10 Sustainable Men’s Clothing Brands You Might Not Know

If you’re looking for some great sustainable men's clothing, we’ve put together this simple guide to everything sustainable menswear.

You’ll find exactly what you need to know about choosing sustainable men’s clothing; from what fabrics and materials to look out for, to ethical sourcing and corporate responsibility. 

If you’d like to get right to check out your options, you can always jump ahead to the list of trusted brands featured in this article using the table of contents. 

With that said, let’s dive right in. 

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Choosing sustainable men's clothing brands can be tricky - Here's what to look for:

When shopping for any sustainable and ethical fashion, we simply look out for brands that use natural or organic fabrics and materials, as well as ethical sourcing practices. 

We also look to support brands that demonstrate corporate responsibility by integrating sustainable values throughout their operations. 

It all comes together to look a little something like this: 

1. Are the brands using organic fabrics and materials?

When it comes to fabrics and materials, opting for sustainable, natural, or organic options is always best. Consider fabrics like organic cotton, ethical wool, modal, and Tencel for their lighter impact on the planet, the people who make them, and the people who wear them too. 

Be sure to look out for certifications like TENCEL™ Lyocell, and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to verify the authenticity of the claims being made and the origins of the materials in question. 

For example, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading textile processing standard when it comes to organic fibers. They account for ecological and social criteria at every step of the supply chain; from the very first processing step, through to dyeing, all the way to its delivery on the marketplace.  

As for materials, look for things like natural buttons made from coconuts or tag nuts. Buttons made out of recycled plastics are also a great sustainable alternative. 

Some products are even made of recycled plastic zippers while others omit metals and plastics altogether. Be sure to check out product descriptions for more information on these mindful details. 

2. Are the fabrics ethically sourced?

Ethical sourcing refers to the practices surrounding how the materials, fabrics, and final garments are made, and under what conditions. So here we look for products that are manufactured as ethically as possible using sustainable practices, under fair and safe working conditions. 

For verification, there are also third-party certifications to help. Look for certifications like Fairtrade, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, and the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certification.

For example, the Fairtrade certification is the most recognized and trusted certification in the world and works to ensure that producers in developing countries are fairly treated and compensated for their work. Fairtrade labels also ensure other sustainability benefits like access to credit and traceability. 

3. What is the brand's corporate responsibility?

Corporate responsibility is a great way to avoid greenwashing and speaks to what more companies are doing beyond materials and fabrics and ethical sourcing. Are they undertaking initiatives to provide plastic-free shipping or to support the well-being of their workers and employees? What more are they doing beyond the status quo to account for their impact on the planet and people? This is a great indicator of a brand's values which can be very helpful when choosing what we vote for with our money.  

Along with these criteria, you can also reduce your environmental and ethical footprint by opting for sustainable practices like creating a minimalist wardrobe or shopping second-hand. In fact, it's always good to check out second-hand options when shopping for most things. You can even curate a second-hand minimalist capsule wardrobe for maximal impact. 

Sustainable men’s clothing we love

With that said, let’s get into some of our favorite brands for sustainable men’s clothing

1. Tentree

A man wearing black jeans and t-shirt from tenree a sustainable mens clothing brand. Pin
Image: tentree

A Canadian company, Tentree is also one of the best options for ethical backpacks, and an all-around great option for affordable ethical fashion. They pride themselves on offering sustainably made, Earth-First essentials featuring a collection just for men. Their collection includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, and everything you might need to make your everyday more comfortable and more sustainable. Sizes range XS to XXL. 

tenree's fabrics and materials

Tentree offers products made of TENCEL™, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp. 

They also strive to source all of their materials as responsibly as possible, making safe working conditions for all of their workers a top priority.

As such, partner factories must comply with international labor standards and Tentree’s own Code of Conduct. 

tenree's ethical sourcing

Partner factories are also regularly audited to ensure compliance and to make sure that workers are paid fairly, working reasonable hours, and with access to insurance coverage. 

