12 Best Places To Buy Stunning Sustainable Dresses

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If you’re looking for sustainable dresses, you are in for a treat! We’ve rounded up some of the best brands, covering a range of styles, sizes, and budgets.

And, as always, you can rest assured that the brands featured here do their part to offer more sustainable products we can stand behind without holding back on the fun!

Our Top Recommendations for Sustainable Dresses

These dresses are made with various sustainable materials, including organic cotton, linen, and recycled fabrics.

In addition, they are produced with ethical labor practices to minimize their impact on the planet and people. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a versatile staple, there's a sustainable dress for everyone. Before you go, please read the guide at the bottom of the post. It has tons of info on how to shop for eco dresses, certifications to look for, and more.

1. Lawrence Scott Atelier

A model wearing a white sustainable dress from Lawrence Scott. Pin
Image: Lawrence Scott Atrlier

Sizes: custom-made to measure
Price range: $$$$

Founded by designer Lisa J Lawrence, Lawrence Scott Atelier is a luxury Canadian brand specializing in customized dress designs for the modern woman.

On a mission to make the perfect dress, all their dresses are custom-made to measure, so they are guaranteed to fit every figure and size. Operating at the intersection of elegance and comfort, form and function, luxury and sustainability, you can rest assured that their dresses will feel as good as they look.

Inspired by classic silhouettes, you will find something for every occasion, including sustainable evening dresses. Take the Sara Dress, which is perfect for all-day wear and transitions seamlessly into evening wear.

You can choose from different sleeves, hemlines, and colors, with different options depending on the design. Get some help finding the perfect dress for you by booking a virtual fitting or a design consultation.

Lawrence Scott Atelier  fabrics and materials

To make their garments, the brand uses an OEKO-TEX-certified organic bamboo jersey which is very soft to the touch and free from harmful chemicals and dyes. They also offer designs in a 100% organic silk charmeuse fabric which feels super soft and luxurious.

Lawrence Scott Atelier  ethical sourcing

All of their garments are painstakingly crafted just for you in Canada. The brand uses a zero-waste production process with the help of a small production team of just five people. Thank Michelle, Colleen, Charlene, Shirley, and Sonja if you leave a review raving about your lovely purchase.

Lawrence Scott Atelier corporate responsibility

Offering tailor-made, sustainably produced dresses is where Lawrence Scott Atelier sets itself apart. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with production. But it also means less waste where overproduction is concerned.

No mass production here. The Laura Set is another one of our favorite pieces in their collection. It can be worn twice as a set, or each piece can be worn separately with different garments.

We love the versatility which can be found in many of their pieces. Perfect for a minimalist wardrobe. Plus, all of their packaging and shipping supplies are 100% compostable. 


A model wearing an orange floral dress. Pin
Image: Tamga

Sizes range from XS-XXL
Price range: $$-$$$$

TAMGA Designs was born out of the need for a positive example in fashion and the desire to take action. Their garments marry style, people, and the planet for those looking to live more sustainably.

Find hand-drawn prints and beautiful bohemian-inspired dresses in the collection of their mindfully crafted garments. One of their best-selling dresses is the Ember, a crew neckline, knee-length dress perfect for any occasion.

Customers love the 100% Tencel material and its comfort and versatility. You can even shop by print using their filters.

TAMGA — fabrics and materials

Fabrics used include TENCEL, Lenzing Ecovero, European Flax Linen, and Lenzing Modal. They also use low-impact dyes that are OEKO-Tex 100 certified.

TAMGA — ethical sourcing

TAMGA is transparent about its partner factories. All of their fabric partners have social and environmental certifications that are world-class in manufacturing.

Through its Code of Conduct, the brand also ensures the highest social and environmental standards with every one of its primary and secondary suppliers. The code is built on conventions from the International Labour Organization (ILO), industry best practice, and their own professional experience.

TAMGA — corporate responsibility

A 1% For The Planet member, all TAMGA garments have been carbon neutral since 2019. They do this by funding projects that absorb the same amount of carbon their garments create.

For packaging: unbleached and GOTS-certified organic cotton tote bags, thank you cards printed on 100% recycled thank you cards, and 100% post-consumer paper by a social enterprise in Bali. Shipping envelopes are also 100% compostable and made from sustainably-sourced plants.

