The Best Natural Laundry Detergent 2022

If you’re concerned about finding the right laundry detergent I totally feel you. From miscellaneous chemicals and fragrances to sensitivity issues and other health concerns, there is a lot to consider. But, stubborn stains, stinky smells, and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands.

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Why choose non-toxic laundry detergent

Similar to clean beauty and blue beauty products (or any of the many concoctions we rely on every day), finding non-toxic laundry detergent boils down to making the right choice for our health and for the environment.

Human health concerns

And just like everything else, conventional detergents tend to feature harmful chemicals like you wouldn’t believe. Things like fragrances (and their undisclosed chemical contents), synthetic dyes, surfactants, bleach, phosphates, and even harmful bi-products like 1, 4-Dioxane.

Though we know these ingredients to be harmful to humans, they are somehow okay in products that come into contact with our skin and our ecosystems and remain on the shelves at our local supermarkets.

Take a surfactant like petroleum distillate for example, also referred to as naphthas. They’ve been found to damage the mucous membranes and lungs, and cause inflammation, asthma, and maybe even cancer. But you wouldn’t know it considering they are still widely used in conventional laundry detergents.

Some of these harmful chemicals do not even need to be disclosed. Take 1, 4-Dioxane. Since it is not an ingredient but the chemical bi-product of a process used during the manufacturing process (ethoxylation: inexpensive shortcut companies use to produce softer, sudsier detergent), manufacturers are not required to list it on product labels. Even though it is likely to be carcinogenic and the outcome of decision making on the part of conventional brands.

The hundreds of chemicals in the fragrances designed to perfume our fresh laundry do not have to be disclosed either, where they are treated as trade secrets.

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Ecological concerns

The slew of chemicals in conventional detergents also poses a threat to aquatic life when they enter our waterways. Phosphate, which is commonly found in laundry detergents, can lead to eutrophication in excess; completely destabilizing aquatic ecosystems, and in some cases rendering them lifeless and putrid.

Conventional detergents can also come with a hefty footprint during the manufacturing process, where their production is done unsustainably. Powered by fossil fuels, from petroleum-derived chemicals to plastic packaging, and the fossil fuel-based energy sources used to power operations; conventional products leave a lot to desire. Not to mention the inefficient and irresponsible use of precious resources like water.

Choosing brands that produce and offer ethical products is therefore our best bet on several fronts.

From all-natural bleach alternatives and zero waste cleaning to eco-friendly refillable cleaning products and plant-based laundry detergent; better products are now way more accessible. And you’ll see just what I mean when you get into some of the best natural laundry detergent brands featured in this article.

How we choose the best organic laundry detergent

Before we get into some of my favorite brands for better laundry detergent, let’s look at what I consider when choosing these brands; all of which you can keep in mind to make informed choices of your own.

Here too we must be mindful to avoid brands who are greenwashing their products and doing nothing to make our lives any greener at all.

So when searching for laundry detergent, look for phosphate-free, dye-free, biodegradable detergents, made of all-natural or naturally-derived ingredients. We want to make sure we avoid the laundry list of harmful chemicals found in conventional products.

I make sure to choose formulas that work in cold water too because using cold water helps to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint associated with using washing machines; just by switching to cold water when we wash our clothes. Concentrated formulas are also best since they require less packaging.

Avoiding plastic packaging and reaching for biodegradable options instead is best too. Shopping with your own reusable container at your local natural food store remains ideal though. They are very likely to carry some of the best natural non-toxic detergents, including a fragrance-free option.

It’s also best to shop brands who manufacture their products as near to us as possible. Since I am in Canada I favor products made in Canada.

I always try to reach for cruelty-free products that are vegan-friendly and made of organic ingredients too.

Palm oil is a big no-no because of sourcing issues; where responsible sourcing is a priority all around. So brands that avoid using palm oil and make sure to source their ingredients and other materials as best as possible are also highly favored.

Helpful certifications to look out for here include ECOCERT which verifies social and environmental claims; and the EWG (Environmental Working Group) certification which focuses on avoiding harmful chemicals.

Top picks for the best natural laundry detergent

This list of trusted brands is sure to make your search for better detergent a whole lot easier. Some of the products featured do use recyclable plastic containers which are not ideal; however, they are more widely available and help more people access better detergent.

1. Eco Roots

A woman holding a box of natural laundry strips from Eco Roots. Pin

A stand-out when it comes to natural laundry has to be Eco Roots' easy-to-use detergent sheets. They are so simple to use and will end up saving you a ton of money too. Each sheet = 2 loads! Each package is enough for 64 loads! WOWZA!

What's great about these is that you don't have to measure anything, there is zero mess and they work in both hot and cold water. I have used laundry strips in the past and when used with cold water they did not dissolve, not the case with these. They come fragrance-free or you can choose the Fresh Breeze Scent which I absolutely love, it's light and lovely and will leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean! Don't you just love that?

