42 Online Thrift Stores For Beautiful Secondhand Clothing

Online thrift stores are growing in popularity as people seek to lessen their impact and save some money. Shopping for secondhand clothes can be pretty exciting, in my opinion. With the world now producing 80 billion new garments a year, thrifting helps to upcycle clothes that would otherwise end up in the garbage.

Buying secondhand clothing from thrift shops makes better use of our resources. I recommend shopping in opposite seasons, looking for winter coats in the summer when everyone is purging their closets and stores have not been picked over.

 Shopping at a second hand store is easy with my top ten thrifing tips!

Price Point Guide: 
$ - $0-$50
$$ - $50-$100 
$$$ - $100-$500
$$$$ - $500+ 

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Best Online Thrift Shops in the USA


Image: ATTIC

What they offer: Furniture, clothing, home décor 
Price point: $-$$$

ATTIC is a search and discovery engine for antique, vintage, and artisan products. ATTIC’s main goal is to level the playing field between small businesses and big-box retailers by making it easier for consumers to shop locally.

They’re like Google but for people who want to shop exclusively from small, local businesses. Consumers and fashion stylists can find anything from Y2K fashion to high fashion to slow fashion from local stores.

ATTIC has integrated over 1,300 small businesses with its platform, adding new stores and up to 30,000 new products every month.

So far, ATTIC has launched in 16 major cities and regions – including Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and New York – and features products from various boutiques outside of these markets across the U.S. and parts of Canada.

ATTIC’s core service is also free for sellers – they want to make it as easy as possible for small businesses to reach ATTIC’s projected 2 million users. As a curated platform that hosts many stores with various production practices.

ATTIC pursues sustainability in a few core ways: by hand-selecting stores that sell vintage and antique products; by prioritizing stores and artisans that sell new products that are locally-made, upcycled, natural, organic, small-batch, or are made under “slow fashion” principles; by grouping stores by region to encourage consumers to shop close to home to prevent shipping and travel emissions.

2. Swap Society

A woman in a black dress from Online thrift stores Swap Society.Pin
Image: Swap Society

What they offer: Women’s clothing, accessories, and kid’s items
Price point: $-$$

Swap till you drop! With this online thrift shop that offers affordable clothing, you will love it! They work on a points system where you get equal value for the clothing you swap. You have to pay a small monthly fee, and you get access to a massive clothing shop store. They accept all brands, so you are guaranteed to find something you love.

Swap Society is a membership-based service with three types of membership payment options, yearly, quarterly, or monthly. They use a form of their currency called SwapCoin™; each item is assigned a SwapCoin™ value which ensures equal value for the items that are swap

3. Goodfair

Two people wearing sweat shirts from Good Fair an online thrift store. Pin
Image: Goodfair

What they offer: Men’s clothing and women’s clothing
Price point: $-$$

Goodfair believes that buying less and buying used will make the difference we need to reduce the impact of the garment industry. That’s why they’ve created their thrift store online to make it easier for more people to access stylish, affordable essentials like flannels, printed tees, and crewnecks. They make these incredible bundles from rescued clothing that would otherwise be destined for the landfill.

Rather than going to the garbage, Goodfair takes these garments, checks them for quality assurance, and thrifts them to make their unique bundles of sets of 2 to 4 items. They also have home goods like throws and blankets! An excellent option for affordable online thrift stores!

4. Swap.com

Three ladies wearing outfits from online thrift stores.Pin
Image: Swap.com

What they offer: Women’s and men’s clothing, formal wear, shoes, swimwear, baby and kid’s wear, and premium items. 
Price point: $-$$

Swap.com adds thousands of new items to its inventory every day and prides itself on helping its customers to save money. At this affordable thrift and consignment online store, you will find one-of-a-kind, quality items with something for everyone in the family.

They also offer the opportunity to sell pre-owned clothing, but their current model is an invite-only model due to demand. Headquartered in Downers, Illinois, with offices in Chicago and Helsinki, Swap.com currently serves the continental US.

5. Vestiaire Collective

2 women posing in thrifted clothing. Pin
Image: Vestiaire Collective

What they offer: Designer clothing for men, women, children, handbags, vintage items, watches and jewelry
Price point: $$$$

Vestiaire Collective offers luxury fashion brands for a fraction of the price. They are the world’s first B-Corp fashion resale platform, and they embrace equality in every aspect! Vestiaire has partnered with many luxury brands such as Alexander McQueen and Mulberry to bring you unworn fashion pieces that just didn’t sell in their stores. 