3. Wearwell

A model wearing a very bright pink dress. Pin
Image: Wearwell

Sizes range: XS-3XL
Price range: $-$$$$

On a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry, co-founders Erin Houston and Emily Kenney started Wearwell to make buying the most ethical and sustainable products easier while supporting the brands making a positive impact all around.

To do this, Wearwell focuses on digging into the details by assessing how brands define and measure their impact. They also discuss with the brand to learn more about their production practices and environmental impact and look for third-party certifications where possible.

You will find a wide selection of styles and options at different prices, including some sustainable party dresses if that’s what you are on the hunt for.

There are lots to choose from, so check out their Dresses + Jumpsuits section to get right to the good stuff. Sizes range from XS-3XL. Other clothing essentials, jewelry, accessories, and home products will also be found.

Wearwell — fabrics and materials

Fabrics include organic cotton, TENCEL Lyocell, Modal, cotton, modal blend, and more. Check out the product descriptions for more details on specific pieces.

Wearwell — ethical sourcing

As part of their verification process, Wearwell looks to partner with brands whose products are artisan-made, handmade, and/or made in the USA.

They also look to work with brands that produce in small batches, work with secondhand products, utilize slow fashion principles, offer made-to-order garments, use a circular model, are employee-owned, and/or employ a zero waste production system. Have a look at product descriptions for more details on individual garments.

Wearwell — corporate responsibility

Wearwell offers a secondhand program that collects gently used Wearwell clothing and accessories, giving them another home and life we love. Accountability for what happens at the end of a garment’s lifecycle is just as important as what happens to it at the beginning of its lifecycle.

4. SmartGlamour

A black model wearing a white floral boho dress. Pin

Sizes range: XXS-15X
Price range: $-$$

SmartGlamour is another made-to-order option that we love, this time from NYC. This affordable, inclusive, and customizable ethical clothing line embraces people of all shapes, sizes, heights, ages, identities, and styles, and we love what they are doing.

Find plus-size clothing, petite clothing, and everything in between within their wide selection of designs that make an especially great option for fair trade summer dresses.

SmartGlamour — fabrics and materials

Most of their fabrics are cotton-based, with some spandex for comfort.

SmartGlamour — ethical sourcing

All of their garments are handmade entirely in Brooklyn, NY. And to help with sustainability, almost all of their fabrics are purchased from small businesses within the city.

The brand also embraces slow fashion and produces on a seasonal and annual basis rather than producing weekly like fast fashion brands do. This means a lot less waste.

With that, they ensure their employees are paid fairly while working to offer more accessible products in terms of pricing compared to most designers and boutiques. This makes them a great option for affordable, sustainable dresses that are made ethically.

SmartGlamour — corporate responsibility

This brand embraces inclusivity while doing its very best to be more sustainable, and we love that. Consider SmartGlamour on the hunt for more sustainable dresses and other garments too. They also offer tops, pants, shorts, jumpsuits, bodysuits, outerwear, and more.

5. OhSevenDays

2 models wearing a white and mustard sustainable dresses. Pin
Image: OhSevenDays

Sizes range: XS-XL
Price range: $$$$

OhSevenDays is a mindful womenswear label based in Istanbul, Turkey, and we love its vibe. It is simple, versatile, chic, soft, delightful, and refreshing. We especially loved the Tess, the Willa, and the Bailey Reversible Dress on our hunt for ethically sustainable dresses.

These garments are well made; we generally love their aesthetic. You will also find other garments, including outerwear, jumpsuits, sweatshirts, bottoms, and more.

OhSevenDays — fabrics and materials

Their sustainable staples are made from deadstock fabrics.

OhSevenDays — ethical sourcing

The label was born after founder Megan Mummery stumbled across a small district of Istanbul selling off-cut fabric rolls left over from large garment manufacturers.

So their garments are essentially slow fashion made from fast fashion leftovers, and we love that considering the mounds of waste generated by the garment industry. You can also tell in some of their pieces in the best way.

All of their garments are made in Istanbul by their partner manufacturing facility, which they ensure is fully audited, employing fair trade practices and offering good working conditions to workers.