They are also free from nasties like parabens, synthetic fragrances, optical brighteners, dyes, and phosphates! Instead, they are made from super-natural cleaning ingredients that work like a charm at both brightening your clothes and getting rid of pesky stains too! Oh, and they are vegan & cruelty-free!

Eco Roots is one of my favorite online zero waste shops, they carry everything and I mean EVERYTHING you need to make your life and home more sustainable!

2. Elva's All-Natural Laundry Wash

A bottle of Elva's natural laundry detergent. Pin
Image: Elva's

This natural laundry detergent makes it to the top of the list for good reason! It's pretty much one of the best ones I have used to wash my clothes. Elva's is killing it when it comes to natural cleaning products for the home. We've featured them before in refillable cleaning, organic body wash, zero waste dish soap, and zero waste laundry detergent. Their laundry wash is in liquid form and is formulated with plant-based ingredients that all work together in harmony to clean and brighten your clothes sans all the nasty chemicals. In fact, all the ingredients they source come from Canadian and organic biodynamic farms.

If you are looking to save money (who isn't) this is a perfect choice, it's highly concentrated and you only need to use 2 teaspoons per average load. 1 bottle = 50 loads. The brand is also cruelty-free, vegan, palm-oil free, and septic and grey water safe and works for HE machines as well.

It has a light, beautiful lavender scent that is great for sensitive skin. You can use this to wash all your clothes, it's my top pick for undies and bras as well as sheets and pillows. They also offer a refill option which I absolutely love as it reduces the amount of plastic we bring into the home. Refill is very economical at just $0.393 cents per average load - making it cheaper than most laundry strips!

What I particularly like about the Lovely laundry detergent is that it is so gentle on clothes. It has quickly become my favorite for dark loads too. The fact that it is so concentrated means much smaller containers than traditional liquid laundry detergents and less to carry around.

3. Nellie’s

Stubborn stains, stinky smells and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands. Pin
Image: Nellie's

Inspired by his mother and her commitment to honesty, simplicity, and green cleaning far before it was cool; James Roberts created Nellie’s and its line of all eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and highly effective laundering products in her honor.

I especially love their Laundry Soda Tin. While it might be a little bit pricier than other detergents, clothes are left perfectly clean and odor-free; with just one tablespoon of this concentrated formula fit for hot or cold water.

Safe for high efficiency (HE) and standard washing machines, it also comes in a handy tin, so no plastic container to worry about; perfect for a plastic-free cleaning kit.

Their formula is also biodegradable, vegan, and hypoallergenic, with no SLS, phosphates, fragrance, bleach or other harmful ingredients to worry about either. With no fragrance, Nellie’s Laundry Soda Tin makes for one of the best natural detergents for sensitive skin.

Review: I’ve used Nellie’s for years and love their products, hands down it’s one of my favorite natural detergents and if you have allergies this is a great option for you and your clothes. You also don’t have to use as much, a full scoop was not needed for me on a full load, it was trial and error so see how you go. For tough stains take a look at Nellie’s Laundry Booster.

4. Biovert

Stubborn stains, stinky smells and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands.Pin
Image: Biovert

A family-owned company based in Laval (Quebec), Biovert has made it its mission to develop low environmental impact household products, for a clean home free of any allergens and carcinogens.

For laundry, their detergents and fabric softeners are biodegradable and made using all-natural ingredients; while remaining extremely effective in both warm and cold water.

Compatible with all washers, you will find options available in several scents, including fresh cotton and morning dew, or with no fragrance at all. No synthetic fragrances or other harmful chemicals either, for one of the best eco laundry detergents.

Review: Like AspenClean this is an excel detergent and will feel and perform in the same way as the one you might use to using. I especially love this brand for my towels and dishcloths.

5. AspenClean

Stubborn stains, stinky smells and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands.Pin
Image: AspenClean

AspenClean is a line of green cleaning products that mission to keep us and our families safe from the harmful chemicals commonly found in conventional cleaning products.

All of their offerings, ingredients, and manufacturing processes are certified as sustainable by ECOCERT; certified vegan and cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, and rated as safe by EWG.

For laundering, their hypoallergenic, natural laundry detergent is made from plant-derived ingredients; perfect for anyone with allergies or sensitivities, and for babies too.

For scent, AspenClean uses organic essential oils like eucalyptus & rosemary or lavender & lemongrass. No artificial fragrances in sight. They also make sure to offer an unscented option.

Suitable for all water temperatures and all washing machines, you can rest assured that AspenClean’s EWG laundry detergent will be free of irritants, carcinogens, or any other dangerous chemicals; while remaining effective.