You can buy and sell on this website, and they have a large variety of items to shop in all sizes. What I especially like about this site is you can make the sellers an offer and also see other things that they have listed and where they are selling from. 

If you were a fan of Tradesy, FIY they were recently aquired by Vestiaire!

6. Maw Supply

Image: Maw Supply

What they offer: Clothing and accessories 
Price point: $-$$

Based in Austin, Texas, MAW SUPPLY offers vintage, reclaimed clothing and accessories for both the feminine and the masculine. You will find their handmade t-shirts, hand-dipped incense, and handmade enamel pins, alongside a colourful selection of unique and vintage items including staples or more fun pieces.

7. Refashioner

A brown skirt on a mannequinn from  online thrift stores Refashioneer. Pin
Image: refashioner

What they offer: Vintage clothing, accessories, and jewelry 
Price point: $$

Giving a second life to some of the best designers and one-of-a-kind vintage garments, shoes, and bags, refashioner stocks its items from private collections. They even invite buyers to meet the people who loved the items for sale on their platform, complete with the history of the item too.

You are invited to buy or sell items with refashioner as well. And they offer other services like private shopping, personal shopping, closet cleaning, and more.

8. Curvy Elle 

A woman wearing an outfit from Curvy Elle an online thrift shop. Pin
Image: Curvy Elle

What they offer: Size-inclusive dresses, tops, skirts
Price point: $$

Owner Laurel wanted to make her own plus-size-focused niche in the fashion industry after working in the New York garment industry. She wanted to make a difference in a superficial industry and offer "curvy" women great selections.

She has a background in fashion design and product development and started The Curvy Elle as an endeavor to do fashion on her terms and own style. It is now being used in her own business featuring plus-size fashion and vintage style!

9. Shrimpton Couture

A woman wearing a dress from Shrimpton an online thrift shop.Pin
Image: Shrimpton

What they offer: Vintage luxury items from clothes to bags and shoes
Price point: $$$$

Shrimpton Couture is for the vintage-obsessed and is one of the best designer vintage online stores. From its humble beginnings in 2006 with just a dozen or so vintage pieces, Shrimpton Couture has grown to be one of the most respected online shopping destinations for vintage lovers worldwide.

They pride themselves in sourcing vintage that is still relevant and wearable. They find unreal pieces that are coveted by designers, museums, celebrities, and countless fabulous women all over the globe.

The entire selection is curated by the founder Cherie who says "Clothes are magic...they can transport you from an ordinary girl to the belle of the ball.

From an innocent girl to a femme fatale." While researching for this blog post, I spent at least 30 mins drooling over some of the amazing items they have to offer. I love that you can shop by era, too. So cool! If you're obsessed with vintage, this online shop is for you. Chose your ear and have fun!

10. Poshmark

Image: Poshmark

What they offer: Clothing, shoes, intimates, pjs, makeup, jewelry, skincare, bath and body, pets, electronics, kids, and home items. 
Price point: $$-$$$

Poshmark is one of the largest community marketplaces for fashion where you can buy, sell and share your style. They have over 60 million community members in Canada and the USA and over 100 million items for sale.

You can find high-end treasures like a Chanel bag. This is one of the best online thrift stores that carry everything from belts to bags to backpacks to shoes and even masks.

Not only can you buy from millions of people around the world, but you can also sign up to sell your own goodies. They offer virtual shopping parties, and you can comment and share your love of fashion with others.

Tennis champion Serena Williams joined its board in 2019, and last year it expanded its marketplace to include home decor. They also do have a ton of really great affordable options too.

I bought a vintage Balencigia recently, and it's to die for.

11. Patagonia Worn Wear

A jacker from Patagonias worn wear collection.  Pin

What they offer: Any pre-loved item bought from their main store 
Price point: $-$$$

Is one of the best secondhand stores for outdoor gear, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, then this is the place for you. Buying a used garment extends its life on average by 2.2 years, which reduces its carbon, waste, and water footprint by 73%. (ThredUp, 2018).

