10 Sustainable Yoga Clothes Brands To Om Too!

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Yoga is so much more than just a form of exercise and a good stretch, it’s a way to improve your mental health, meditate, and a form of self-care. There are so many different forms of yoga out there and with those options, shouldn’t you have options for your clothes too?

Yoga is a form of self-expression, and your yoga clothes should be too, they should flex and move with you without having to adjust your fit after each downward dog.

Traditionally workout wear is full of microplastics and materials that aren’t good for the environment or you, don’t worry though we have you covered with our list of sustainable yoga clothes!

Eco-friendly yoga clothes, brands to check out

Shopping for Sustainable Yoga Clothes can sometimes be challenging, what certifications should you be on the look for? What are the best fabrics? We've got comprehensive guides at the end of this post including: why make the switch to more sustainable yoga apparel? what we look for when shopping for ethical yoga clothes, and how to care for your yoga gear because, well we want our clothes to last as long as possible.

1. Yoga Democracy

A model wearing sustainable yoga clothes from Yoga Democracy.Pin
Image: Yoga Democracy

Sizes range from XS-3XL and prices are dependent on the line and item.
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Okay, I am a huge fan of this brand, if you want to stand out and let your personality shine then this is the shop for you. Yoga Democracy believes in supporting every aspect of yoga and those who practice it.

They believe you should be able to move freely without restrictions and thus have created some truly beautiful yoga clothing. One of their co-founders Haley Byfield personally begins the sewing process on every single piece, not that is passion! They have a huge selection of yoga wear in various styles, colors, and prints.

This one is just for you ladies, they sell stunning sports bras, athleisure and outerwear, graphic tops, tanks, and solid tops all in exclusive sizing. Don’t forget the bottoms, you can shop for bell bottoms, skirts, leggings, and shorts. Ready for the prints? You’re going to love this!

They have a whole wack of collections that showcase exactly what the names entail. Doing yoga on Christmas? Get the snowflake print or the lights print, show off your pride with rainbow bell bottoms, be fierce in feline prints, and embrace your femininity with a floral print that showcases what makes women unique. If you’re not feeling so bold, they have solid colors!

Yoga Democracy’s fabric and materials

Their fabric is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets, they also recycle all of their fabric. The material is Recycled PET, LYCRA® XTRALIFE, recycled polyester, and a bit of spandex. 

Yoga Democracy’s ethical sourcing

Since they only use recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets they are being ethical by cutting down waste and reusing items that normally would end up in a landfill. Since everything is made locally in Carefree, Arizona (now doesn’t that sound Zen?!) as well they have high standards on labor laws and how their employees are paid. 

Yoga Democracy’s corporate responsibility

They are a part of 1% For The Planet which give a portion of its sales to organizations that better the world. They also feature a human of the month on their Instagram to highlight people all over the world who really embrace the yogi lifestyle.

2. Wolven Threads

2 models wearing sustainable yoga clothes from Wolven.Pin
Image: Wolven

Sizes: XS- XXL
$64 - $144

Kiran Jade the founder of Wolven is all about celebrating people’s differences, she comes from a diverse background, and she created a brand that celebrates people’s individuality. This stunning line of yoga wear is created using sustainable materials that have a low impact on the environment and also support body positivity and artistic appreciation, which can be seen through their elevated styles and unique patterns.

I’m OBSESSED with the styles that Wolven sells, their active tops have super flattering cuts such as the one-shoulder, crisscross four-way top, keyhole top, and reversible four-way top.

The colors and patterns for them are so gorgeous, shop for bold patterns that have rich colors like the shakti top that is vibrant red and has a standout design to it, if are looking for a more subtle pattern try out the Aquarius pattern or the harmony.

If solid colors are more your thing then you will find soft blues, burnt orange, chocolate brown, sage green, and black. The bottoms all have the same color and pattern options, but you can choose from leggings, flares, joggers, shorts, and bike shorts (some have pockets!!).

Let’s not forget about the men, get your hands on joggers, and their onyx shorts. Don’t forget to check out their sustainable swimwear and their sustainable sweatpants.