Review: This detergent will hold up against any conventional one you have used. The scented version smells absolutely wonderful, it’s delicate and not overpowering. I’ve never had an issue with any of Aspen’s cleaning products and in fact, it’s the one I probably recommend the most to people who are looking to try natural for the first time. Thumbs up all around.

6. Nature Clean

Stubborn stains, stinky smells and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands.Pin
Image: Nature Clean

Nature Clean is a Canadian brand offering safe and mindfully crafted household products, with the planet in mind.

Though you will find some plastics here, their naturally-derived, hypoallergenic and biodegradable household products include some of the best non-toxic laundry detergents to choose from.

Their selection of liquid detergents stink bombs, oxy stain remover powder, and dryer balls also include laundry detergent sheets featuring absolutely no plastics. These detergent sheets are also allergy-tested, dermatologist-tested, and safe for sensitive skin. Plus, all of their products are manufactured and packaged in Canada.

Review: I was skeptical about laundry strips but was pleasantly surprised at how well these work. The laundry was fresh and clean, I’ve made the switch to using these in my home, no more plastic bottles which I love. Zero waste laundry products are becoming more popular and they have certainly changed the way I do my laundry.

7. Simply Clean

Stubborn stains, stinky smells and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands.Pin

Simply Clean offers a family of safe and effective products, made using no phosphates, halogenated or volatile organic solvents, enzymes, dyes, fragrances, NTA, EDTA, APEO, or NPE.

Their Washing Soda is a great natural solution for laundering; made of sodium carbonate derived from the solution mining of natural, trona mineral deposits.

Different from sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sodium carbonate is composed of sodium and acid and causes no harm to the environment when used to launder our clothing.

It works well on dirt and stains in hard water, and can also be used as a descaler for coffee machines, bathroom tiles, faucets, and more. Washing Soda is very hard to find, I am so happy carries it. If you love to make your own laundry detergent you will want to give this a go. You can mix this with your laundry detergent, it's AMAZING for stains, simply place the clothes and ½ a cup in a bucket of water, let them sit then launder.

8. Attitude laundry detergent

Stubborn stains, stinky smells and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands.Pin
Image: Attitude Living

ATTITUDE is a Canada-based company offering personal care and household products using natural, hypoallergenic, and EWG VERIFIED™ ingredients. They are also vegan, cruelty-free, PETA certified, and ECOLOGO certified.

To do its part to create a healthier and more sustainable world, ATTITUDE is mindful of its plastic use and offers biodegradable packaging and bulk sizes.

Their detergent is no different. Though plastic is involved, ATTITUDE uses only plant-derived ingredients to formulate a biodegradable yet effective cleaner. They also offer fabric softener, however, only the laundry detergents are available in bulk (Eco-Refills).

You can even help remove some carbon from the atmosphere and have some trees planted on your behalf when you purchase a product with ATTITUDE. In partnership with Reforestation Projects and One Tree Planted, ATTITUDE commits to planting one tree for each product sold online or in a participating store.

Review: I was gifted a bunch of their products and boy do they work. The scent is very mild but makes our clothes seem fresher once they are laundered. The laundry detergent is also very effective; we use it in combination with the spray stain remover where needed. I love the fact that they offer this in refill too, this saves you money and reduces waste. Attitude is one of the most affordable natural laundry brands.

9. Milk & Honey Soapery

Stubborn stains, stinky smells and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands.Pin
Image: Milk & Honey

Based in Toronto, Canada, Milk & Honey Soapery strives to be an eco-friendly and waste-free shop. All of their soaps are made using natural ingredients like coconut, olive, and sunflower; scented using essential oils.

Products are also packaged in paper bags made of 100% post-consumer recycled content, filled with paper shreds, so no plastics here.

Their selection of mostly vegan-friendly soaps includes the Lift Stain Soap, a perfect addition to an earth-friendly laundry kit. Also free of preservatives, parabens, phthalate, and gluten; and handmade using a coconut oil base; it works incredibly well at removing all kinds of tough stains.

10. Dropps

Stubborn stains, stinky smells and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands.Pin
Image: Dropps

Dropps prides itself on being the very first laundry detergent pods. With roots in the textile manufacturing industry, their detergent pods are designed to be tough on stains, but gentle on clothes; using only the safest ingredients and no animal testing.

Manufactured in the United States, their selection of eco-friendly laundry detergent pods are available in several scents, with an unscented option too.

Best of all, their pods are shipped in recyclable, compostable, and repulpable boxes so no pesky plastic bottles or pouches here.

With a commitment to offering eco-responsible products, they also partner with Clearloop to fund the construction of new solar projects in Jackson, TN, in an effort to reclaim 100% of the carbon emissions associated with the shipping of their products, and the energy usage of all of their employees working from home in 2021.