The factory is also a member of the ethical trade membership organization Sedex which ensures businesses improve their social and environmental performance and working conditions throughout the supply chain.

OhSevenDays — corporate responsibility

They also offer the option to buy garments with small imperfections rather than throwing them away or incinerating them. Check out their Zero Waste Misfit program for that. 


A model wearing a black slip dress from Neu Nomads. Pin

Sizes range: XS-XXL
Price range: $$$$

NEU NOMADS is a female-owned and operated brand, and when they mean ultra-soft, they mean it. You may not understand how delightful their dresses feel until you wear them. 

We tried the Easy Slip Dress in Black paired with their Karlie Jacket in Black, and they were just divine. Their selection of dresses features much more than these minimalist staples, and we are certain you will find lots to love from this luxurious sustainable women’s clothing brand.

They also offer tops, knitwear, coats & jackets, and bottoms.

NEU NOMADS — fabrics and materials

Most of their collection is made from Satin TENCEL, like the Easy Slip Dress. Other fabrics used include 100% Organic Cotton Flannel, Linen, Eco-Cashmere, and an Eco-Jersey blend of organic cotton and SeaCell (a silky fiber made from seaweed and eucalyptus fibers). The brand works with a state-of-the-art dye house for dyeing using non-toxic and AZO-free dyes. 

NEU NOMADS ethical sourcing 

Their production factory is a female-owned and operated too, where employees are paid fair wages and offered medical care. The dye house they work with adheres to the highest environmental and social standards and is powered using solar energy. It also employs rainwater purification technology for use in the dye house. 

NEU NOMADS corporate responsibility 

Our lovely garments arrived in recycled poly mailers with only paper-based packaging materials from recycled cotton. 

7. Christy Dawn

A black model wearing a white ruffled dress. Pin
Image: Christy Dawn

Sizes range: XS-XL
Price range: $$$$

Christy Dawn aims to live and work in harmony with nature and is committed to practices that reflect this. Their garments are feminine and down-to-earth, which aligns with these values.

One of their best sellers is The Scarlett Dress, a simply staple piece of a tailored bodice, a pleated skirt, and short butterfly sleeves. Customers rave about the fit and its soft feel. We love how it looks, and it is available in many colors and patterns.

Christy Dawn — fabrics and materials

To make their garments, the brand sources “deadstock” fabric. See their Deadstock Collection for that. They also offer a collection made from organic cotton, dyed using natural or organic dyes.

Christy Dawn — ethical sourcing

Christy Dawn produces its garments with the help of some of the most talented dressmakers in LA, using construction methods designed to last for high-quality products. They’ve started a Farm-to-Closet initiative to source organic cotton grown using regenerative practices in partnership with Oshadi in India.

Christy Dawn — corporate responsibility

We love that Christy Dawn is working to source regenerative cotton from regenerative farms. This makes perfect sense where deadstock fabric may not always be available. Regenerative farming practices are also even better for the environment because they replenish the ecosystems they work from, and that’s one step toward greater sustainability.

8. Bastet Noir

A model wearing a green dress from Bastet Noir. Pin
Image: Bastet Noir

Sizes: custom-made to measure
Price range: $$-$$$$

Bastet Noir is a bespoke clothing brand that believes in creating fabulous and sustainable clothing that fits and flatters every body type. They don't feel in standard sizes; they understand that every body is unique and should be celebrated.

The brand's focus on customization and personalization allows them to create clothing that suits each individual's style, body shape, and preferences. They celebrate individuality and aim to empower women who are not afraid to be bold and make a statement.

Bastet Noir's fabric and materials

This sustainable fashion brand offers a variety of high-quality materials, including cotton, cashmere, linen, wool, silk, and French terry. What sets them apart is that all their materials are 100% recycled, making them an eco-friendly choice for conscious consumers.

Whether you're looking for a cozy cashmere sweater or an elegant silk blouse, this brand offers sustainable options that are both stylish and environmentally responsible. By using recycled materials, they're reducing waste and supporting a circular economy.

Bastet Noir's ethical sourcing 

Bastet Noir follows an ethical sourcing process where garments are custom-made by small studios in North Macedonia based on the customer's measurements.