Wolven’s fabric and materials

They use recycled PET fabrics and a small bit of spandex.

Wolven’s ethical sourcing

The PET fabric is created through plastic bottles that are BPA-free and they are turned into non-toxic pellets that then are spun into yarn, weaved into the fabric, and then made into clothing. The modal fabrics are made from wood pulp that is sustainably harvested.

They have a strict code of conduct that ensures the health and safety of workers and that they are all paid fair wages and that no child labor is happening. Their manufacturing partner is certified by the Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA).

Wolven’s corporate responsibility

This company is BIPOC and female-founded straight out of LA, they are a certified carbon-neutral company and are also part of 1% for the planet. When you receive your package, it will come in recycled and recyclable plastic mailers, and use hemp twine around the boxes.

3. tentree

A model wearing a blue set of sustainable yoga clothes from tentree. Pin
Image: tentree

Sizes: XS – XXL
$45 - $108

We LOVE a Canadian brand especially when it comes to sustainable yoga wear, tentree started out as a small company operating in owner Kalen Emsley’s basement in Regina.

This company started with humble beginnings and a passion for giving back to the earth. They have since expanded their company offering a large variety of basics, tee-shirts, jackets, underwear and so much more!

They offer a large variety of both women’s and men’s yoga wear. The women’s yoga wear includes leggings, high-rise leggings, scoop sports bras, longline tank tops, bike shorts, and joggers. The colors come in mint green, beige, orange, blue, light purple, and deep red.

The men’s yoga wear features stretch pants, joggers, agility shorts, and t-shirts, the colors are more subtle for the men’s line with lots of blacks, greys, and some deep blues and greens.

tentree’s fabric and materials

tentree sources ethical fabrics that are either certified or recycled materials. They primarily use recycled polyester, TENCEL™ Lyocell, spandex, and elastane.

tentree’s ethical sourcing

All of Tentree’s fabric and materials are sourced responsibly and they have ensured that strict labor standards are in place that also aligns with their core values. They are a Fair Trade company that ensures all its employees are paid living wages and treated fairly.

tentree’s corporate responsibility

The name is a dead giveaway for how tentree gives back to the community, for every item sold they plant trees to offset their carbon. They also carry a B-corp certification and the climate-neutral certification.

4. PrAna

A model wearing sustainable yoga clothes from Prana. Pin
Image: Prana

Women's Sizes: XS–XL - Prices: $39 - $140
Men's Sizes: XS – XXL - Prices: $45 - $130

From assembling each piece of clothing by hand in their garage to the huge company they are today, PrAna was created in California with one simple mission, to create clothing with a higher purpose.

This company will give you a little bit of everything, they have tons of women’s wear including dresses, loungewear, tops, and jeans in a variety of colors and styles there is a large selection of ethical men’s clothing, accessories, sustainable scarves, eco plus-sized brands, fair trade hats, and even ethical beanies.

I love that PrAna categorizes its activewear and they make it super easy to find strictly yoga wear. In the women’s section, you can find crop tops, leggings, tank tops, bralettes, shorts, long sleeves, and jackets, all the colors are simple with deep reds, blacks, greys, and some patterns such as cameo, and striped.

As for eco-friendly men’s yoga clothes choose from straight pants, crew neck t-shirts, shorts, long sleeves, hoodies, track pants, and tank tops. The colors for men are greys, light blue, black, and dark blue. They also sell the best sustainable yoga mats on their site to complete your purchase!

PrAna’s fabric and materials

Many of their fabrics are recycled materials including polyester, hemp, elastane, TENCEL™ Modal, and LYCRA® elastane.

PrAna’s ethical sourcing

They only work with Fair Trade Certified facilities and they collect their cotton and hemp from fields that use organic practices free of chemicals and pesticides. All their recycled materials come from pre-loved fabrics and the leftover from other fabrics.

