20 Thoughtful Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts

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Shouldn't every day be mothers day? I mean, moms are pretty awesome. They deserve a day dedicated to them, and yes, we can look to flowers, tea, and fancy cards.

But, for this post, we want to help get you to favorite child status, so read on for some fun, thoughtful, Sustainable Mother's Day Gifts that are sure to make your mamma (or aunt, teacher, sister, BFF, mother-in-law etc.) very happy.

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Sustainable Mother's Day Gifts

1. Customized Ethical Jewelry

A model wearing a name necklace from Aurate. Pin
Image: Aurate

I don't know many people who don't love a bit of ethical bling, and Aurate's customized necklaces are stunning. This is one of our top picks for sustainable gifts for Mother’s Day. You can get personal, use initials or zodiacs, and choose from birthstones or diamonds. The necklaces come in yellow, rose, or white gold, and it will be hard to choose just one. They are the perfect sustainable mother's day gift!

Aurate carries a gorgeous selection of rings, earrings, tennis bracelets, pearls, and other fine jewelry. Prices start at $275.

Aurate is an NYC-based business on a mission to deliver sustainable jewelry to make mamas dazzle. They only use lab-created diamonds or natural diamonds. The natural diamonds follow the Kimberley process to ensure they are conflict-free and come with a GIA or IGI certification.

2. Classic Demin Shirt with a twist

A model posing in a dark denim shirt. Pin
Image: Baukjen

Like a good t-shirt, a classic denim shirt can make an outfit, and this one from Baukjen is a perfect fit for any mom looking to make a statement. The Helen Organic Shirt, crafted with organic cotton fabric woven in Spain, is a fantastic gift for organic moms. It's made in a small, family-owned factory specializing in quality shirts and blouses.

It boasts a crisp collar, offset with gently puffed sleeves, and gathers into the slim cuffs. Wear it with your favorite jeans for a double-denim look, making this the perfect ethical mother's day gift.

3. Stylish Trenchcoat

A model wearing a white trenchcoat from Reformation. Pin
Image: Reformation

Wrap your mom in a gorgeous, stylish, sustainable trenchcoat from Reformation. The Kensington Trench (made from TENCEL™ Lyocell) is available in khaki and oatmeal and is the perfect addition to any minimalist wardrobe. A made-to-last trench is a great place to start if your mom is trying to build a fall capsule wardrobe. It's an investment at $523, but it will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Reformation uses vegan fabrics like TENCEL X REFIBRA™ (Lyocell/cotton blend), TENCEL Lyocell, and TENCEL Modal.

They carry blends like viscose and rayon, which are not the greatest. But you'll also find organic cotton, recycled cotton, and GOTS-certified linen. For dyeing, they partner with OEKO-TEX 100 certified and Bluesign.

4. Snazzy Sneakers

A pair of gold and white sneakers. Pin
Image: Oliver Cabell

Mamma can put her best foot forward with sustainable sneakers from Oliver Cabell. They've got low and high tops, vegan options, runners, and even slides. Oliver Cabell works with high-quality, enduring materials, from Margom outsoles to ethically sourced Italian leathers.

The sneakers, a great idea for eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts, are primarily handcrafted in Italy using old-school techniques with top materials and quality craftsmanship. What stands out is the fun and funky styles and patterns and the fact that these have affordable price points.

Oliver Cabell cuts out the middle man and works directly with raw material manufacturers to entire the best quality at the best price.

5. A Versatile Sweater or Cardigan

A model wearing a white sweater. Pin
Image: Naadam

Naadam's oversized ribbed turtleneck made from merino cashmere is a cool-weather staple cut in a contemporary silhouette. Help mom brave the chilliest weather with this sustainable sweater in seven lovely colors. You'll want to grab one for yourself. This is the perfect eco-friendly gift for the woman in your life.

With a commitment to ethical practices, cultural preservation, transparency, and environmental sustainability, Naadam is one of our favorite sustainable clothing brands here at the Eco Hub. Best known for their sustainable Mongolian Cashmere clothing with options for both men and women, they also offer recycled cashmere options made from leftover yarn and fabric scraps.