These studios are run by single mothers and entrepreneurs who receive fair wages and are supported to grow their businesses through a reinvestment fund. Customers can leave a tip for the seamstresses at checkout, directly contributing to this fund.

Bastet Noir's Corporate Responsibility

Bastet Noir uses carbon offset shipping methods for its products. This means that the emissions generated during shipping are neutralized by investing in carbon-reducing projects to minimize their environmental impact.

9. Amour Vert

A model wearing a sustainable dress from Amour Vert.Pin
Image: Amour Vert

Sizes: XS-XL 
Price range: $$$

Amour Vert is a sustainable fashion brand that truly embodies the meaning of eco-friendly fashion. The brand offers a range of fair trade dresses, ethical boots, and everyday casual essentials that are all sustainably made.

Amour Vert fabric and materials

Each garment is carefully crafted using sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and TENCEL™ Modal, which are both environmentally friendly and super comfortable to wear.

Moreover, the brand uses low-impact dyes and operates a zero-waste philosophy, ensuring minimal environmental impact. With a focus on timeless designs that can be worn season after season, Amour Vert is a brand that truly deserves your "green love."

Amour Vert ethical sourcing 

Many of Amour Vert's clothing pieces, including sustainable dresses, are produced in-house at their six factories based in California.

Amour Vert Corporate Responsibility

Amour Vert values sustainability not only in its production but also in its shipping and packaging practices. The brand follows a minimalist approach to clothing production, and its dresses are made in small batches to minimize waste.

Amour Vert has a resale marketplace called ReAmour, where secondhand dresses and other items are available for purchase. They also use compostable shipping bags, recycled packaging, and soy-based inks for printing.

10. Made Trade

A model wearing a sustainable dress from Made Trade.Pin
Image: Made Trade

Size Range: XS – 4XL
Price Range: $ – $$$

Made Trade is a sustainable online retailer that offers a wide range of dresses, from trans-seasonal shift dresses to block-printed midis, silky slip dresses, comfy sweater dresses, and effortless maxis.

Whether you're shopping for any season or style, you can find something that suits you on Made Trade. The site also allows you to shop based on your values, with filters like Vegan, Fair Trade, Sustainable, Women Owned, and BIPOC Owned.

Made Trade fabric and materials

They feature brands that offer so many sustainable fabrics. One of their go-to fabrics is Tencel, a soft and breathable fabric made from eucalyptus trees that requires less water and energy than other fabrics. Another fabric they use is organic cotton.

Made Trade also features pieces made with linen and brands that use recycled fabrics, like recycled polyester and recycled cotton, which reduces waste and helps lower the fashion industry's environmental impact.

Made Trade ethical sourcing 

The company is committed to paying fair prices for each ethically-sourced item they carry and vets each partner to ensure responsible sourcing. Made Trade aligns with fair trade standards for evaluating ethical and fair business practices by organizations such as Fair Trade Federation.

The cost breakdown of each product varies depending on factors such as the time it takes to craft the item, additional processes involved in its production, material costs, transportation, shipping costs, marketing costs, and overhead costs.

Made Trade Corporate Responsibility

Made Trade is a member of 1% for the Planet, and its annual profit-sharing contribution goes to the regenerative textile organization Fibershed.

They are also committed to being carbon neutral and offset outbound shipping and returns.

11. Valani

A model wearing a sustainable dress from Valani.Pin
Image: Valani

Size Range: 0 – 12
Price Range: $$-$$$

Valani is a conscious fashion label offering dreamy dresses with flowy fits and feminine cuts. Their dresses are perfect for eco-minded fashion lovers as they only use sustainably-sourced natural fabrics and non-toxic, low-impact dyes for their swoon-worthy frocks.

Valani fabric and materials

Valani's vegan dresses are made from banana fabric, a fiber created from banana stems discarded by the agricultural banana industry, or a hemp/Tencel blend. These fabrics are not only beautiful but also biodegradable and breathable.

Valani ethical sourcing 

VALANI also prioritizes ethical manufacturing practices. They partner with tailors in India and Chicago, with their Indian manufacturing partner being GOTS-certified and adhering to strict environmental, ethical, and fair wage standards.