PrAna’s corporate responsibility

PrAna ensures that the 5 freedoms of animal welfare are followed so that the fabrics that come from animals are ethically sourced. They also have a renewal system that will repair damaged or returned inventory to upcycle them and sell renewed apparel.

When you receive your yoga clothes, they will come to you in responsible packaging that is recyclable and made from recycled content, the paper bags are also FSC-certified.

5. Manduka

A model wearing sustainable yoga clothes from Manduka.Pin
Image: Manduka

Sizes: XS – XX
$35 - $102

Manduka is a new brand to The Eco Hub, and we have a lot of reasons to love them! They believe that education and community can help you experience yoga in a transformative way. Their yoga equipment is built out of passion and made for yogis are all responsibly made while reducing environmental waste. 

Talk about variety! Manduka offers all the sustainable fair trade yoga clothes you could wish for, both men and women.

For the men’s you have shorts, pants, tops, and tank tops, the colors are stunning with forest green, sea blue, black, beige, and vibrant blue.

As for the women get your hands on lilac leggings, blue marble racerback bra, a long black sleeve top, cream joggers, and the align tank.

Manduka’s fabric and materials

Manduka uses fabrics sourced from recycled polyester, organic cotton, and plant-based materials. Some of their items have a small amount of spandex and modal.

Manduka’s ethical sourcing

Since some of their materials are recycled, they can reuse items like polyester again instead of making a new product. They also use organic cotton which means there are no harmful chemicals.

Since they also have a lot of additional items such as mats, towels, accessories, and sustainable yoga props they are made from discarded bottles, recycled yarn, post-consumer EVA foam, natural unbleached cotton, and PVC that is certified in Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Manduka’s corporate responsibility

 Right down to their mats and blocks, Manduka makes sure that all its products have the earth in mind and are certified to guarantee they come from a reliable source. The packing is entirely recyclable either as paper or plastic depending on what you are ordering.

6. Reprise

2 models wearing sustainable yoga clothes from Reprise.Pin

Sizes: XS-6X

This brand is super cute and inclusive, and the headquarters is in New York! Reprise is on a mission to keep plastic off your body and a reprise or a repeated practice like doing yoga daily can massively improve your well-being. You can feel confident purchasing some of the best eco-friendly yoga clothes! 

So, what will you find for sustainable yoga clothes? They have matching sets, leggings, shorts, tops, sweatpants, and other accessories for both men and women.

The matching sets come in solid colors that include green, navy, grey, yellow, and brown, they are also unisex aside from the sports bras and sustainable bike shorts.

There are additional colors for the leggings including a soft blue, and vibrant red, the stretch in them is impeccable and perfect for those long stretches.

Reprise fabric and materials

Reprise is currently the only brand not using polyester in their clothing, they use TENCEL™, 7% spandex, GOTS, and OEKO-Tex certified organic dyes, Fair Trade certified organic cotton, and natural rubber.

Reprise ethical sourcing

All their materials come from certified places which means they are ethically sourced and collected with only the highest standards, they also carry a Fair Trade certification which ensures that employees are paid a fair living wage and they work in safe and controlled environments that regulate labor laws.

Reprise corporate responsibility

Reprise really has the earth in mind for everything they do, their packaging is sustainable which is entirely plastic-free, and made from post-consumer waste and the paper is FSC certified. They are also part of the Climate Action Reserve, and Sustainable Development Goals, and they are also a carbon-neutral company.

7. Beckons

A model wearing sustainable yoga clothes from Beckons.Pin
Image: Beckons

Women's Sizes: XS-XL - Prices: $38-$98
Men's Sizes: XS-2X - Prices: $52-$89

When it comes to sustainable yoga clothing Beckons is a great place to shop, it was founded in 2006 out of Denver by designer Becky Prater who has a passion for the power of clothing and the way it makes you feel and act.

She has designed a line of yoga clothing that you will fall in love with it! They are soft, versatile, and representative of the yoga lifestyle. What’s unique about this company is that the tags are intentions and have words that represent such bas strength, wisdom, love, and joy.

