6 Best Boston Zero Waste Stores To Help You Reduce Waste

If you want to impact the environment, zero waste shopping is the way to go! In Boston, you'll find a range of zero waste stores that offer eco-friendly products without wasteful packaging.

These stores give you alternatives to single-use plastics and other unsustainable products, making reducing your carbon footprint easier. There's something for everyone, from bulk food stores to plastic-free beauty boutiques, each with unique offerings.

So, strap on your reusable bags and get ready to explore the green side of Beantown with us!

So, let's get ready to shop sustainably!

1. Boston General Store

Inside Boston General Store. Pin
Image: Boston General Store

Boston General Store is a wonderful retail shop that you can find in Boston, Massachusetts. It's hard to believe it started as a small online retail outlet in 2013! The founder of this amazing store was inspired by memories of Nanna and the lasting quality of her goods.

Boston General Store promotes products built to last rather than being disposable. This store's ethos is all about sustainability and quality.

It's amazing how Boston General Store manages to offer items with a timeless aesthetic that will endure. There's a wide range of products that you can find at Boston General Store, from kitchenware to home goods, sustainable skincare, outdoor equipment, and other everyday items.

What's common among all these products is their high quality, durability, and crafted design. Boston General Store draws inspiration from traditional general stores, aiming to play a significant role in the community, much like those stores once did.

2. Uvida

Uvida shop inside. Pin
Image: Uvida

Are you looking for a way to reduce your plastic waste while keeping your home healthy and clean? Uvida Shop in Boston is the perfect place to start. This zero-waste and eco-friendly store offers a wide variety of plastic-free products that are both affordable and sustainable.

From natural laundry detergent tabs and dish soap to hair care, body wash and lotion, toothpaste tablets, teas, skincare, and household cleaning items, Uvida Shop has everything you need to switch away from single-use plastic products.

And if you're a plant lover, you'll be happy to know that the store also boasts an extensive plant department featuring succulents and houseplants of all kinds, with guidelines on pet-safe plants for furry family members.

3. Cleenland

Two  large refill containers with shampoo. Pin
Image: Cleenland

Offers a range of products designed to help customers make eco-friendly choices at their own pace. The store is very inclusive and offers products for people with diverse hair types and skin sensitivities.

They welcome customer suggestions and always look for ways to improve their offerings. In addition, Cleenland ensures the quality of its products by testing nearly everything they sell.

They want to ensure their products are as eco-friendly and free of harmful ingredients. The store offers a broad selection of low-waste, refillable home-care, and personal supplies.

Their refill menu includes various items, from face masks and bath salts to laundry powder and oxygen bleach. In addition to their refillable supplies, Cleenland stocks a selection of zero waste "for keeps" products.

These include shampoo and conditioner bars, skincare products, and everyday reusables. They even offer unique items like organic condoms.

4. Unpacked Living

The inside of Unpacked Living, a zero waste shop in Boston.Pin
Image: Unpacked Living

Venturing a short distance north of Boston, you'll discover Unpacked Living, a standout among Massachusetts' zero-waste stores. This shop boasts an exceptional variety of eco-friendly products spanning numerous lifestyle aspects, including a recycling drop service for difficult-to-recycle items.

Unpacked Living is an accepting home for many items like Biotrue® ONEday contacts, Burt's Bees packaging, BIC pens, Stasher silicone bags, and more. If you're transitioning to plastic-free food storage containers and don't know what to do with your old Tupperware, Unpacked Living will also accept any Rubbermaid brand containers.

Their distinctive refill bar, featuring over 60 refillable personal and home cleaning products, is a must-visit. This includes unique items like cream deodorants and palm oil-free liquid Castile soap in various scents.

Charging by the ounce, they allow you to purchase exactly what you need and promote a BYOC (bring your container) policy. Unpacked Living extends beyond the refill bar, offering many other products.

From pet and baby items to kitchen and bathroom necessities, you can find them all in this Boston plastic-free store in reusable, compostable, or packaging-free forms.

5. Supply Bulk Foods

A bunch of brown paper bags filled. Pin

SUPPLY Bulk Foods, a low-waste online store based in Boston, offers a variety of dry bulk foodstuffs. These range from nuts and seeds, dried fruits and vegetables, chocolate, and granola, to baking supplies, herbs, spices, tea, coffee, grains, beans, and pasta.

Priding itself on supporting local, women, and BIPOC suppliers, SUPPLY Bulk Foods aims to alleviate Massachusetts' food insecurity issues while endorsing a plastic-free lifestyle. Buying in bulk is their core belief, as it reduces packaging and offers customers access to a broader range of healthy, high-quality goods.

Packaging at the store is eco-conscious, with compostable/recyclable "waxed" paper and biodegradable-lined tin-tie paper bags. In addition, customers can conveniently pick up orders at various partnering locations.

SUPPLY Bulk Foods' dedication to sustainability and local sourcing makes it a standout among Boston's zero-waste stores.

6. Good Filling

A refill soap station from Good Filling, a zero waste shop in Boston. Pin

Good Filling is a zero-waste store in Boston committed to making waste reduction accessible and convenient for all. They provide affordable, sustainable options to reduce plastic waste in landfills and waterways.

The store houses home care machines stocked with products from renowned natural and non-toxic brands like Seventh Generation, Puracy, and The Unscented Company. These include hand soap, laundry detergent, and all-purpose cleaning spray.

They offer machines with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand sanitizer for personal care, predominantly from the famous body wash refill brand Plaine Products.

Through their extensive network of Trading Posts and Bottle Exchanges, Good Filling offers convenient services to simplify the journey towards zero-waste living.

A final word on zero waste stores in Boston

Boston's zero waste stores offer inspiring opportunities for residents and visitors to engage in more sustainable living practices. These stores, whether they focus on food, household goods, personal care products, or a combination of these, contribute to a culture shift towards more conscious consumption.

Whether you're an established zero-waster or a beginner in sustainable practices, these stores provide accessible, affordable, and practical options.

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