10 Best Organic Pillows For All Types Of Sleepers

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The second you lay your head on your pillow, you want to be counting sheep, not formaldehyde and pesticide levels. That pillow you are sleeping on is most likely made with petroleum-based polyester fillers and fluffy feathers/down-plucked from chickens, geese, or ducks before or after their death.

It's a nightmare! But it doesn't have to be. Shopping for organic pillows is easier than ever, and we will break it down to help you sleep a little easier!

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Rest easy with these organic pillow brands

Before you hit the hay, check out the resources at the bottom of this post. We share tips on how to why shop for organic pillows plus we share our criteria for who we choose these brands to help you sleep easy!

1. Simba

2 white organic pillows from Simba on a bed. Pin
Image: Simba

Size: Queen
Price: $199

Founded in 1979, Simba began by supplying thread to a Derbyshire mattress factory, eventually expanding to use their thread exclusively for their mattresses. By 2002, they had sold 1 million mattresses worldwide.

Simba's pillows feature space-inspired temperature regulation technology. They are adjustable in height and firmness to customize the sleep experience.

The pillow is made from 100% cotton sourced from Better Cotton Initiative and is

free from TCPP and Parabens. Simba's unique Stratos® technology enhances heat dispersion in cotton, while their Nanocube® technology allows for adjustable firmness in pillows.

Simba manufactures its products in Canada, ensuring adherence to local labor laws and fair wages. They hold CertiPUR-US® certification for mattresses and pillows, and their cotton and polyester are certified by Better Cotton and the GRS, respectively.

Simba practices carbon-neutral delivery and waste reduction, reusing materials across products. They also hold FSC and OEKO-TEX® certifications, emphasizing their commitment to environmental and safety standards.

Review: I got to try this pillow out and its fantastic. It’s on the firmer side, and gives great support to the neck and back. I didn’t feel as stiff as I usually do when I get up. Super comfy, durable, and breathable is how I would describe it. A good pillow is an investment and I was very happy with this one!

2. Savvy Rest

Several pillows on bed in a light beige bedroom.Pin
Image: The Eco Hub

Size: All Sizes
Price: Varies depending on size

We tried the Organic Kapok Pillow which arrived stuffed to the brim with this super fluffy and super soft material called kapok, derived from the ceiba tree. You can tell this is a quality product as soon as you take it out of the packaging. 

These intentionally overstuffed pillows can be customized to your liking by removing some of the filling. We had to remove quite a bit of it for our desired feel but it was rather simple and we love having the option to customize the pillow ourselves.

We also loved being able to see what was inside and stored the surplus filling for later use. Both the inner cover and the outer cover are made from organic cotton.

For laundering, the brand recommends hand washing the outer cover in cold water and hanging it to dry. The pillow otherwise fits snugly in their organic pillowcases. If you like a softer pillow consider the Natural Talalay Pillow made from a plush knit organic cover and talalay latex. Code ECOHUB20 for 20% off. 

3. Snowe

A bunch of white organic pillows on a wooden bed frame. Pin
Image: Snowe

Size: Standard + King (Soft, Medium, or Firm)
Price: $145 / $167

Snowe is a comprehensive store for home essentials, offering products ranging from bedding and organic towels to sustainable robes, organic mattress protectors, and skincare. They focus on combining luxury with affordability in their thoughtfully designed everyday items.

Snowe's singular pillow choice is the down pillow, noted for its quality and comfort. It's filled with RDS-certified premium white down, while the outer shell is crafted from OEKO-TEX® certified cotton.

The premium white down is ethically sourced from an RDS-certified manufacturer, ensuring no harm to animals and adherence to ethical standards. The cotton used is also certified to be free from harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Snowe maintains direct partnerships with factories, enabling them to offer high-quality luxury goods at more affordable prices. All products come with certifications, reinforcing Snowe's commitment to safety and environmentally friendly products.

4. Henrie

An organic pillow and case from henrie.Pin
Image: The Eco Hub

Size: One size
Price: $199 ($358 for two) + $219 ($394 for two)

Larissa, the founder of Henrie, was driven by the goal to enhance sleep quality. She created Henrie to offer a restful sleep experience with pillows free from typical polyester fill.