They cover kids, men, women, and gear at super affordable prices. Patagonia has a fantastic reputation for sustainability and is a real pioneer in ethical fashion.

Their clothing is manufactured to last and is mainly made from organic materials like cotton and recycled polyester fabrics. I also love how timeless each piece is. They never go out of style. When you send in your clothing (in good condition), they will give you a credit towards a new purchase.

There is also a section on the website called Recrafted, which are clothes made from other clothes; so cool.  They will also repair any item you own, like old jeans, no matter how old. This company truly brings sustainability to life.

12. Thredup

A woman wearing an orange vintage shirt with jeans from Thredup, an online thrift stores. Pin

What they offer: Clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, inclusive-sizing, maternity, and kids.
Price point: $-$$

You've probably already known about this online thrift store. They carry over 35 thousand brands from "Gap to Gucci." ThredUP is an online thrift store that has an impressive mix of clothing, shoes, bags. You name it. Another thing I love about this company.

You can take a fast fashion quiz to help you figure out and understand your carbon footprint and how it relates to climate change. They worked with Green Story to analyze the "environmental impact of buying garments used instead of new."

They work with Zero Waste Daniel to help you Upcycle Your Closet by offering DIY tutorials showing you how to turn one thing into another. You can even shop the closets of some of your fav celebs. This brand shows us how cool and easy it is to shop secondhand.

You can also send your old clothes to them. Sign up. They send you a giant polka dot bag, you fill it up, get cash or shopping credit, and you can even donate the items if you want! 

But what I love the most is the thredUP Circular Fashion Fund which Supports a Sustainable Fashion Future by "distributing funds to organizations and individuals committed to a more sustainable future."

If you are looking for the best plus size and petite thrift stores online, this is the place for you!

13. Menswear Market

Image: Menswear Market

What they offer: Specifically, men’s clothing, including outerwear, suits, and shoes. They also have a closet cleanout service to sell your pre-loved items. 
Price point: $$-$$$

Menswear Market carries a wide selection of current and trendy secondhand clothing for men. This is an online thrift and consignment shop. If your man has too many clothes, this might be an excellent place for you to check out.

They go beyond the traditional consignment store model, offering personalized service to each client who supplies a collection. When you need to clean up your closet or sell off the wardrobe of a relative, they can help.

Best online thrift shops in New York

14. Treasures of NYC

A woman holding a Chanel bag. Pin
Image: Treasures of NYC

What they offer: Luxury goods, vintage clothing, bags, accessories
Price point: $$$$

Treasures of NYC (TNYC) specializes in vintage luxury but with an edge. From brands like Gucci, Chanel, and Fendi, if you love luxury brands or are looking for high-end accessories, this New York based online retailer is a great place to look.

Shop their selection by category including handbags, apparel, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, and more. They also have a ‘one-of-a-kind’ category for a look at some of the most unique pieces in their inventory. If you’re looking for a new home for your own vintage items, they also offer the option to sell your gently loved goods right on their website.

15. Beacon's Closet

A woman holding a whole bunch of vintage bags from Beacons closet. Pin
Image: Beacon's Closet

What they offer: Tops, bottoms, dresses, swimwear, shoes, accessories for guys and gals
Price point: $$- $$$

Great work can be followed by lots of accolades and that is definitely the case here. With features in Vanity Fair, the New York Times, Italian Vogue, French Vogue, and much more, Beacon’s Closet is well regarded and consistently listed as one of the top 10 stores in NYC.

A female-founded company based in Brooklyn, they offer an aptly named selection of ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

The company also embraces ethical business practices, ensuring living wages, 100% health insurance for full-time employees, and paid maternity/paternity leave, just to name a few. Shop online or at one of their many locations in New York.

Best Online Thrift Shops Worldwide

16. Luxury Garage Sale

A woman holding a YSL bag.Pin
Image: Luxury Garage Sale

What they offer: bags, clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, designers, men's
Price point: $$- $$$$

Luxury Garage Sale (LGS) is an online marketplace for second-hand clothing online, great for buying and selling pre-owned luxury goods. Featuring brands like Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Hermès and Louis Vuitton, you can rest assured that their products are the real thing, backed by their authenticity guarantee.

You will find everything from bags and clothing, to shoes, jewelry, accessories, and menswear. Though LGS is based in the US they also ship to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere.

