7 Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts From Etsy

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Etsy is filled to the brim with to-die-for gifts and is one of our favorite places to shop. The site is packed full of quirky, handmade finds made by local artisans, many of whom take sustainability seriously. So come take a joyride with us as we showcase some of our top sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts From Etsy worthy of true love.

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The Best Sustainable Etsy Valentine's Day Gifts

1. Chocolate

2 boxes of chocolate. Pin
Image: Farmhouse Chocolate / Andy Anand

Valentine's Day would not be the same without the chocolate. It's an excuse to indulge, which we do, and gift something delicious to a loved one.

Farmhouse Chocolates offers a range of Organic, Fair Trade, Soy-free, Vermont dark chocolate that looks and sounds divine. Their company ethos centers around "responsibility and pleasure". All of their decadent creations are made using fair-trade and local ingredients with a focus on sustainability and purity of ingredients.

The majority of their ingredients (and 100% of any and all chocolates they use) are certified organic. Those ingredients that are not are thoroughly vetted and certified non-GMO, as well as being soy- and corn syrup-free; and they are as local as possible. 

Choose from vegan chocolate, hand-rolled truffles, and yummy caramels. A small batch company based in Vermont, they ship all their chocolate in environmentally friendly packaging.

Based in Chino, California Andy Anand Chocolates offers mouthwatering chocolates, cakes, and confectionery. Trust us, it will be hard to choose! Want to eat chocolate and do good? Andy Anand donates 15% of its profits to run free schools and nonprofit activities.

Made using hand-sorted, carefully aged beans from Central America— working closely with cacao farmers to create delectable chocolate that delivers distinct, cohesive flavor. Every relationship they form with producers is built around sustainability—for both the communities of the farmers and for the planet we all share.

2. Eco-Friendly & Zero-Waste Gift Boxes

2 zero waste gifts boxes with soaps. Pin
Image: Herb & Soil / ByWellBeings

Etsy valentines day boxes take gift giving to a whole new level. There are so many to choose from.

Herb & Soil's Ultra Deluxe Skincare Gift Box with Natural Soaps & Aromatherapy, Whipped Sugar Scrub, and European Spa Bath Salts will give the gift of Hygge to your loved one. The soaps are handcrafted using Brazilian Clay.

Herbs & Soil Apothecary make soaps, shower steamers, clay masks, salves, and other personal care products from purely natural ingredients. Their handcrafted products are made with ingredients that are organic and ethically sourced. Local and wildcrafted when possible.

For packaging, they choose 100% bio-degradable and compostable peanuts. They are made from entirely renewable resources made from natural, nontoxic sources, such as wheat and corn starch.

ByWellBeings personalized Self Care Gift Box features handmade & sustainable spa products. It’s the perfect earth-friendly gift to treat yourself or someone you love ♡ this year. The box includes a set of 7 reusable cotton rounds + wash bags made with 2 layers of 100% organic cotton.

A muslin face cloth made with 100% organic cotton. A soap saver pouch, a handmade soap bar, a lavender + chamomile bath bomb, a cotton champagne scrunchie, nail polish remover pads, and a wooden comb.

You have the choice of two patterns and two soaps at checkout. ByWellBeings is run by a dad and daughter duo who opened this business during the pandemic and after seeing the impact of plastic waste.

"With a few meters of fabric and no sewing skills, I FaceTimed my dad for help to change these into reusable bags, wipes, and towels. This quickly budded into a (retired) father + (entrepreneurial) daughter project, which combined his 40+ years of textiles experience and my hope to leave the world a little bit better than how I found it."

Together, they craft reusable bath & home products that fit in beautifully with your lifestyle. Each item is mindfully designed to celebrate you because they believe every significant shift starts with a small habit change.

We've also got a whole post on sustainable subscription boxes that we think you will love.

3. Jewelry

Images: Praxis / SmartGlassKP

You can never go wrong when you put a ring on it, even better if it's an ethical ring! Let's face it, ethical jewelry is a beautiful eco-friendly gift to get and Esty has so many amazing artisans creating one-of-a-kind pieces made using recycled and salvaged metals and gems.

Praxis Jewelry’s lavish collection of refined rustic jewelry is simply gorgeous! Their lovely collection includes necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets all made from recycled silver, gold, brass, and platinum.

We are in love with their hand-hammered Cuff Bracelets, you can personalize these by adding cute little love messages that they can engrave onto the bracelets. These are truly one of the best sustainable Etsy gifts.

Allison and her three rescued Great Danes create these stunning pieces whilst they "strive to create an environmentally low-impact business and each piece is created with reclaimed precious metals and ethically sourced stones."

If you are looking for something truly unique then you must check out SmartGlassKP. They make the most beautiful rings, necklaces, and earing from glass bottles they salvaged from dumpsters.