Henrie's pillows come with a 30-night promise for customer satisfaction. Key features include adjustability for personalized comfort, suitability for all sleeping positions, and a removable, washable outer cover. Each pillow also comes with a dust bag for storing excess filling.

The pillow's outer cover is crafted from OEKO-TEX® certified cotton. The inner filling consists of kapok from Indonesia and CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam, which is developed without ozone depleters and harmful materials, ensuring low volatile organic compounds.

Kapok is a renewable resource harvested from the Ceiba Pentandra tree, requiring no additional water. The cotton meets OEKO-TEX® standards, ensuring it's free from harmful chemicals.

Focusing on a single product, Henrie efficiently utilizes materials to produce their pillows, resulting in no waste and small, controlled production batches. This approach underscores their commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing.

Review: Meet your new favorite pillow company! We tried Henrie’s Adjustable Pillow and loved it the instant we laid down. And, just as the title suggests, you can adjust the filling to your liking. 

In terms of feel, this pillow is soft and cushioning but also supportive, and comes in one size, though it fits both a Queen and King size pillowcase.

Made from a blend of CertiPUR-US® memory foam and premium kapok, with a 450 thread organic cotton outer cover, we had no issues with allergies or sensitivities. 

If you love an extra firm pillow, this is a great option for you but if you prefer a softer pillow, we would still recommend you consider Henrie’s too because we were just so pleasantly surprised with them – despite preferring a softer pillow.

5. White Lotus Home

A white organic pillow on a bed next to a wicker basket filled with cotton. Pin
Image: White Lotus Home

Size: Toddler size, Standard to King (Soft, Medium, or Firm)
Price: $32-$156

Since 1981, White Lotus Home has specialized in high-quality natural pillows, handmade in their New Jersey facility using American raw materials. Offering a diverse range of pillows, including sleep, contour, decorative, and inserts, they cater to various preferences.

Customers can choose from fillings like organic wool, buckwheat, organic cotton, kapok, and natural shredded latex.

Pillows are crafted from GOTS-certified organic cotton and wool, organic sateen cotton, kapok, organic cotton twill, sustainably grown buckwheat, and organic latex,

ensuring quality and sustainability. These certifications ensure that the materials are authentically organic and ethically sourced.

Committed to local and certified organic sourcing, White Lotus Home is affiliated with GOTS, Green America, and the Organic Trade Association. This ensures their products meet strict standards for organic authenticity and fair labor practices.

6. Sol Organics

Image: Sol

Size: Twin + Full + Queen + King
Soft (stomach sleeper), Medium (back sleeper), or Firm (side sleeper)
Price: $87-$148

Sol Organics was founded in 2010 by two friends who were dedicated to fulfilling their dreams of creating textiles with just three clean ingredients. Sol Organics believes in delivering the best natural organic pillows, comforters, and sheets possible and is one of the best sustainable bedding brands on the market. All their products are also made in Canada which is a bonus. 

If you’re looking for organic down pillows, then this is where you’re to shop! What I really love about this brand is that you can choose the down pillow that is best for your based on how you sleep. The pillow is filled with 100% Canadian white down.

The pillow comprises 100% Canadian white down and the cover is made from cotton.

The cotton is grown from non-GMO cotton seeds from India from harvesters certified in GOTS, OEKO-TEX®, Fair Trade, and FLO.

Sol Organics ensures that there is never any child labor and that the factory partners make a living wage, since the factories are in India, they have also partnered with proven partners who invest in the health and well-being of women and children.

7. Avocado

2 white pillows stacked on top of each other. Pin
Image: Avocado

Size: Queen, king, toddler, and mini
Price: $34-$249

It all started with a mattress at Avocado, the founders wanted to create a non-toxic and natural mattress made from organic materials that are affordable for consumers. They manufacture their products in California and even create their own latex!