Tentree is a Certified B-Corp which reflects its commitment to ethical business practices. 

tenree's corporate responsibility

As part of its Earth-First pledge to the planet, the brand has also committed to replacing all single-use plastics with sustainable options and eliminating virgin packaging materials from its supply chain by 2023. 

So far, they’ve successfully switched to roll packing shipments from their manufacturers to eliminate polybags and to using FSC-certified recycled paper for all of their inserts. 

As per their namesake, Tentree also plants 10 trees with every purchase made. 

2. Outerknown

A man wearing jeans and t-shirt from Outerknown a sustainable mens clothing brand.Pin
Image: Outerknown

Outerknown is a coastal-minded, sustainable clothing brand operating at the intersection of style and sustainability. Founded by pro-surfer Kelly Slater, their great selection of menswear features sustainable jeans, swimwear for men, tees, shirts, sweats, and even eyewear. Sizes range from S to XXL. 

Outerknown's fabrics and materials

Fabrics used include organic cotton, recycled polyester, hemp, polyester, and spandex. They also use buttons made from recycled plastic waste.

With sustainability as a founding principle, most of the fabrics sourced for their products are either organic, recycled, or regenerated.

Outerknown's ethical sourcing

The brand is also accredited by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and works with Fair Trade USA to invest in the livelihoods of the over 5,000 workers who help to bring their products to market. 

Outerknown's corporate responsibility

In an effort to promote greater sustainability throughout its operations, Outerknown has made the commitment to achieving full circularity by 2030. To do so, they’ve taken on initiatives like making products that are easy to disassemble and recycle; creating more collection and take-back programs; and phasing out all harmful chemicals and materials that shed synthetic fibers.

3. Obakki

Image: Obakki

This Canadian brand carries an "Essentials Collection" which includes super soft t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies. Made from organic cotton and recycled post-consumer plastic (polyester), they're landfill-free, have a low-carbon footprint, and are produced using holistic manufacturing.

Obakki's fabrics and materials

Obakki's Essential Collection is made out of certified organic cotton combined with recycled polyester for stretch and ultimate comfort. You can read more about why organic cotton is better (and why we love Obakki!)!

Obakki's ethical sourcing

Obakki produces its apparel using what they call holistic manufacturing. This means that not only are artisans paid a living wage for their work and expertise, but the Obakki team also makes sure that other needs are met as well, like healthcare, childcare, etc.

Obakki's corporate responsibility

Not only is their apparel made ethically and sustainably, but also, for every t-shirt sold, they donate a basic needs kit to a woman in Bidi Bidi Uganda — the world's largest refugee settlement area.

4. Rawganique

A man wearing a cotton top and bottom from Rawganique a sustainable mens clothing brand.Pin
Image: Rawganique

One of our go-to’s here at the Eco Hub, Rawganique is a small-scale manufacturer providing organic clothing that is gentle on us and on the planet. An excellent option if you’re looking for eco friendly socks, they also offer a wide range of sustainable clothing for men including tees, trousers, and jackets. Sizes range from S to XXL with select items available in X-Long. 

Rawganique's fabrics and materials

Rawganique offers products made of organic cotton, linen, and hemp.

Rawganique's ethical sourcing

Rawganique grows, weaves, knits and sews its products in-house in Europe or in the USA without any toxic chemicals or toxic dyes; making them a great option for anyone with skin sensitivities. They also ensure that all of their products are made under sweatshop-free, safe, and fair working conditions in their small Rawganique Atelier. 

Rawganique's corporate responsibility

Rawganique’s products are made entirely in the USA or Europe thanks in part to a small team of longstanding artisans and partners. They focus on making the purest chemical-free, cruelty-free, and most environmentally friendly products; and everything is produced in-house in small batches. 

5. Kotn

A man wearing an outfit from KOTN a sustainable mens clothing brand.Pin
Image: Kotn

On a mission to set the standard for conscious creation, this Canadian brand makes a great option for sustainable menswear. Also, one of our favorites for undies, and an all-around favorite for sustainable clothing, Kotn’s collection of built-to-last basics, may be just what you’re looking for. Their selection features denim, tees, sweats, and more; and sizes range from XXS to XXXL.