Valani Corporate Responsibility

They donate 10% of their profits to support women's empowerment programs, environmental initiatives, and animal welfare organizations. To further its commitment to sustainability, the brand has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every garment purchased, helping to offset its carbon footprint.

12. tonlé

A model wearing a sustainable dress from Tonle.Pin
Image: tonlé

tonlé offers a variety of sustainable dresses, from flowy maxi dresses to fitted sheath dresses. The brand's unique zero-waste design process is reflected in its dresses.

Each piece is carefully crafted using a combination of hand-weaving, sewing, and patchwork techniques.

tonlé's dresses are available in various colors and styles, including wrap, shift, and shirt dresses, all designed to be versatile and easy to wear. The brand also offers customizable sizing and a variety of fabric options, so customers can create a dress that fits their personal style and values.

tonlé  fabric and materials

Tonlé's unique production process starts with scrap waste fabric from mass clothing manufacturers. They collect the excess materials that would otherwise go to waste and transform them into high-quality garments.

In addition, they use eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes and have implemented a closed-loop production process that utilizes water-conserving methods and avoids harsh chemicals.

tonlé  ethical sourcing 

Tonlé employs a team of talented artisans in Cambodia, many women, providing them with fair wages and safe working conditions. The brand also supports the local community through various initiatives, including job training and education programs.

tonlé  Corporate Responsibility

Through their activism community, Tonlé encourages individuals to participate in monthly calls to action, offering store credit as an incentive.

Why choose sustainable dresses over conventional brands?

Reaching for sustainable and ethical fashion is better for us and the planet. That’s because conventional garments bring with them a slew of undesirable issues.

One such issue recently received renewed attention is that conventional clothing can be covered in harmful contaminants.

Fast fashion brands like Zaful, AliExpress, and Shein were found to contain high contaminants like lead. Not to mention the ubiquitous use of flame retardants and chemical dyes, even on baby clothes.

Mindfully crafted garments like sustainable dresses, t-shirts, sweaters, winter coats, winter boots, jeans, and more are available from brands that account for this. They also look out for the workers making their garments, which is important when labor issues are a major concern in clothing manufacturing.

Making clothes can also be very taxing on the environment. In addition to being a chemical-intensive industry that has resulted in a ton of pollution, it is also very resource intensive. Just one t-shirt takes about 2,700 liters of water to be fabricated from start to finish. That’s about 713 gallons or about two years of drinking water for one person.

Things to look for while shopping for sustainable dresses

To avoid these unwanted practices and choose the best options, we consider four important criteria: fabric and materials, ethical sourcing, corporate responsibility, and inclusivity.

Fabric and materials: Here, we look for sustainable fabrics with a lighter footprint from the beginning of their lifecycle to the end.

Organic linen, recycled cotton, TENCEL™, modal, and hemp are some of our favorites.

Ethical sourcing: where production practices and labor is considered, we look for brands that source their fabrics sustainably and are accountable for the workers involved in the making of their garments across their supply chain.

Fair wages and safe working conditions are only the tip of the iceberg, but they are a great start.

Where possible, sustainability certifications like ILOFair Labour AssociationWRAPFair TradeISO 14001SA8000SMETAETI, and GOTS are excellent references.

Corporate responsibility: brands that go the extra mile are at the top of our list. That’s why we also look for sustainable packaging, environmental initiatives, charitable works, carbon neutrality or net negative initiatives, or B corp certifications, to name a few. This makes shopping for more sustainable products even better.

Inclusivity: we also look for brands that embrace all sizes and bodies to make accessing more sustainable garments easier.

A final word on sustainable dresses

It’s wonderful what happens when brands care about the products they produce and the people wearing them. It means a lot more to love our garments, and we are eternally grateful for the wonderful work these brands are doing to make this possible for us. 

If you are not finding what you want, especially an affordable, fair trade dress, consider looking through some secondhand online stores. Buying secondhand is the best thing to do for the planet and we’ve found thrift stores to be home to some of the most wonderful, unexpected gems. 

You may also want to check out some sustainable basics and some of the best sustainable sweatpants and don’t forget to drop by the brand directory, your one stop shop for all sustainable living essentials. 

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