There are five sleeping pillows to choose from, they have adjustable, gentle support, plus, toddler, and mini option (great for travel). Each pillow is filled with latex, Kapok, wool, and organic cotton. The adjustable pillow allows you to refill or takeout materials as needed to suit your personal needs better.

The pillows are filled with latex and kapok, or you can have a charcoal-infused latex pillow. Be sure to look at their eco-friendly bed frames to complete your sustainable bedroom!

Avocado uses Kapok, charcoal-infused latex, wool, silk, mohair, and certified organic cotton

All the products are handmade in California and are GOTS certified, carry the Made-Safe seal, and are a part of GOLS which all authenticate the process of making and sourcing their fabric and materials. 

Avocado is a certified B-Corp, and they are also Climate Neutral certified. They have also partnered with 1% For the Planet and they go the extra mile to ensure that their factories are powered with renewable energy.

8. Coyuchi

A white pillow on a bed. Pin
Image: Coyuchi

Size: Standard + Queen + King
Price: $128-$168

Since its inception in 1991, Coyuchi has been a pioneer in nature-inspired home textiles, offering long-lasting products made from 100% organic cotton and maintaining accountability for their environmental impact.

Coyuchi's organic cotton pillow collection includes down pillows, organic latex, down feathers, body pillows, throw pillows, and lumbar pillows. Their organic latex pillow is notably designed with head-supporting pockets, accommodating various sleeping positions.

The pillows are crafted using GOLS-certified latex, down from Indiana duck farms, and 100% organic cotton.

Coyuchi sources its cotton ethically from the Chetna Coalition, supporting sustainable farming in India. The cotton is Fair Trade Certified, and the latex is GOLS certified.

Their down pillows are made in the USA with down from humanely raised ducks on an Indiana farm, ensuring high-quality and ethical standards throughout production.

Coyuchi’s 2nd Home Take Back program exemplifies their circular initiative, where they renew, recycle, and resell used products. As a Fair Trade-certified company, they also focus on sustainable packaging, using reusable organic cloth bags for their pillows.

9. 54Kibo

Image: 54Kibo

Sizes: H20'' x W20'' + H12'' x W15'' + H12'' x W24''
Prices: $88-248

Established in 2018 by Nana Quagraine, 54Kibo was born from a passion for contemporary African designs. Named after the 54 African countries, the shop showcases skillfully crafted decor items directly from Africa, emphasizing uncommon and heritage-rich pieces.

54Kibo offers a variety of organic decorative pillows, floor pillows, and chair pads, featuring a wide range of patterns and colors. The designs include birds, simple lines, vibrant figures like Obama, and traditional African patterns, available in lumbar throw and standard sizes.

The pillows are crafted from 100% cotton, with some designs incorporating velvet for added texture and luxury.

All pillows are handmade by African artisans, preserving and honoring traditional craftsmanship. The use of organic cotton ensures the avoidance of pesticides and harmful chemicals in production.

As a carbon-neutral company, 54Kibo focuses on sustainability and cultural representation. They celebrate African heritage and craftsmanship, spotlighting the work of master weavers and artisans. Their commitment extends to honoring natural production methods and showcasing diverse, handmade African designs across their home decor range.

10. Zuahaza

Tolima Lumbar Pillow Cover.Pin
Image: Zuahaza

Size: 18”x18” to 12”x24” and 66”x66”
Price: $75-$166

During a trip to Colombia, founder Tatiana discovered the region's rich cotton history and exquisite craftsmanship. She connected with local artisans, forming partnerships to create a new line of textiles and pillows, later brought to the global market through Zuahaza.

Zuahaza offers a wide selection of pillow covers, featuring styles like the La Popa oversized lumbar pillow and various organic throw pillows. The color palette includes light pinks, blues, greens, and creams, with patterns ranging from fine line stripes and checkered

to honeycomb and tasseled designs. Besides pillows, Zuahaza also features rugs, throws, and kitchen items in their collection.

The brand uses 100% organic, undyed cotton, natural plant and vegetable-based dyes, and metal zippers for their products.

Zuahaza sources natural cotton from organic farmers in Colombia and Peru, ensuring fair and livable wages. The dyes used in their products are derived from local plants and vegetables.

