10 Zero Waste Stores In Los Angeles to Help You Live Your Best Sustainable Life

Let's face it - Los Angeles is one cool city. From the Hollywood hills to the sandy beaches, there's something undeniably alluring about the City of Angels. And what's even cooler? The growing number of zero waste shops popping up all over town!

These eco-conscious havens are not only good for the environment, but they're also making sustainability seriously stylish.

So whether you're a seasoned environmentalist or just looking to dip your toes into the world of zero waste, get ready to be introduced to LA's most irresistible stores.

But wait, there's more - we've also got a post on thrift stores in LA for all you budget-conscious and eco-friendly shoppers out there.

So, let's get ready to shop sustainably!

1. Sustain LA

Bulk bin inside Sustain LA, a zero waste store in Los Angeles.Pin
Image: Sustain LA

Sustain LA is a visionary social enterprise that aims to empower people to positively impact the planet through zero waste living. They're a certified woman-owned small business that combines best practices to create sustainable solutions for zero waste events and living.

Sustain LA's mission goes beyond just reducing waste. They strive to create a community space where people can come together to learn and grow while enjoying a no-cost restaurant for food-insecure families.

With an impressive roster of past clients, including Adidas, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and many more, Sustain LA is dedicated to creating meaningful change through responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials.

What they offer:

Their extensive assortment of replenishment products encompasses cleansers, hair care items, eco-friendly domestic supplies, facial treatments, and beyond.

Additionally, they provide an array of customizable personal care essentials perfect for homemade beauty enthusiasts, including argan oil, bentonite clay, frankincense-infused body oil, and shea butter.

2. Wild Terra Apothecary

A woman standing behind a table filled with jars of dried flowers. Pin
Image: WIld Terra

The store offers locally-sourced honey, handcrafted fair-trade gifts, tea accessories, literature, in-house prepared tinctures, and more. Whether you're an aspiring herbalist, seasoned chef, or casual tea enthusiast, Wild Terra provides an array of captivating items.

Wild Terra takes pride in offering high-quality products at reasonable prices, sourcing from reliable suppliers and, when feasible, directly from farms and artisans. Staffed by experienced herbalists, culinary enthusiasts, and passionate tea lovers, they are eager to answer your questions and help you make your selections. They also delight in creating custom blends upon request!

What they offer:

Wild Terra boasts an extensive inventory of organic, biodynamic, and wildcrafted bulk medicinal herbs, teas, and spices.

3. Refillery LA

Bulk bin inside Refillery LA, a zero waste store in Los Angeles.Pin
Image: Refillery LA

Among the numerous refill establishments in Los Angeles, Refillery LA elevates the "BYOC" (Bring Your Own Container) concept in their mission to combat plastic pollution throughout the city.

Featuring a physical "refill bar" brimming with various household essentials, they also operate a mobile zero-waste refill service, making house calls with their eco-friendly van.

What they offer:

Their refill station offers a diverse range of products, such as laundry solutions, home cleaning agents, and self-care items like Epsom salts, facial cleansers, moisturizers, and bulk refills for body wash and shampoo – even catering to dogs and babies – all sold per ounce.

4. Naked Frankie

A person holding a bottle of Naked Frankie's shampoo. Pin
Image: Naked Frankie

Naked Frankie is a Los Angeles-based business specializing in zero-waste, refillable, and sustainable personal care products. Thier refill program is easy to use:

  • Browse and select from all-natural clean beauty products innovative sustainable brands offer.
  • Place your order, and Naked Frankie will deliver it straight to your door within 3-4 days after receiving it.
  • Use and enjoy the products, knowing you're positively impacting the environment.
  • When you've finished using the products, return the empty bottles to Naked Frankie.
  • Naked Frankie will clean and sanitize the returned bottles, preparing them for reuse.
  • Coordinate a convenient time for returning the bottles using the "Schedule Bottle Return" option.

What they offer:

Naked Frankie offers a range of eco-friendly products, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and hand soap, available in refillable, reusable containers. Customers can bring their containers or purchase reusable ones from the store.

5. Refill Revolution

A a bottle of Refill Revolutions shampoo. Pin
Image: Refill Evolution

Refill Evolution was born out of the desire to address the plastic consumption problem faced by a family who couldn't find a convenient way to refill their products. 

Determined to make a difference for their family, community, and environment, they established a business that modernizes the traditional milkman service into a home essentials refill system.

Refill Evolution invites you to adopt the RE lifestyle by adhering to these six fundamental principles:

  1. REthink - reconsider your shopping habits
  2. REfuse - avoid unnecessary waste
  3. REuse - opt for reusable items
  4. REfill - utilize local refill stations
  5. REduce - minimize waste generation
  6. REcycle - recycle what cannot be reused

What they offer:

Refill Evolution presents an extensive array of products designed to promote sustainable living. Their offerings include versatile cleaning solutions such as all-purpose and bathroom cleaners, dish soaps, laundry detergents, and personal care items like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, lotions, and facial care products.