When it comes to the women’s line there is an abundance of tops to choose from, they have bras, halter tops, long sleeves, dresses, jackets and sweaters, tanks and sleeveless, and t-shirts. They come in an assortment of colors such as black, grey, turquoise, red, charcoal, and navy.

As for the men’s, they have a smaller line but are still great if you’re looking for yoga clothes, they have shorts, joggers, hoodies, tank tops, and pants.

Beckons fabric and materials

The primary fabric that Beckons uses is organic cotton, they also use a small bit of spandex.

Beckons ethical sourcing

Their clothing is manufactured locally, and they source their cotton organically from Texas, India, Turkey, and China. The fields are certified by Control Union Certifications which is then further certified by Control IMO to ensure the fabrics meet USDA and Organic Trade Association guidelines.

Beckons corporate responsibility

By using organic cotton, they use significantly less water and no chemicals. They also use recycled shipping boxes to send out your items and avoid using poly bags whenever possible. Beckons also donate to the Samburu Tribe of Africa and to the Women’s Resource Network, along with supporting the YogaSlackers which are yogis who perform on slack lines and tour the country.

8. Girlfriend Collective

3 models wearing sustainable yoga clothes from Girlfriend.Pin
Image: The Girlfriend Collective

Sizes: XXS-6XL
Prices: $28-$92

The Girlfriend Collective loves the environment and it’s at the root of how they make and supply you with their affordable sustainable yoga clothes. This is an incredibly exclusive brand with a huge range of sizes, and they are also price-inclusive by making their yoga wear affordable for everyone, join their rewards program for deeper discounts!

Let’s get into the clothes, they offer sports bras, tanks, tees, sweatshirts, bodysuits, and outwear for all your yoga needs. There are lots of options like adjustable bras and tank bras, compression leggings with pockets, compression unitards, bike shorts and track shorts, windbreakers, and track jackets.

Colors? There is something for everyone, if you’re into show-stopping bold colors then the solid neon green, blue, and pink are for you! If you are into colors that flow with everything then grab the everglade, cabana blue, Bordeaux red, or black.

Girlfriend Collective fabric and materials

They use recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets retrieved from the sea(rPET) as the primary material, they also use organic cotton, ECONYL® LITE recycled nylon, and spandex. Be sure to check out the breakdown of what’s used in the description category under the item you are shopping for.

Girlfriend Collective ethical sourcing

The recycled plastic bottle is turned into fabrics in Taiwan and then the products are manufactured in Vietnam in an SA8000-certified factory.

Girlfriend Collective corporate responsibility

Their packages are 100% recycled and recyclable, They also have a great program called ReGirlfriend which allows you to return items from them you no longer wear and get a $15 credit towards something new.

9. Summersalt

A model wearing sustainable yoga clothes from Summersalt.Pin
Image: Summersalt

Sizes: 0-22
Prices: $75-$160

Looking for luxury? Summersalt is a designer brand offering upscale yoga wear and other clothing that embodies earth-friendly practices.

They are incredibly inclusive and have gone as far as measuring over 1,5 million bodies for 10,000 women to ensure everyone has a flattering piece to wear. The whole concept of Summersalt is comfortable designer garments that you can take everywhere you go.

There is a little something for everyone here in sizes 0-22, they have beautiful leggings, sports bras, sweaters, joggers, sets, pullovers, and bike shorts in rich colors like electric blue, black, merlot, emerald green, soft blue, and cream, additionally, they have timeless prints like floral, animal, marble, speckle, and color block options.

Summersalt’s fabric and materials

In the activewear collection, the clothing is made out of recycled bottles (rPET), they also use Cupro, and TENCEL™ Modal.

Summersalt’s ethical sourcing

They have partnered with manufacturing partners that they have long-standing relationships with and regularly ensure that the manufacturers are committed to the latest certifications and ethical labor practices. Most of the factories have WRAP certification or the equivalent. 

Summersalt’s corporate responsibility

They ship their items in poly bags that are made from recycled materials. They have also spent a lot of time ensuring that they are size inclusive by measuring over 1.5 million bodies from over 10,000 women to ensure everyone gets the perfect fit.