17. The RealReal

A black woman wearing an outfit from online thrift shop the real real. Pin
Image: TheRealReal

What they offer: Designer goods, women's, and men's, bags, jewelry, watches, home, kids
Price point: $$- $$$$

If you are looking for authentic luxury goods this might be the place for you. The RealReal sells second-hand clothing online that specializes in the selling of secondhand pieces at a discount. T

o make sure their products are in fact the "realreal" every item on the site first undergoes a rigorous authentication process that ensures their quality and origin. It looks like they require you to sign up with them to check out their selection but based on what I can see their items do look quite exquisite.

By shopping these luxury goods from a secondhand store we not only extend their life cycle but we reduce the demand for new products too. A win-win for the luxury fashion lovers with an eye for sustainability. Shipping is available in over 60 countries.

18. The Industry

a photo of a woman wearing a thrifted bag from The IndustryPin
Image: The Indusrty

What they offer: Tops, bottoms, outerwear, jumpsuits, dresses, footwear, accessories
Price point: $$- $$$

Chib, cool, hip, hot, take your pick, this online thrift store has it all. The shop owner clearly knows what she is doing. Each outfit is so beautifully styled that you will want to buy them all.

Find retro Mini Mouse sweaters. A gorgeous selection of coats....hello winter. Beautiful bodysuits, vintage suits, designer goods like YSL, funky shoes, sunglasses and so much more. I mean look at this outfit!

Best Online Thrift Stores in Britain

19. Depop

A photo of a woman wearing a thrifted jeans from Depop. Pin
Image: Depop

What they offer: Men’s and women’s wear, jewelry, shoes, beauty, home décor, books, and music. 
Price point: $-$$$$

You may have heard this name thrown around your corner of the internet. Founded by Simon Beckerman in 2011 as a social network, it is now a popular thrift store/mobile space “where millions of users come to celebrate their style and discover culture”. 

Headquartered in London, with offices in several major cities around the world, you can buy and sell clothing and “see what your friends and the people you’re inspired by are liking, buying and selling”.

The brand is currently working on several initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and become carbon neutral, starting with shipping. So far, for every purchase made on the platform, Depop has committed to offsetting the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by shipping.

20. Beyond Retro

A black woman wearing an outfit from online thrift shop Beyond Retro. Pin
Image: Beyond Retro

What they offer: Women’s and men’s clothing, sportswear, and denim.
Price point: $-$$$

Beyond Retro is a trendy and vintage-focused brand that started out as a retail store in East London. Here you will find an eclectic selection of vintage items for men and women, expertly curated with the help of their team and a sophisticated information management system.

They provides constant trend updates so their collections always reflect trends in the fashion zeitgeist. Though they are based in London, Beyond Retro does deliver in the US and EU for a flat rate, as well as elsewhere using DHL.

21. Rokit

Image: Rokit

What they offer: Women’s and men’s clothing, denim, and military attire.
Price point: $-$$$$

This is one of the biggest online thrift stores in the UK, users have access to tons of items that are updated weekly. They have everything from women’s and men’s wear to rare clothes from the past. What is unique about this company is that you can shop online or in person at one of their London thrift stores. 

They source all the clothing themselves and do not buy or buy back clothing from consumers, but everything is sourced from thrifting.

22. Thrift+

Image: Thrift+

What they offer: Coats and jackets, clothing, denim, shoes, and accessories. 
Price point: $-$$

Founded in 2017 Thrift+ to curve the fast fashion industry. There is a whole team of experts who go out and source all of their products and house them in a warehouse if you’re looking to sell your clothes in the UK then this is the place. All you do if fill up one of their bags and send it in, Thrift+ will handle the rest! 

They carry some of the worlds leading fast fashion brands like Zara to help reduce the waste they put out. There is a wide variety of items to shop from and no shortage of choices!

23. One Scoop Store

A women posing in thrifted clothing.Pin
Image: One Scoop

What they offer: Womenswear, bags, co-ords, jackets, jeans, jewellery, lingerie, shoes, and swimwear. 
Price point: $-$$

Maned with a range of designer, contemporary brands, eccentric vintage items, and some really great private sellers.

One Scoop Store offers women in the UK a stunning option for online thrifting. Owner Holly has been in the fashion industry for 15 years prior to opening her store and has seen first-hand the waste that came from it, thus creating this amazing shop!