Kotn's fabrics and materials

Their products are made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. 

Kotn ensures that all of its products are ethically produced in Egypt and Portugal where factory employees are paid fair wages and work under safe conditions. 

Kotn's ethical sourcing

The cotton used in their products comes directly from farmers with a Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certification. 

Kotn's corporate responsibility

Kotn is a Certified B-Corporation demonstrating its commitment to high standards of operation. With that, they’ve successfully built and are now operating 7 schools in rural areas of Egypt as part of their commitment to promoting access to education in Egypt. Using revenue generated from sales, they’ve also funded other social impact projects including providing financial and other resources to smallholder farmers and impoverished communities. 

6. Organic Basics

A man wearing an outfit from Organic Basics a sustainable mens clothing brand.Pin
Image: Organic Basics

With sustainability and durability at the center of its operations, this Danish company offers a great selection of essentials and offers some of the best ethical men’s clothing. Their men’s collection features everything from underwear to eco friendly t-shirts, hoodies and sweats, and even swimwear. Sizes range from S to XXL. 

Organic Basics fabrics and materials

Organic Basics offers products in a range of materials including organic cotton, recycled materials, recycled wool, Tencel™, and SilverTech™(a blend of silver and organic cotton that produces a soft, odor-controlling, heat-regulating fabric used to make some of their underwear, socks, and tees). 

Organic Basics ethical sourcing

To reduce their impact, Organic Basics makes sure to work with only trusted, certified factory partners with the same sustainable values and objectives as they do. The factories ensure an ethical workplace with fair wages, no child labor or forced labor, and other ethical practices. 

They also offer a look at all of their factory partners which are all located in Europe. 

Organic Basics corporate responsibility

A Certified B-Corp and a 1% For The Planet member, Organic Basics also undertakes several initiatives that reflect their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices throughout their business. 

In partnership with One Carbon World, they offset their entire carbon footprint, making their operations carbon neutral. 

They’ve also created the Organic Basics Fund to support grassroots movements and activists focused on tackling environmental causes. 

7. Patagonia

A man wearing an outfit from Patagonia a sustainable mens clothing brand.Pin
Image: Patagonia

With an excellent reputation for providing quality outdoor clothing and a clear and longstanding commitment to sustainability (before it was cool), Patagonia is a trusted go-to. Also one of our favorites for ethical winter coats, ethical sweaters, and fair trade gloves, they offer a wide selection of sustainable men’s clothing and fair trade men’s clothing as well. 

Shop using their filters and sort through their collection by materials and processes to isolate their fair trade offerings. 

Patagonia's fabrics and materials

Patagonia offers products made of a wide range of materials including hemp, organic cotton, recycled cotton, and traceable down. 

Patagonia's ethical sourcing

Patagonia ensures that its products are made under ethical conditions including safe working conditions and environmentally friendly practices.

Through their Fair Trade program, they’ve impacted more than 72,000 workers in 10 countries around the globe.

And in an effort to promote traceability, the brand shares information about their owned facilities and suppliers across the supply chain, so we know where and how our chosen gear is made. 

Patagonia's corporate responsibility

All of your Patagonia gear is guaranteed. That means it can always be returned for repairs, replaced, or refunded if you’re not satisfied. The brand also undertakes many initiatives including taking steps to promote diversity and inclusion; donating 1% of their profits to environmental causes through 1% For The Planet; a take-back program for used Patagonia gear (in exchange for store credit); and much more. 

8. Tact & Stone

A man wearing an outfit from Stone and Tact a sustainable mens clothing brand.Pin
Image: Tact & Stone

Tact and Stone want to make it easier for everyone to express their individuality through style without the ethical burdens. Based in the United States, their selection of thoughtfully designed garments features everything from tees, oxfords, and chinos. A great option for ethical clothing companies for men, sizes range from S to XL. 

Tact and Stone's fabrics and materials

Fabrics used include organic cotton, hemp, alpaca wool, upcycled cotton, and recycled polyester. 