10. Pact

A model wearing sustainable yoga clothes from pact.Pin
Image: Pact

Sizes range from XS-XL and prices widely per product

Earth’s favorite™ clothing is back on our list for all your yoga needs, Pact is an incredible company that offers clothing for everyone in your family that is affordable. They are based in Colorado and have made sure that every step of their process has the environment in mind, you will see that everything comes certified. 

There is lots of activewear on Pact for men, women, and even kids. The women's line specifically has minimalist but incredibly comfortable cotton leggings, tops, and sports bras, there are full coverage options for the bras and more tank styles.

For the men, they offer similar items but with the addition of shorts and joggers. The kid’s section offers the same things. Most of the yoga wear is solid colors with a variety of staple colors like black, white, and grey and standout colors such as green, mint, merlot, blue, and pink.

Pact’s fabric and materials

Pact uses GOTS-certified organic cotton and a small portion of elastane.

Pact’s ethical sourcing

Everything comes from Fair Trade facilities that are heavily regulated to ensure labor laws are followed and workers are protected.

Pact’s corporate responsibility

By using organic cotton Pact offsets a lot of water waste, each garment you look up details how much water was saved by buying from them. They are also a climate-neutral company and highlight how much carbon was offset from your purchase, along with showing you how many people work in the Fair Trade facility your clothing is made in.

Why consider shopping for sustainable yoga clothes?

Yoga is supposed to be a holistic practice and bring you into a deeper connection with yourself and the earth, but yoga clothes typically aren’t good for nature, or you for that matter. With fast fashion brands taking the world by storm, it’s fine time we slow down and find a better way. 

Synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon contain microplastics that seep into the earth just from washing our clothes in the laundry, each year it’s estimated that 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans, and of that 1.5 million are microplastics from clothing. The microplastic situation is getting so bad that microplastics are in our food and even the water we drink.

Microplastics from those fibers aren’t the only thing you have to watch out for, the fashion industry is heavily reliant on fossil fuels to produce these synthetic fibers. The production of these fibers accounts for 1.3 billion barrels of oil each year, and it accounts for 1.3% of global oil consumption, by 2030 its estimated this number will reach three quarters. 

Have you ever given much thought to how your clothes are dyed? Not a lot of us have and honestly, it’s pretty scary. 90% of our clothes are dyed synthetically and in the process of dying then and finishing the textile, it can use as much as 200 tonnes of water.

What do we look for when shopping for ethical yoga clothes?

There are specific fashion criteria that we look for when providing you with a list of the best sustainable yoga clothing brands. We look for the following things: What fabric and materials are used, the ethical sourcing, and the corporate responsibility of the brands. 

What fabric and materials are used?

Look for fabrics that are certified with USDA, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, Ecocert, FSC, and Fair Trade. This is important because a lot of companies are claiming to be green but do not have the certification to back what they are advertising. 

Are the fabrics sourced ethically?

We ensure that each brand sources all its materials ethically from certified factories that carry the Fair Trade certification, ISO-14001, SA8000, WRAP, and are B-corp certified. These certifications are important to ensure that ethical practices are used.

What corporate responsibility do they have?

Corporate responsibility is the way a company shows its dedication to sustainability, it can be in the simplest forms such as being part of 1% for the planet, giving back to their communities and local charities, being inclusive, and packing their items thoughtfully and eco-friendly.

How to care for your eco-friendly yoga clothes?

The best way to make your yoga clothes last and keep their stretch is the care you give them, here are a couple of tips!

A final word on sustainable yoga clothes

These yoga clothes will make you say “om” knowing that they are good for you and the environment. There are some really great brands out there doing their part in changing the fashion industry and providing you with high-quality clothing that if properly taken care of can last an incredibly long time.

Just remember to look for certifications to determine that the clothing is sustainable and organic. And of course, we are big fans of THRIFTING. So make sure to check out these secondhand online stores for all your workout necessities. Same goes if you are trying to sell your old yoga clothes online.

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