24. Vinted

A women posing in thrifted clothing.Pin
Image: Vinted

What they offer: Women’s and men’s items, kids, home, entertainment, and pet care. 
Price point: $-$$$$

Vinted, is the perfect combination of buyers and sellers with over 45 million members who are ready to shop and sell beautiful clothing and even pet items!

I love the fact that you can find items that you might have loved but didn’t get your hands on when it was in stores, but you get the chance to now. In addition to the online store, they also have a storefront where you can shop.

Best Online Thrift Shops In Australia

25. The Closet

A woman wearing a floral dress from The Closet. Pin
Image: The Closet

What they offer: Clothes, shoes, accessories, designer items, new with tags, and plus-size
Price point: $$-$$$$

The Closet is an online thrift store in Australia on a mission to reduce the impact of non-sustainable practices as it pertains to the consumption of fashion. As such, you can both buy and sell quality pre-owned feminine apparel and accessories on their platform.

If looking to shop you will find a wide selection of items including clothing, shoes, accessories, and designer items. A great option for anyone looking for plus-size garments as well, you can navigate right to their extended sizes using their menu options.

The Closet also partners with Dress for Success (Brisbane) to help women achieve economic independence by providing them with support, development tools, and professional attire.

26. Thriftd

A white vintage T with a motorcycle on it. Pin
Image: Thriftd

What they offer: Women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, beauty, accessories, and entertainment. 
Price point: $$-$$$

What started out as a small eBay store based in Sydney, Australia, is now one of the largest online thrift stores in Australia. Their primary purpose: “reduce the number of good quality items going straight to landfill”.

You will find quality secondhand clothing, accessories, books, home goods, even mixed makeup sets, and mystery makeup and skincare boxes–perfect for the thrill-seekers and beauty lovers among us!

They also invest back into their community by donating a portion of their revenue to local charities that help koala’s, plant trees, and support farmers.

27. Sookii La La Village

A women posing in thrifted clothing.Pin
Image: Sookii La La Village

What they offer: Women’s and Men’s clothing, accessories, and unisex clothing. 
Price point: $-$$

Swooning over this retro shop! If you are looking for unique pieces that not everyone has, this is your chance. Sookii La La Village features clothing from the 70s, 80s, and 90s which is perfect for anyone looking for something nostalgic and luckily back in fashion!

This cute Etsy shop is located in Perth and owner Sally really shows her love and passion for thrifted clothes.

28. SwapUp

A women posing in thrifted clothing.Pin
Image: SwapUp

What they offer: Women’s and kids items
Price point: $-$$$

This stylish thrift store has some stellar options for women and kids specifically, they also offer a wardrobe cleanout which not only helps you declutter your closet but also gets you a little cash to buy other items. There are over 3000 professionally inspected items for sale on the site and everything is shipped plastic free.

29. Mottainai

A women posing in thrifted clothing.Pin
Image: Mottainai

What they offer: Women’s and kid’s clothing, bags, and activewear. 
Price point: $$-$$$

The name of this thrift shop has a really beautiful meaning, Mottainai (pronounced moat-tie-nigh) is a Japanese term that conveys a sense of regret concerning waste, isn’t that name just so suiting for this store?! 

There is a huge selection of items to shop for here, they sell both women’s and kid’s clothing and even some designer finds! If you are looking for something new, no need to fear they have new with tags options that people just didn’t get around to wearing.

Best Online Thrift Shops In Canada

30. Community Thrift & Vintage

a photo of a woman wearing a thrifted outfit from community thrift and vintage. Pin

What they offer: Dresses. tops, jeans, bottoms, skirts, jackets, knits, plus-size, desinger, vintage, militray
Price point: $$-$$$

Community Thrift & Vintage was founded in 2011, based in Vancouver, they sell a tightly edited collection of recycled fashion at a low price point.

They support at-risk people through their compassionate and supportive work training program, and all of their profits are donated to the PHS Community Services Society. They have a beautiful selection of clothing and accessories and they offer plus-size options, which is great.

Why is Community Thrift & Vintage one of the Best Online Vintage Clothing Stores? One reason, their massive selection of vintage denim.