In addition to these, they provide eco-friendly alternatives to everyday essentials, featuring items like beeswax wraps, bamboo toothbrushes, and reusable silicone bags. Refill Evolution offers thoughtfully curated kits encompassing kitchen necessities, on-the-go essentials, and bathroom basics.

6. R[eco]ntained

Bulk bin inside Recontained, a zero waste store in Los Angeles.Pin
Image: R[eco]ntained

R[eco]ntained, a prominent zero-waste store in Santa Monica/Venice Beach, caters to eco-conscious individuals in the heart of Los Angeles' bustling urban landscape.

Owned and operated by Tonia, a dedicated and passionate entrepreneur, this waste-free store is highly regarded by its loyal clientele, who appreciate its exceptional service and commitment to sustainability.

The store's offerings are predominantly vegan, except for some products containing ethically-sourced beeswax.

What they offer:

R[eco]ntained offers a pantry pre-fill collection designed to help customers stock their kitchens with sustainable and zero-waste alternatives. This selection includes reusable glass jars, organic cotton produce bags, and stainless steel containers for storing dry goods, snacks, and more.

You will also find zero waste pantry essentials such as glass bottles for liquid storage, reusable silicone food pouches, and beeswax wraps to replace plastic cling wrap.

Other collections feature sustainable products, including bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner bars, natural deodorants, and stainless steel straws.

Additionally, it offers an assortment of zero-waste essentials, such as beeswax wraps, reusable silicone food storage bags, biodegradable dish sponges, and compostable scrub pads.

7. Otherwild

Bulk bin inside Otherwild, a zero waste store in Los Angeles.Pin
Image: Otherwild

Otherwild, a queer-identified, woman-owned store, design studio, and event space, operates in Los Angeles and online, with ethics as the cornerstone of their business. Founded in 2012, Otherwild is deeply embedded in a diverse community of artists and designers and is dedicated to featuring goods crafted with care by individuals.

Designing and producing their apparel and home goods independently and collaboratively.

Committed to using their resources for the sustained support of staff, vendors, suppliers, grassroots activist organizations, and social justice groups, Otherwild also provides direct grants to makers through Anotherwild Fund.

What they offer:

The store offers various beautifully designed products and apparel, refillable bulk home cleaning, personal care items, and low or no-waste reusables under the moniker Otherwild General.

8. Re_grocery

A bunch of food in a small yellow cart. Pin

Re_grocery was established as a response to the grocery industry's reliance on plastic packaging and waste, aiming to create a sustainable alternative.

As a certified B Corporation and a 1% for the Planet Member, re_grocery takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The store emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with each other, our food, and our planet, maintaining a positive and refillable outlook.

What they offer:

The store offers over 500 refillable bulk goods, like organic tea, prioritizing high-quality, organic, non-GMO, and clean products that are all plastic-free. In addition to these items, re_grocery also carries reusable and zero-waste accessories.

Customers are encouraged to bring their own empty, clean, and dry containers from home, but the store also provides 100% post-consumer recycled paper bags and reusable glass jars or bottles for purchase

9. Fill Up Buttercup

Image: Fill Up Buttercup

Fill Up Buttercup is about bringing your container and filling up various bulk products.

They offer only non-toxic, eco-friendly products, ensuring you, your family, and our planet. Their dedication to quality and safety is backed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website, where you can check their household cleaning products' ingredients and toxicity levels.

With the ability to search for specific brands or ingredients on the EWG site, you can view each product's EWG score. Fill Up Buttercup includes an ingredient tab for every inventory item to ensure transparency.

What they offer:

Examples of products include shampoos, conditioners, body washes, all-purpose cleaners, laundry detergents, and more. The store also offers an array of home and bathroom accessories that are biodegradable, compostable, or easily recyclable.

10. No Tox Life

A woman holding a block of soap with a scrubbing brush on top. Pin
Image: No Tox Life

Have you heard about No Tox Life? It's a fantastic eco-friendly brand founded by a dynamic mother-daughter duo, Sandee and Callie.

They were frustrated by the lack of natural, toxin-free options in their local stores and decided to take matters into their own hands. In 2014, they launched No Tox Life to create high-quality, non-toxic, and vegan products that are gentle on our bodies and the environment.

Sandee and Callie strongly believe in the power of using natural ingredients and reducing waste in our everyday lives. Their passion and dedication have created an amazing range of products promoting a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

All products are made in the USA in their very own solar-powered facility! They also feature a selection of items made by other local makers in their store.

What they offer:

From skincare and personal care to home cleaning essentials like the absolute best zero waste dish soap!

A final word on shopping at zero waste shops in LA!

As we strive towards a more sustainable future, zero waste shops like those in Los Angeles and San Diego are leading the charge.

These stores are not just places to shop but centers of community and education, inspiring us all to take action toward reducing our environmental impact.

By making small yet conscious decisions like bringing your own containers and choosing products with minimal packaging, we can collectively make a huge difference!

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