Plastic Sucks! These Eco Friendly Water Bottles Are Way Better

It is the norm to carry around a beverage given the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Making the switch to eco friendly water bottles helps us limit the plastic pollution crisis! Many people already give in to buying a plastic water bottles on a regular, especially when they are very convenient. But once you decide to make it a habit and understand how much impact you are making, it becomes the easiest zero waste swap that you can incorporate into your everyday routine.

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Why consider eco friendly water bottles? 

We are aware of how bad plastic water bottles are for the planet. Fossil fuels are used to produce plastic water bottles and on average 481.6 billion plastic bottles are used worldwide in a single year. Plastic just does not go away easily. The plastic already requires about 700 years to dissolve making it nearly impossible to biodegrade. Thus, contributes massively to our landfills and ocean plastic pollution. 

Shopping for good sustainable water bottles can be tricky- Here's what to consider:

1. What kinds of materials is the bottle made from?

What materials do you think eco friendly water bottles are made from? The best sustainable water bottles are made using materials that are either durable or recycled. 

Stainless steel is one of the most eco friendly water bottle materials because it's not only safe but very durable and infinitely recyclable. Aluminum has been used for many years and is also highly durable and recyclable. When it comes to glass bottles, they are great compared to plastic bottles or any other options because it isn’t affected by any flavor from the container. As for reusable, BPA-free plastic bottles, they are not the worst because it’s often inexpensive and lightweight so a lot of people go for a reusable plastic bottle. However, we do stress about getting a metal or glass water bottle instead.

2. Is that material ethically sourced?

This is an important component for fair trade sustainable water bottles. It's important to ask where and how the materials are being sourced. Are they sourced in a way that does not harm people or the planet? A good way to figure this out is to look for third-party certifications. And is the company you are buying the water bottle certified in any way? B. Corp is a common one to look out for.

Brands that are transparent about where their eco friendly and sustainable water bottles are made are at the top of the list. They pay their artisans or workers paid a fair wage and ensure the factories they are partnering with are safe environments for the workers.

3. What is the brand's corporate responsibility?

Aside from the item being sustainable, what are some of the other responsible initiatives the brand is taking? How do they save water? Do they have any internal practices they take to reduce energy consumption? Are they part of any non-profit organizations like 1% For The Planet? Do they offset their shipping footprint? What kind of materials do they use when shipping their items (are they plastic-free, for example)?

Our top picks for eco friendly water bottles

1. One Movement

One Movements's eco friendly water bottle.  Pin
Image: One Movement

Founded by Petrice Jones One Movement wants to provide a positive environmental impact on everyday life. They make sustainable water bottles and partner with eco-projects worldwide. 

The One-Bottle is made from partly recycled 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and food-grade silicone. 

One Bottle is 100% BPA-free and for every One Bottle sold, they remove 20kg/44lbs of plastic from oceans. That’s very close to over 2000 plastic bottles (based on 500ml single-use PET bottles). The plastic collected is then recycled into building materials with partners Plastics For Change. These building materials are then used to build houses for the waste pickers and their families. 

All packaging at The One Movement is 100% plastic-free! One bottle comes in a cardboard box that snuggly fits the One bottle and will likely have an outer box for shipping. The packaging boxes and dunnage are 100% recyclable or compostable. Fun fact! The packaging peanuts are starch-based and can be dissolved in water.

2. Kleen Kanteen 

Kleen Knateen's eco friendly water bottle.Pin
Image: Kleen Kanteen

This eco friendly water bottle is a family and employed owned international brand. They have used Kleen Kanteen as a driving force to lessen its carbon footprint and improve its environmental impact as a business. Apart from sustainable water bottles, they offer coffee tumblers, food jars, steel, and pint cups. Kleen Kanteen uses 90% of recycled steel including their straws and TKWide line using certified 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel. This reduces their greenhouse gas emissions from stainless steel by 40%. 