6. Laflore Paris Convertible Backpack

Candice with a Laflore Paris backpack. Pin
Images: The Eco Hub

The bobobark convertible purse epitomizes efficient organization and chic style. It opens with a clamshell clasp that reveals a 180-degree view into the bag, featuring a large zippered central divider, a padded compartment for up to 15" laptops accessible from inside and outside, an easy-access phone pocket, and a built-in port for charging on the go.

Designed to complement a woman's silhouette, this versatile bag is available in black, emerald, and cognac, enhancing any outfit with its clean, geometric shape. It’s ideal for the modern woman, whether for work, play, or travel.

Sustainability is at the heart of bobobark, crafted from lightweight, durable, and waterproof premium cork skin. This vegan material not only offers comfort and strength but is also ethically sourced and fully sustainable.

Durable by design, bobobark is built to last. Its cork leather exterior is water-resistant and easy to maintain with Laflore’s cork care products, ensuring it remains pristine for years. This bag doesn't just carry your essentials—it elevates your lifestyle, effortlessly transforming from a backpack to a shoulder bag or tote with just a few clips.

7. Scent-sational Perfume

A woman holding a small bottle of perfume. Pin
Image: Twinkle Apothecary

Scent is so closely tied with memories and emotions, and if you want to create new moments with your mama, why not give the gift of non-toxic perfume? Twinkle Apothecary wants us to "forget what you think you know about perfume."

They make artisan-crafted, natural fragrances that are "wearable, organic art," not something you will find in a department store. Plants are it! Everything is 100% botanical based with no artificial fragrances or irritating preservatives.

There are seventeen scents, including "build your own scent," which will make the perfect ethical mother's day gift. You can customize your top, middle, and base notes and create something unique.

Remember: shopping for fragrances online is a creative process. Not sure what notes to choose? Twinkle Apothracty has a guide to help.

You will also find skincare, body care, makeup, hair care, accessories, and perfume. Owner Stefanie tells it like it is. She's got a ZERO BS attitude and is changing the game in the clean beauty space.

The perfumes come bottled in glass with a base of Organic grape spirits. A little while back, Stefanie did something radical. She un-branded. Now, her dry products no longer have jars, and her liquid products no longer have labels.

Without product labels, you can easily reuse these glass bottles for anything. Don't like the stickers she chooses? Peel them off and redecorate.

8. Zero Waste Makeup

A bunch of zero waste makeup from River Organics. Pin
Image: River Organics

River Organics makes it to the top of our zero-waste makeup roundup. Their affordable organic makeup collection includes organic lipstick, zero-waste lip balm, eye shadows, zero-waste mascara, concealers, blushes, and highlighters.

My favorites are the vegan blush sticks and lip stains, which can be used double-duty on the eyes and cheeks. All River Oranigs products are packed in recyclable cardboard tubes.

Each product is based on 100% vegan ingredients. The company considers where and how the product is used by its clients and how it can benefit their skin. It publishes a complete list of ingredients for each product. There are no hidden or unwanted ingredients!

Some superstar ingredients include Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Cacao Seed Butter,  Mango Seed Butter, Tocopherol (Vitamin E, made from wheat germ), and Mica (conflict-free, lab-made). Use THEEOCHUB10 at checkout.

9. Soothing Floral Soak Bath Salts from Vertly

A bottle of bath salts spilling out of a glass bottle. Pin
Image: Vertly

Pour mom a glass of Rose and let her sit back and unwind with these decadent bath salts. This at-home spa treatment infuses soothing botanicals like CBD and calendula, pink Himalayan sea salts, and magnesium. All work in unison to relax sore muscles and lock in moisture.

Scents from rose geranium, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, and lavender work harmoniously to create a luxurious and relaxing feeling during each soak. Each glass bottle contains 12 oz (18 scoops per jar). Keep the bottle, it's stunning!

Vertly uses CBD and plant extracts to create a clean skincare and beauty line. Locally sourced in Northern California, fresh herbs are slow-extracted for weeks to develop nutrient-rich botanical oils used in all of VERTLY’s handcrafted products.

10. Reusable Silicone Sheet Mask Set For Eyes and Face

A model wearing a reusable silicone sheet mask.  Pin
Image: Province Apothecary

The Reusable Silicone Sheet Mask Set For Eyes and Face from Province Apothecary is one of my top picks for eco-friendly mothers day gifts. Single-use disposable sheet masks create a great deal of waste; in many cases, they are made from nylon, a type of plastic.