Jeans in particular have such a massive impact on the planet from a water and chemical perspective. That's why I only buy secondhand jeans from thrift shops, and there are normally so many options to choose from.

31. Urban Renewal By Urban Outfitters

A photo of a woman wearing a thrifted outfit from Urban Outfitters. Pin
Image: Urban Renewal

What they offer: Men's, women's and home goods
Price point: $-$$$

Urban Renewal is all about repurposing and reinventing vintage pieces at affordable prices.  They take old pieces and fabrics, dye them, cut them up to make some of the cutest one-of-a-kind items like "vintage Levi’s jeans and recycled denim cut-off shorts, plaid flannel shirts, broken-in t-shirts, vintage dresses, and deadstock finds like camo surplus jackets."

I mean how cute are these? There IS some controversy surrounding this brand, but they are more accessible to most people which I think is a good thing.

Why Urban Outfitters Renewal is One of the Most Affordable Online Thrift Stores? Well, there are so many reasons. First off the prices, are so affordable.

You can find so many gems on their website. They also have a diversity and inclusion program where they donate $100,000 to charities like The Innocence Project, Antiracist Research and Policy Center, Equal Justice Initiative, and Year Up.

32. Mama Loves You

A woman wearing a thrifted outfit from mama loves you. Pin
Image: Mama Loves You Vintage

What they offer: Vintage men’s and women’s clothing 
Price point: $$$

Mama Loves You Vintage is the brainchild of mother-daughter duo Melo and Mahro Anfield. They both love fashion and have worked in the vintage industry for over 20 years. They carry a range of pieces from the early 1900s to the 1990s. They ship across Canada and you can purchase anything you like on their Instagram feed. If you live in the Toronto area, I highly recommend you take a trip to the shop, it's in the west end and is a chic, quirky spot.

Mama Loves You Vintage is One of the Best Online Stores for Vintage Clothing for three main reasons:
Sustainability: you are supporting thoughtfully sourced businesses whilst helping to shift the demand from fast fashion to secondhand treasure.

Mama & daughter owned: Gotta love that! One-of-a-kind: Where else can you find so much beautiful hand-picked vintage clothing from a variety of eras and periods?

33. Goodwill Boutique

3 mannequins wearing a thrifted outfit from Goodwill's online boutique. Pin
Image: Goodwill

What they offer: Clothing, kids’, and home décor, and accessories.
Price point: $-$$$

This online thrift shop is part of Goodwill Industries, a non-profit social enterprise where the proceeds from items sold at Goodwill stores go to fund job training, employment services and educational programs.

Find used items in good condition available for a fraction of retail cost, the end result is those many items being reused, repurposed, and recycled.

I was pleasantly surprised by some of the cute items that are available on the website. Goodwill relies on donations so much, so if you have clothing to donate this is a good place to start, just make sure you are doing it ethically.

34. Dirty Birdies Vintage

Image: Dirty Birdies Vintage

What they offer: Vintage Dresses, Vintage bottoms, Vintage tops, Vintage shoes and boots
Price point: $-$$$

I mean the name! Known as one of the best Modern Thrift Stores, Dirty Birdies offers an eclectic mix of retro goodies from clothing to records to shoes and swimwear. They have it all.

This Etsy shop has been around since 2008, they have over 42,000 sales and over 11,000 reviews. I also love the fact that you can find casual wear, workwear, and party wear. They add items daily and there is a ton to choose from. This is really one of the best online Canadian thrift stores.

Also love the fact that they are sold on Etsy, which we know is one the best alternatives to Amazon.

You can shop more mindfully on Etsy, a lot of the vendors are small, sustainable businesses that are so unique. Etsy also offsets 100% of its carbon emissions, one of the first companies in the world to do this.

35. Starlet Vintage

A pink vintage dress from Starlet Vintage. Pin
Image: Starlet Vintage

What they offer: Vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. 
Price point: $$-$$$

Oh, this is such a stunning little shop in British Columbia. Looking for old-fashion, stylish vintage dresses? Then this place is for you. Their shoe collection is next level too.

They, like me, love the ethics of wearing vintage pieces that are often handmade and have built-in history. Each piece I've seen in the shop offers a real one-of-a-kind personal expression. They have unique wedding dresses and beautiful shoes to choose from.