11. PUR Home

Stubborn stains, stinky smells and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands.Pin
Image: PUR Home

A BIPOC-owned brand, PUR Home is dedicated to creating simple and sustainable products for anyone to use. Favoring plant-based, biodegradable, sulfate-free, and non-toxic ingredients, their selection of products makes for some of the best eco laundry detergents.

Their 50 oz liquid option was voted the Best Liquid Laundry Detergent in 2021 by Parents Magazine and comes in a biodegradable and compostable bottle.

It is also effective and compatible with all washing machines, and water temperatures, using hard or soft water. No SLS, synthetic perfume, enzymes, dyes, 1, 4 -Dioxane, optical brighteners, or any other ingredients are known to harm humans here either.

12. Molly Suds

Stubborn stains, stinky smells and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands.Pin
Image: Molly Suds

Using plant-derived ingredients and only 5 of them, Molly Suds works to make cleaning a little more pleasant by offering thoughtfully formulated products that smell great and remain tough on dirt and grime.

Their earth-friendly household cleaners include some of the best chemical-free laundry detergents, Sodium carbonate is sustainably sourced from the Green River Basin in Wyoming and you have the choice of a scented version infused with peppermint oil that smells divine, or you can choose the unscented version!

It's Leaping Bunny certified and packed full of hard-working enzymes that help to remove stubborn stains and odors from your clothing! And they even help to reduce pilling on clothing! You gotta love that! If laundry powder is not your thing, you can opt for the liquid. Love this powder for watching synthetic fabrics like yoga wear!

13. Grove Collaborative

Stubborn stains, stinky smells and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands.Pin
Image: Grove

A certified B Corporation, Grove is an online brand and retailer working to bridge the gap between effective products, and healthier more sustainable ones. They believe we should never have to choose between a clean home and a clean planet. And we couldn’t agree more.

For laundry, reach for their plant-based laundry detergents. They offer a gentle yet effective clean in several variations including powder packs, detergent sheets, and liquid detergent; from their brand and others.

Though they do use some plastics, Grove is working to be 100% plastic-free by 2025. They also ensure that every order placed is plastic neutral and that every shipment is carbon-neutral too.

14. The Honest Company

Stubborn stains, stinky smells and shifty ingredients are no match for these powerful natural laundry detergent brands.Pin
Image: The Honest Company

The Honest Company is a baby and beauty store founded by actress Jessica Alba. With a commitment to offering mindfully made products that are safer for us and for the planet, you might find their Free & Clear Honest Laundry Detergent to be just what you need.

It is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, pH balanced, and leaves textiles clean, softer, and brighter. Free of SLS, synthetic perfume, dyes, phosphates, 1,4-Dioxane, and all of that other stuff, it is one of the best natural detergents for babies and for those with sensitive skin.

Final thoughts on The Best Natural Laundry Detergent

I hope this list has shown you that there is no absence of ethical products to choose from for healthier laundering. And that we don’t have to settle for the generic and unethical conventional products that still stock our shelves; with their toxic chemicals and irresponsible manufacturing practices.

If you are particularly interested in finding the best natural laundry detergent sheets, check out our top picks for zero waste laundry detergent. For other cleaning products, there are also some great natural cleaning products for that too.

When transitioning to any safer products, finishing leftovers if they have not expired is perfectly fine; unless you are very concerned and deem it best not to. Just make sure to figure out how to dispose of them safely and responsibly.

If you found this post helpful, please help someone by sharing this article – sharing is caring 🙂!

Image: Attitude

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  1. I forgot to put that I do have sensitive skin and I’m looking for products that really work on stains etc. And is economical to use

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      Candice Batista


      Hi Ray,
      I have not used this brand so I can’t really say if it’s good or bad. I did take a look at the ingredients and it looks like some of their laundry products do contain palm oil and fragrance. I don’t typically recommend products with palm oil as it’s very detrimental to the environment and it’s also responsible for pushing the Orangutan out of its habitat in places like Borneo. There is certified palm oil, but it’s not perfect either.
      I also see “fragrance” again this is an ingredient I’d avoid especially if you have sensitive skin.
      All the products in this article have been tried and tested by me.
      All of these brands are economical, especially Elva’s and Eco Roots.
      Hope this helps,
      all my best,

  2. I just recently purchased beekman’s laundry detergent supposed to be all natural what’s your take on that
    It has a nice light lemon scent is the one I picked and it seems to do a great job on clothes towels in particular

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      Hi Diane,
      I have not used that brand, but thanks for putting them on my radar, I will give them a try for sure,

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      Thank you MarySue, after a little more digging we decide to remove them from the blog. I’d recommend choosing one that’s a little more in line with what you are looking for.
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