, their robes are made from left-over waste fabric resulting in zero waste. The company is also WRAP certified and is a family-owned factory and they ensure that each product produced is in an uncompromised ethical environment.

NK Imode — corporate responsibility

Right down to the labels, NK Imode ensures they have little to no carbon footprint when it comes to getting you your sustainable lingerie. The labels are made from 100% recycled and uncoated cardboard with a logo free of harmful chemicals from ink and reusable gift boxes.

9. Una Pluma

Models wearing sustainable lingerie from Una Pluma. .Pin
Image: Una Pluma

Designed in Portland Oregon and produced in Kathmandu Nepal Una Pluma offers simple cuts and rich earth tones, it's perfect for every mood you’re in. If you want the ultimate comfort this is the shop for you, made with organic cotton, your skin will thank you! Grab yourself a set in sizes from S-XL.

Una Pluma — fabrics and materials

GOTS Certified organic cotton, natural fibers plus low-impact dyes to protect your most sensitive areas. You will also find a small amount of lycra and elastane tape used in the underbust band and waistband for support and longevity.

Una Pluma — ethical sourcing

Una Pluma’s factory is based in Nepal a fair-trade factory ensuring the workers are paid a fair wage and work in safe environments. As mentioned, their materials come from organic cotton that is GOTS certified.

Una Pluma — corporate responsibility

They are currently working to eliminate plastic from their production process, the shipping and shopping bags are crafted from deadstock fabrics.

10. Nette Rose

A model wearing pink sustainable lingerie from Nette Rose.Pin
Image: Nette Rose

Elegant and modern designs will entice you at Nette Rose, made in Cape Town, South Africa where a small team of workers crafts your ethical lingerie. The company prides itself on transparency and encourages you to ask questions, right down to what their favorite office plant.

Nette Rose carries vibrant lace pieces with stunning embroidered details that you are bound to love! Their lingerie comes in varied sizes, the bras start at AA-DD and the undies come in XS-XL.

Nette Rose — fabrics and materials

The lace is designed and produced using small batches to limit the fabrics ending up in landfills, the lingerie is a mixture of organic cotton and lace.

Nette Rose — ethical sourcing

Nette Rose prides itself on their ethical workplace the employees have a flexible schedule and are encouraged to speak their minds. Any fabric that is not used is stockpiled to be used later to create more great items, the thread is sourced straight from South Africa from a company that has a zero-landfill policy and utilizes solar energy to assist with that process.

Nette Rose — corporate responsibility

Their boxes can be upcycled and used to continue to store your beautiful items or as Nette Rose suggests, poking holes in the box and planting some new plants. You can also request minimal to no packaging, so be sure to watch out for that at checkout!

Why make the switch to sustainable lingerie?

When you invest in sustainable lingerie you’re investing in yourself and a better future, but how can you ensure that your lingerie is sustainable?

Let’s start with the ethics of buying sustainable lingerie, companies ensure that their workers earn livable wages, are treated fairly, and have safe working conditions.

Buying from stores like Shein often exploits their workers and violates numerous labor laws, including child labor laws, Shein and many others like it are the worst brands for fast fashion

There are many ways to get your money's worth from your sustainable lingerie brands. Taking the first step in buying sustainable lingerie is great! It lasts longer because the materials are durable and have use and longevity in mind.

Let’s kick it up a notch and get the most bang for your buck; when your bras have hit the end of their road you can recycle, donate, or even upcycle your old bras to reduce textile waste and limit your carbon footprint. 

Let’s talk about materials; knowing what is sustainable is difficult, especially when you’re in the beginning stages of understanding what is truly sustainable and what isn’t.

So, what are sustainable fabrics? They are fabrics that are recycled or eco-friendly materials that don’t harm the environment and contribute to reducing the negative effects of the textile industry. Some of these materials include recycled cotton, organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, and modal.

Buying sustainable lingerie can be tricky, be on the lookout for these criteria

There are an estimated 65 million tons of plastic-based materials that accumulate every year, and plastic in the everyday clothes you buy; lingerie is one of them.

Materials such as polyester, lycra, spandex, and nylon are all synesthetic fabrics, meaning, you guessed it… plastic.

Tiny pieces of plastic called microfibers are released when washed which contributes to the astronomical number of plastic-based materials already polluting our environment.

Finding sustainable bras and knowing what to look for may be tricky, as you will see when looking at the materials that eco-friendly lingerie contains nylon or polyester. However, when done properly, these materials are not bad!

Materials that you might come across when discovering your favorite organic lingerie may say nylon in their materials list. However, nylon can be recycled which ultimately reduces fossil fuels and is a step towards a more sustainable future.

There are many companies that you will see listed in this article that contain polyester as a material but as mentioned above, they are recycled and are good for the environment as recycled materials cut down on the use of more plastic and fossil fuels.

Slow fashion is one of the easiest ways to pursue your sustainable lifestyle. Anytime you invest your money in products like pajamas, underwear, and bras, you want those products to stand the test of time and not wear out.

The same goes for your lingerie, no one wants their beautifully crafted panties to last for one intimate night and then have holes in them or the stitching detail to become loose causing the fabric to look worn out.

The brands you will see listed below are certified which guarantees their commitment to sustainability and their commitment to being an ethical lingerie company, here are the certifications you should look for when finding your next favorite lingerie store; Global Recycled Standards (GRS), OEKO-Tex 100, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP).

Think of these certifications as being a mini cheat sheet to all things ethical and sustainable when it comes to your most intimate items of clothing.

A Final Thought on Eco-friendly Lingerie

When it comes to your most intimate areas it is so important to ensure that you are buying the most ethical and sustainable lingerie possible, you want to look for those certifications, asses the materials used, and be confident in knowing that the company you are buying from has corporate responsibility and are trying to reduce their impact in the world.

You work hard for your money and ensure that it’s spent on products that are going to last and you will get as much life out of them as you can.

Have you tried any of these brands? Is there one that caught your eye the most? Let me know in the comments below! If you found this post to be helpful, please help someone else out and share this article with your friends and family!


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