Province Apothecary has done something innovative here by creating a mask made of silicone that can be used repeatedly. Even better, you can use any of your favorite products with it.

They are super simple to use, prepare your skin with your favorite natural serum or balm, apply the eye pads, then the mask. Let sit for 10-30 mins and remove. Massage any excess product into the skin before applying your finishing products.

Province Apothecary is a green beauty icon in Canada. Julie, the founder, is a good friend. She's been formulating natural, kick-A$$ products for years. Everything is certified organic and sourced ethically from Canada and around the world.

To further reduce cosmetic waste's environmental impact, they partnered with a nonprofit organization, Pact Collective, to recycle packaging that isn't currently accepted in the municipal program and might otherwise end up in landfills or waterways.

11. UpRoot Design Studio Gift Box

A flay lay of green beauty products. Pin
Image: The Eco Hub

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, we highly recommend a gift box from UpRoot Design Studio. We were thrilled when we opened our titillatingly pink wellness and encouragement box, filled with all sorts of thoughtfully crafted products, including some lovely tea and raw Virginia honey, a beautifully scented orange, fig, and lily of the valley candle, an eco-friendly greeting card, a pet bandana, and a peony, jasmine, almond & salt handmade soap bar, just to name a few.

Their boxes are completely plastic-free and mindfully curated in different themes, including garden, crafts, wellness, and encouragement, as well as tea sets and candle sets! One of these will make mom feel special this year, and they’ll have no idea you left all the work to UpRoot Design Studio! (Your secret is safe with us 😉)

12. Siblings Candle

A flat lay of siblings candles. Pin
Image: The Eco Hub

Sustainable candles make an excellent gift for nearly any occasion—yes, it’s a surefire choice!

Siblings elevates this eco-friendly gift idea with their refillable candles that use coconut oil wax refills, all housed in compostable bags. Simply heat the powder and pour it into any upcycled container you have, or use the functional ceramic vessel included in their Starter Set.

For those who prefer ready-made options, beEsom candles are a fantastic choice. Crafted from local organic beeswax and pure essential oils, these candles are available in 17 delightful scents. While many are available in pillar style, we’re particularly fond of the ones in glass terrain containers that offer a touch of elegance once lit.

13. Thrive Market Membership

A woman taking groceries out of her Thrive Market box. Pin
Image: Thrive Marker

Make shopping for organic food easy for moms with a Thrive Market Membership. In addition to natural and organic food, this online marketplace also carries wine, household, and bath/body products. You have to sign up for a membership. It's $9.95 per month, or $5, billed annually at $59.95, and you can cancel anytime.

Buying organic food can be costly, but Thrive offers a ton of variety. You can sort by diet and be on the lookout for their freebies and coupons. You can snag a lot of really great stuff!

If mom loves to bake and cook, their selection of pantry stapes is top-notch. You can also order sustainable meat and seafood. They don't carry fresh first or veggies. We all want to save money and this is the perfect way to do that!

14. A Kettle Worth Whistling At

Caraway's kettles on display. Pin
Image: Caraway

Caraway calls this "a Kettle worth whistling at," and we could not agree more. Whether your mama loves organic tea or coffee, this will make the perfect gift. It's available in seven bold and gorgeous colors. It can be used on any stovetop and holds a 2 QT Capacity.

It's designed for fast boiling and comes with a complimentary pot holder. I love the kettle, but they have beautiful kitchen cooking essentials you can choose from.

Caraway's non-toxic cookware is made with a lightweight, non-toxic stainless steel body and is free from toxic materials like PFOA, PTFE, and other PFAs, Lead, and Cadmium.

Caraway supports BSCI (provides a single point for all supply chain performance information) and SMETA (helps businesses to assess their suppliers and working conditions in their supply chain) manufacturing partners where employees are safe, paid fairly, given benefits, and work regulated hours.

During the manufacturing process, Caraway's cookware releases up to 60% less CO2 into the environment than traditional non-stick coatings.

All orders are free of single-use plastics, shipped in packaging made from recycled cardboard, and include biodegradable cork trivets.

15. Bread Warmer + Basket

A basket with bread in it. Pin
Image: Made Trade

This dynamic duo is available at Made Trade, one of the best ethical online stores that deserve a visit. Give yourself some time to peruse — you will need it. Made Trade is known for its dedication to: "Fair wages above profits. Sustainability above mass production. Quality craftsmanship above mindless consumption. And transparency above everything."