"Smart Glass Recycled Jewelry transforms your favorite beverage bottles into beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Drink it. Wear it. You won't believe how beautiful a beer bottle can be."

4. Plants/Planters

Image: Get Urban Leaf / Simply Chi

Get Urban Leaf on Etsy has an abundance of fresh, healthy food for indoor and urban gardeners of all skill levels. Their mission is simple: "By facilitating a relationship that brings people closer to their food, our mission is to motivate, encourage, and inspire healthier and more sustainable food choices."

They are also growing in the right direction and are currently applying to be a B Corp-certified company. Along with plants you can also purchase seeds and hydroponics making growing your own food even easier.

Don't have a green thumb? No problem! They have a Green Thumb Guarantee, which means that if you can't get it to grow or are not satisfied, they will refund your money.

There is no better THYME to start growing your own food or gifting this blessing to someone else! Before picking a plant, make sure it's safe for pets and the whole family.

Another fantastic Etsy valentines day gift for her is a magnificent planter to go with those plants. Find one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from Simply Chi and add a little retro to your home.

With over 11,000 customers Chi the owner curates every single item in her shop. She's so good at this she's been featured on many prominent websites including The Eco Hub and Martha Stewart.

Chi is a thrift pro and her shop is a real reflection of that! We love secondhand furniture over here and we hope you do too!

5. Lingerie

Images: ColieCo / Una Pluma

We all want to look and feel sexy and Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to get into something fun and maybe even a little erotic...hello ethical lingerie!

ColieCo is a one-stop-shop for all things sensual, the brand specializes in delicate lingerie made from GRS-certified recycled materials like deadstock fabrics and plastic bottles.

ColieCo proudly produces ethically-handmade, sustainable lingerie, underwear, and swimwear in an in-house studio in Sagres, Portugal.

For simple sustainable bras and undies, we recommend checking out Una Pluma. They design their plethora of styles, fit for every occasion, in Oregan USA. Each time is then carefully crafted in Nepal by skilled craftspeople paid fair wages in safe working environments.

They use GOTS-certified organic cotton, natural fibers, and low-impact dyes to protect you, your loved ones, and our planet from toxic chemicals.

Plus, the fit and super soft feel of Una Pluma garments are other-worldly—just check the reviews! It's also an affordable price point but has beautiful quality, these are eco-friendly Valentine's Day gifts we can get behind!

6. Perfume/Cologne

Little black glass bottles of perfume. Pin
Images: For Strange Women

Don't you just love it when someone smells good? It's like you want to just inhale it in but at the same time, you want to make sure that perfume is toxic-free. Natural perfume and cologne have come a long way in the last few years and if you are looking for a signature scent that reflects both your personality and range of favorite notes, you've come to the right place!

For Strange Women crafts timeless, yet still youthful oils and solid perfumes that are handmade without nasty ingredients, instead find pure plant essences that are carefully sourced from around the world with a preference for sustainably wild harvested and organic material. All are packaged in glass.

Take a look at the Solid Perfume Gift Set and the Perfume Oil Full Sample Collection. The solids perfume is handmade with essential oils and other aromatic plant extracts in a base of beeswax and jojoba oil. The perfume oil is made with essential oils and plant extracts combined in a nourishing base of organic jojoba oil and coconut oil.

All of these scents are gender-neural, we recommend reading each of the descriptions to see which notes and scents resonate with you personally. And read the reviews, there are over 20,000 of them!

7. Plantable Cards

Images: WEMadeBoutique / Marissa Kay

Want to send someone a handwritten love letter? How Romantic is that! Traditional gift cards are unfortunately tied to deforestation but you can avoid all of that by picking a plantable card. It's one of our top picks for sustainable gifts from Etsy.

WEMadeBoutique makes seed paper cards for all your gifting occasions. Their plantable handmade recycled seed paper Valentine's Day cards featuring red & black stamped heart designs - perfect to use as your Valentine's cards, or the gift itself! Instead of throwing them away- plant the whole card in the garden come Spring!

All cards contain wildflower seeds containing a mix to attract pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. For best results, dampen and tear the paper. Press the pieces of paper into the soil in a sunny area during the early spring.

Marissa Kay Apothecary is another fav. Owner Mariss says " I offer to you Artisanal Handcrafted Botanical Self Care Goods. We source as many of the herbs as we can from our own garden. My work is my Prayer and Meditation. Every element of production is Infused with Love and Peace for your Whole-Self."

These unique eco-friendly Etsy gift cards are handmade and a percentage of every purchase goes to promoting women in the sciences and supporting the environment, especially the bees, other pollinators, and the coral reefs!

These cards are sure to make your gift wrapping way more eco!

A final word on Ethical Etsy gifts

How did we choose these sustainable gifts from Etsy? It's simple we use our go-to criteria. We look for sustainable fabrics and materials. We take sustainable souring into account and we source for companies that have strong green business practices!

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