Kleen Kanteen is B-Corp and Climate Neutral Certified, with headquarters using 100% solar energy. They have partner factories all around and adhere to ILO standards for safety, fair wages, ethical business practices, and environmental responsibility.

Altogether, they have donated over 3.4 million dollars to organizations focused on plastic pollution, safe consumer products, land and water conservation, and outdoor stewardship through their 1% of the Planet membership.


5 LARQ bootles an eco friendly water bottle.Pin
Image: Larq

A sustainable water bottle that uses innovative technology to allow people to access pristine drinking water easily and sustainably. 

LARQ water bottles eliminate around 99.9% of germs, bacteria, protozoa, and other harmful bio-contaminants without the use of toxic chemicals like mercury. The science behind this eco friendly water bottle includes a portable digital water purification system, rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, and UV-C LEDs. 

LARQ is a part of the 1% for the Planet Network and aims to reduce their single-use plastic consumption globally and reduce their carbon footprint. They also offer a corporate giving program that makes a lasting impression on clients, employees, event attendees, and more by gifting an eco friendly water bottle.

4. S’well

Swells eco friendly water bottle.Pin
Image: S'well

Founder, Sarah Kauss started S’well to help eliminate single-use plastic bottles and has an eye for design. S’well is one of the first stylish eco friendly water bottles. Very popular today with its first-ever 17-ounce water bottle. It is triple-layered including vacuum-insulated, high-grade 18/8 stainless steel designed to keep beverage cold for about 36 hours and hot for 18 hours. They offer a variety of options as far as tumblers, and other reusable accessories for food storage. Perfect for packing up some yummy treats in your picnic basket in the summertime. 

S’well is B-Corp certified and aims to eliminate 100 million single-use plastic bottles from being consumed with the Million Bottle Project by inviting other companies to join the challenge. S’well has also included a pledge as part of their movement in eliminating single-use water bottles. In addition, the MBP in action was expanded in 2018 to public high school students in NYC with the goal of eliminating 54 million single-use plastic bottles from being used.

S’well practices using low waste packaging that includes compostable cardboard and responsibly harvested paper.


Yeti's eco friendly water bottle.Pin
Image: Yeti

Use it every day whether you’re on a zero waste camping trip, fishing, or simply just hanging out with friends. Yeti is one of the best eco friendly sports water bottles that was ever designed having a double-wall vacuum-insulated and built with stainless steel. All insulated bottles will accommodate each of the various cap accessories, in other words, one bottle fits all. Given that they come in different sizes helps you decide which one will serve you best. Other than eco friendly water bottles, this sustainable brand offers coffee mugs, tumblers, backpacks, jugs, and much more. It has so many options when shopping for that perfect gift.

Yeti is a conscious brand that creates a positive social impact for the people in the workforce, supply chain, and communities. They supported organizations and foundations working in conservation and representation in the WILD with 2 million.

Lowered their carbon footprint in 2021 by 50% and within a year increased the percentage of women in leadership by 4%. 

6. Life Factory

Life Factory's eco friendly water bottle.Pin
Image: Life Factory

Eco friendly glass water bottles that make a difference in your water’s purity, clarity, and taste. It is made from high-quality Europen glass that’s very durable and is protected with a non-slip silicone sleeve to prevent it from breaking. It’s available in many colors and three different sizes; i.e, 12 oz, 16 oz, and 22 oz. All are BPA-Free and dishwasher safe. 

Life factory carries from reusable glassware to insulated totes, baby and kid bottles, and gift sets. They designed their product as a friendly reminder to choose healthier habits to create real impact and help to reduce single-use plastic. Each sustainable glass water bottle is packaged using recyclable material.  Their eco friendly water bottles for kids are too cute as well!

Final thoughts on Eco Friendly Water Bottles

We already know how bad single-use water bottles are for our planet and most people already own a water bottle and that’s excellent! However, if you ever have the need to replace your existing one, support the brands that are offering us a sustainable solution.

Don’t forget to grab your eco friendly water bottle the next time you decide to go exploring or take it with you whenever you go into the office for work.

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