Their website is a gold mine of ethical goodies, and this bread basket and warmer is currently at the top of my list. It's made by a company called Korissa which partners with artisans in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Indigenous communities throughout rural communities in Ecuador. Korissa is a fair trade, POC-owned brand whose collection of goods is stunning.

The terracotta warmer has been hand engraved, and the basket is handmade with seagrass and jute.

16. Wine Subscritipon

A bottle of wine being held up near a pool. Pin
Image: Tinto

Tinto Amorio is a natural and organic wine company based in California. The Organic Grape Sampler is the perfect mother's gift. Tinto uses sustainably farmed grapes. They never add anything to their creations. And the sampler includes three vegan, certified organic, and zero-sugar wines: Glou Glou Red, Orange Wine, and Rosé.

They are minority-owned and run by family and mates. So grab an eco-friendly picnic basket and say cheers to them and the planet!

17. My Book Sustained

Candice holding her book Sustained. Pin
Image: The Eco Hub

In my book "Sustained," I delve into how our households are pivotal in the global quest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This guide reveals that the secrets to both saving the planet and our wallets might indeed start at home.

As an award-winning environmental journalist, I've crafted a clear, step-by-step journey toward sustainability that doesn’t just preach but practically shows you how to transform each corner of your living space into a bastion of eco-friendliness. From the kitchen to the closet, "Sustained" offers innovative, budget-friendly strategies that make a significant impact.

The book begins with an insightful look into the environmental footprint of our domestic habits and then unfolds a series of never-before-seen tools and solutions to foster an eco-friendly lifestyle. You'll discover everything from green cleaning methods to ethical fashion choices, from smart waste management to overhauling your laundry routines—all designed to reduce your reliance on harmful chemicals and single-use plastics.

But "Sustained" isn’t just about what you can do—it’s about easing the way there. I make sure that adopting a green lifestyle doesn’t strain your resources or complicate your life. On the contrary, this book is filled with accessible, tested tips that not only conserve the environment but also save money.

18. Javanese Woven Storage Baskets

A collection of grass baskets hanging on a wall. Pin
Image: VivaTerra

OMG, I need these in my home today!

These heavy-duty Javanese Woven Storage Baskets are made of hand-woven banana bark fibers over metal frames, allowing them to hold up to 200 lbs each. Perfect for a pantry, mudroom, or garage. They are available at VivaTerra, an ethical and sustainable home decor company that works with and supports artisan communities in more than 20 countries across the globe.

Artisans are paid fairly for their work, and all the raw materials are sourced sustainably. Most also have third-party certifications like GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton and FSC woods.

The website is so easy to navigate. You can filter the items based on your style, so whether you're more bohemian or minimalist, they've got you—shop by price range, product type, and even product rating.

If your mom loves zero-waste living, she will LOVE these!

19. Sömn Home Table Runner

Somn Home Table runner. Pin
Image: The Eco Hub

Sömn Home is a fantastic place for everything from bedding and bath products to living and loungewear – all of which make wonderful gifts for any occasion. I love their table runners and think they make a great addition to any home – with different neutral colors and two-size options. Like many of their products, these table runners are made from quality European linen. They are thick but still soft to the touch and would work beautifully as a gift for Mother’s Day! 

You can also choose from equally luxurious tablecloths, placemats, napkins, coasters, and more – as well as eco-friendly blankets and throws or luxurious loungewear sets! With so much to choose from I strongly recommend you check out Sömn Home for all your linen and home essentials.

How do I choose the best sustainable gifts for mom?

All of the brands featured in this post are ones I've talked about many times here on The Eco Hub, and many of them are also featured in my brand directory. I always try to feature brands that use natural or vegan fabrics, especially where slow fashion is concerned.

I look at how the brand sources its materials, and of course, I love brands that take corporate responsibility seriously!

Packaging plays a huge part, too. The more we can avoid plastic, the better!

A final word on ethical gifts for mom

If your Mom is anything like mine, she will love anything you give her. It is the thought that counts! I hope I've given you some great ideas, and remember; an EXPERIENCE goes a long way too!

Happy Mother's Day! If you found this post helpful, please help someone by sharing this article – Sharing is caring 🙂!

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