Tact and Stone's ethical sourcing

Tact & Stone only sources the lowest impact materials with the highest performance qualities possible. They also work with certified suppliers who uphold the highest level of social and environmental standards. You can even have a look at all of their partners, where they are located, and which of your products they are making.  

Tact and Stone's corporate responsibility

Tact & Stone is going beyond sustainability and reaching ahead for circular and regenerative practices. As such they strive to eliminate waste by adopting a circular model and inviting us to return our old garments in exchange for a discount on future purchases. 

9. Asket

Two men wearing an outfit from Asket a sustainable mens clothing brand.Pin
Image: Asket

Asket has made it its mission to deliver us from our wasteful consumption patterns. To help, they’re rolling out mindfully designed garments that are built to last; featuring a permanent collection of meaningful essentials we can count on. Their men’s collection includes all the wardrobe essentials from socks and briefs to sweatshirts, knitwear, and outerwear. 

Asket's fabrics and materials

Fabrics used include long-staple Egyptian cotton, organic linen, and Recycled GRS Certified Post Consumer Wool. 

Asket's ethical sourcing

Asket is committed to full transparency across its entire supply chain, where it works to ensure fair labor standards and ethical production practices at every stage of the manufacturing process. 

Asket's corporate responsibility

As part of their commitment to full transparency, Asket has created a very forward-thinking label that breaks down every garment into its raw components and traces them back to their origin. 

They’ve also used the data drawn from their traceability efforts to assess the impact of their garments and to show us, the consumer, the true cost of our garments, printed right on our receipt. That is every ounce of CO2, every drop of water, and every spark of energy used to make every single one of their garments. 

10. Gaia & Dubos

A man wearing an outfit from Gaia and Dubos a sustainable mens clothing brand.Pin
Image: Gaia & Dubos

Founded by Léonie Daignault-Leclerc, Gaia & Dubos is a Canadian sustainable fashion company bringing us ethically made garments for both men and women, hand-crafted in Quebec. Also one of our favorites for ethical pyjamas, you can trust that all of their products are eco-friendly and ethically produced. So, if you’re looking for sustainable men’s clothing made in Canada definitely check them out. Sizes range from XS to XXL. 

Gaia & Dubos' fabrics and materials

Fabrics used include organic cotton and organic silk. 

Gaia & Dubos’ ethical sourcing

All of Gaia & Dubos’ products are ethically designed and crafted in Quebec, Canada, where their team of highly-skilled artisans is subject to high labor standards. 

Gaia & Dubos’ corporate responsibility

Gaia & Dubos ensures that all of its actions respect the planet at every stage of its processes; from raw materials to the delivery of its products, all the way to your door. They also offer education on sustainable fashion to help with the adoption of more responsible habits.  

11. Passion Lilie

A man wearing a dress shirt from Passion Lillie a sustainable mens clothing brand.Pin
Image: Passion Lillie

Passion Lilie is a fair trade fashion brand that cares deeply about doing its part to build a more sustainable future. They are committed to making things the right way by designing fair trade collections with sustainability at their core. Their timeless designs are created with fit and comfort in mind and make a great option for some of the best Fair Trade men’s clothing. Sizes range from S to XXL. 

Passion Lilie fabrics and materials

Fabrics used include GOTS certified organic cotton and cotton. 

Passion Lilie ethical sourcing

Passion Lilie is a fair-trade company. Their products are made in India with the help of partners who are equally dedicated to paying fair living wages, creating safe and healthy working conditions, and investing in the overall wellbeing of their workers. 

Passion Lilie corporate responsibility

Passion Lilie is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and offers the option to offset the carbon emissions associated with your purchase in partnership with CarbonClick. 

Sustainable men's fashion has never been easier to find  

Whether you’re looking for fair trade men's clothing or just to lighten your environmental footprint, there are lots of options to choose from. You will find everything from dress shirts and jeans, to knitwear and undies, hold the unethical practices. No need to sacrifice style either. 

For more men’s fashion options or any other sustainable living, essentials are sure to check out our Brand Directory

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A man wearing black jeans and t-shirt from tenree a sustainable mens clothing brand.Pin
Image: tentree

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