Zuahaza empowers 40 female artisans in Santander, Colombia, who are committed to social impact and preserving traditional craftsmanship.

They provide their artisans fair pay, livable wages, and safe working conditions. In line with their sustainability goals, Zuahaza utilizes textile scraps to create smaller items, aiming for zero-waste production.

Why consider investing in an organic pillow?

An organic pillow is a great option for anyone with skin sensitivities or allergies. Pillows harbor chemicals and toxins from the materials they are made from, which puts you at risk of irritation. A lot of pillows are made from products that are often sprayed with pesticides, bleach, and other various harmful chemicals making your pillow fillings toxic.

Fast furniture is on the rise and this includes your pillows, they are mass-produced and generally without concern for the environmental impact that the materials pillows make. The pillow market is expected to grow to 11.58 billion by 2025 and the vast majority are not sustainable.

The average life expectancy of a pillow is 1-2 years before they become too flat and uncomfortable, but if you switch to an organic option most of the time you can buy new filling for them and give new life to the same pillow, reducing your impact.

When it comes to cotton pillows as well, there is a HUGE amount of water waste from cotton which degrades the soil and uses 10,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of cotton. This is why organic cotton is the better option because it only uses 243 liters of water to produce the same result.

How to shop for organic pillows, our criteria?

Okay so shopping for a pillow is a little bit more complicated than just resting your head on one and thinking “hey this is soft, I like it” and putting it in your cart. You need to shop for the position you sleep in so you can optimize the support your pillow gives you. 

Look for a pillow that offers side, back, or stomach options or a pillow that has removable materials so you can either add or take out “fluff” to better tailor fit your pillow to you. This is also a good option if you find your pillow gets too flat, too quickly.

For a heavier, firmer pillow, 100% organic cotton fill pillows are ideal for you. For something a little fluffier and more breathable, we suggest organic wool fill. Organic wool is ideal for people who suffer from night sweats or allergies. Wool is also really good at naturally resisting dust mites and mildew. Alpaca wool is naturally lanolin and oil-free.

Opt for natural rubber if you suffer from asthma or other allergies, it naturally resists dust and is also hypoallergenic. If you have allergies to latex, you will want to avoid natural rubber. If you are vegan and want a down alternative look for kapok pod fibers, like the ones from Henrie's.

A word of warning when it comes to latex. We have seen a boom in latex mattresses and pillows over the last few years as people opt for more eco-friendly options, but not all latex comes from the sap of rubber, a lot of it comes from petroleum-based rubber and plastics.

Some latex pillows are marketed as Talalay or denser Dunlop latex, the problem is, neither of these is actually latex. They are ways the latex is produced. The pillow could be all synthetic or, a blend of synthetic and natural latex. You will never know, so best to ask lots of questions.

You will want to look for the following certifications to ensure no greenwashing:

There are a lot of really great sustainable fabrics and there are some not-so-great ones as well. We have three main criteria here on The Eco Hub for anything related to ethical fashion and any home goods like pillows.

1. What kind of fabric is it made from?

Is it recycled fabric? Is it a synthetic fiber? Does it come with any certifications proving that it truly is organic? These are all questions that you want to ask yourself before buying products that are labeled organic or sustainable.

2. How are the fabrics sourced?

It’s important to know not only how your fabric is made but where it comes from and under what working conditions. There are a lot of brands out there paying much less than livable wages and under harsh working conditions that violate tons of labor laws and human rights laws.

3. What is the brand’s corporate responsibility?

What extra measures do they use to ensure sustainable practices? Companies that are really passionate about change often give back to their communities and enrich the towns and villages where they employ citizens from. They go the extra mile and offset their carbon emissions, the packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, or they reuse and repurpose pre-loved products they have already sold.

A final word on organic pillows

If you’re looking for your best sleep yet, then I highly recommend sleeping with a natural and organic pillow. Not only are you going to rid of toxic materials from your bed, but you will be reducing your impact on the earth one sleep at a time. 

Make sure you know what to do with your old pillows too!

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