11 Brilliant Sustainability Influencers You Need To Follow

When I began my eco journey 20+ years ago there were very few of us (in Canada anyway) speaking up about the effects of climate change and what can be done about it. Today, that is a very different story and I think a lot of that has to do with social media and the wide global reach it has.

All of these Sustainability Influencers are changing the world one step at a time and are showing us that going green is not a one-size-fits-all, that we all have a role to play and we are all on different paths.

So go ahead and like, follow and comment on some of the best in the biz!

Sustainability Influencers I love

1. Plastic Free TO's Lin + Toni

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I simply adore Lin and Toni, these Toronto-based sisters are slaying it on the gram. Their videos are fun, educational and so informative. They will make you think! They cover a range of topics from living a plastic-free life to environmental racism. They have become my go-to for eco events in Canada. They share information in a way that is easy to take in. If you want practical, tangible tips on how to reduce plastic use go follow these eco-friendly influencers.

2. Leah Thomas

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Leah Thomas is one of the most inspiring young voices in the sustainability movement. Leah is the founder of Intersectional Environmentalist which is an organization that raises awareness of environmental justice and equality. Leah (GreenGirlLeah) is also a brilliant writer, you can see her work on The Good Trade. I have learned so much from Leah and I am sure you will too. One of my favorite quotes from Leah is "We can’t save the planet without uplifting the voices of its people, especially those most often unheard." Could not agree more.

3. Isaias Hernandez

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I LOVE Isaias' approach to living a zero-waste and vegan lifestyle. He's so engaging and his videos on foraging for mushrooms make my heart sing. Isaias covers topics like food apartheid, climate doomism, and food security, just to name a few. Also known as Queer Brown Vegan, Isaias is my go-to for Environmental Justice & Sustainability. I also highly recommend you subscribe to Isaias' YouTube channel.

4. Msbeltempo

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Want to learn about slow ethical fashion? Take a look at Alyssa's IG page, which is an unbelievable resource on how to shop your closet, she's all about "encouraging creativity instead of consumption". Look out for her fun and informative virtual events that will teach you so much about sustainable fashion and how to style the clothing you already have! I find so much inspiration here and I am positive you will too. I want to buy all the outfits she wears, but that would not be very eco of me! LOL!

Make sure to give this eco-friendly Instagram influencer a follow!

5. Autumn Peltier

sustainability influencer Autum Peltier. .Pin

Autumn is an Indigenous Global Water Activist and Chief Water Commissioner for the Anishinabek Nation. Autumn has been fighting for water rights for Indigenous people in Canada (and the world) since she was 12 years old. In 2016, at the annual winter meeting of the Assembly of First Nations, she criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s clean-water policies in a face-to-face meeting: "I am very unhappy with the choices you’ve made." Her efforts have been recognized globally as well. She was nominated for the prestigious International Children’s Peace Prize in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

In 2022 it's hard to believe that we still have boiling water advisories for many Indigenous communities, which is utterly shocking and unacceptable. Clean drinking water is a right EVERY Canadian has.

Autumn's activism is truly inspiring.

6. Ethically Kate

sustainability influencer Ethically Kate. Pin

Fun, fabulous, and all-around one of the best eco-conscious influencers around. If you don't follow Kate, you should. She is like a light at the end of a dark climate tunnel, she has a real knack for taking heavier subject matter and making it fun whilst helping her readers to feel empowered. I love her REELS, they show off her amazing sense of humor and capture her message so well. I like to call it eco-tainment! Every once in a while her hubby makes a cameo, which is usually pretty hilarious! Kate covers everything from slow fashion to composting to plastic-free living. My absolute favorite thing about her page is the weekly "what I learned" posts.

7. Sarah Roberston Barnes

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Sarah, an environmental influencer, is all about living more sustainability in the suburbs and helping parents navigate a low waste life with their kids, which is no easy feat. Her IG feed is packed with tips on how to reuse common household items like toilet paper rolls. What really resonates with me is her attention to social equality and accessibility for all. As white women in this space, it's important to recognize our privilege and shed light on it and Sarah does it so well. Her famous quote "it's only single-use if you use it once" is a perfect reminder for all of us.

8. Zero Waste Guy

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Johnathan Levy, a green influencer, takes waste to a whole new level. He's not only a zero-waste consultant but an expert in the supply chain as well. He helps waste haulers comply with regulations, ND businesses reduce waste, and optimize their hauling services. If you want to learn more about where your trash goes and how to reduce waste in your own home, he's the guy you want to follow! We need more people like this!

9. Petrice Jones

sustainability influencers Petrice Jones. Pin

You might recognize this sustainable influencer from the hit show Locke and Key, which is so good by the way! Along with being an actor, Petrice is the founder of The One Movement, an organization dedicated to making "beautiful reusable products", one of them being their innovative eco-friendly water bottle. One Bottle is their signature product and for every One Bottle purchased "we remove 44lbs/20kg of low-grade ocean waste (equivalent to 2,000 500ml/17oz single-use plastic bottles) and turn it into building materials. 1,000 One Bottles purchased builds an entire house." Pretty cool if you ask me!

10. Ayo Business Finder

sustainability influencers Ayo Business Founder. Pin

Supporting black-owned sustainable businesses is more important than ever and if you are having a hard time finding BIPOC business look no further than AYO Business Founder. Akua is the face behind this amazing initiative and shares so many great tips on thrifting and how to use your money to help save the planet. Her website is broken up into easy-to-navigate categories ranging from hair to home! See you there and get ready to "add to cart".

11. Zero Waste Collective

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If want to join a large group of like mind eco-friendly Instagram influencers, then you must check out The Zero Waste Collective. It's run by my good friend Tara McKenna who just published her first book called "Don't Be Trashy", a MUST read. On her page you will find hundreds of ways to live a more zero or low waste life, Tara covers everything from ethical fashion to zero waste products you need to check out. I love her practical NO BS approach to living more mindfully.

Final thoughts on Sustainability Influencers

I have to be honest this was a hard list, as I have so many more to share with you. So I am going to keep updating this blog and I'd love to hear from you! Who do you want to add to this list? Tell me in the comments below!

And for more sustainable living inspirations, make sure to check out these sustainable books, zero waste documentaries, and environmentally friendly podcasts! And shameful plug, don't forget about yours truly. 🥰 Follow me here.

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