36. Turnabout Luxury

a photo of a woman wearing a thrifted outfit from Turnabout Luxury. Pin
Image: Turnabout Luxury

What they offer: Women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and bags.
Price point: $$-$$$$

Turnabout Luxury has been around for 41 years. Founded in Western Canada they are one of our largest luxury resellers who pride themselves on decreasing clothing production by offering preloved gems for any fashionista. They hold clothing donations and fundraising events that help support charities across the nation.

With a global spotlight on the environmental impact of fast fashion and the urgent need to reduce landfill waste, Turnabout’s concept provides people with an outlet to make cash out of regular closet cleanses.

For some, it’s a circular economy whereby they shop in-store with their account proceeds. For others, it’s the challenge of de-cluttering combined with the thrill of receiving a cheque.

And for others, it helps address needs like paying bills and funding necessary family purchases. They do offer affordable options, but the luxury department is pretty awesome.

37. Love That Bag Etc.

Image: Love That bag

What they offer: Designer clothing, handbags, jewelry, and shoes. 
Price point: $$$$

Love That Bag etc. is an online thrift store that strives to make luxury fashion more accessible by offering shoppers a more sustainable way to buy.

They sell clothing, bags, accessories, jewelry, you name it. Designers include Prada, Chanel, Hermes, Dior, and more. I really love their Handbag Project, you can donate an old bag you don't use, and they will fill it with personal care products and donate it to local women's shelters.

They have a very diverse group of staff with each person bringing their unique perspective to the team.

38. My Luxury Closet

A woman wearing a dress from my luxury closet. Pin
Image: My Luxury Closet

What they offer: apparel, handbags, footwear, accessories, and jewelry.
Price point: $$$-$$$$

Founded in Montreal, My Luxury Closet offers a diverse range of luxury handbags, apparel, footwear, accessories, and jewelry. All of their clothing is curated seasonally.

Find designers like Chanel, Gucci, and Dior. This is a higher-end shopping experience. They ship worldwide. Every product they sell has undergone a quality assurance process offering you a chance to discover a "range of vintage and contemporary statement styles".

39. Give Rise

A women posing in thrifted clothing.Pin
Image: Give Rise

What they offer: Clothing, electronics, art, jewelry, books and games, baby and kids, beauty and wellness, vintage items, and an assortment of eclectic things. 
Price point: $-$$$

Give Rise is a peer-to-peer marketplace to inspire people to support their communities and support those in need. Every time someone sells on their site, they have the option to donate a portion of their sale to a non-profit, this is a great option to make a little cash and also support some local causes that need your help. 

They really are a store online and offer a variety of items like sporting goods, art, and electronics. The items listed are really affordable with a lot being priced very fairly and in great condition. 

Best Online Thirft Shopt in Toronto

40. Wildthing Vintage

A woman wearing a vintage plaid dress from Wildthings Vintage. Pin
Image: Wildthing Vintage

What they offer: Denim, designer brands, vintage clothing, and accessories. 
Price point: $$-$$$$

Based in Toronto, Canada, Wildthing Vintage is an Etsy vintage clothing store for everything vintage, denim, sequins, avant-garde, and design. Their selection includes clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories with a penchant for the fun, playful, and classic.

We spotted everything from a YSL fur coat and a gorgeous olive green snowsuit, to a CANDI JONES floral prairie dress and a Blue Fairy 50s gown! Surely one of the best unique clothing thrift stores for lots of fun finds.

41. Penny’s Arcade

A woman wearing a vintage blue dress from Penny's arcade. Pin
Image: Pennys' Arcade

What they offer: Clothing, kid’s items, vintage home décor, handblown glass, and apothecaries.
Price point: $$-$$$

Penny's Arcade is located in little Portugal in Toronto, Canada. Their online store offers lovely, unique selections for men and women, they even have an in-house seamstress who can restore garments before they are up for sale, ensuring quality. If you love vintage Levi's you will love this shop.

Taking care of your clothes, like mending them instead of tossing them is one way to ensure that they last longer, this will help keep them out of landfills.

Why do I love this Online Vintage Clothing Store? They offer some of the best vintage finds for both men and women and boast a massive selection to choose from like, winter accessories, kids' fashion, and a really funky vintage home section that I simply can't get enough of!

42. Chosen Vintage

A woman wearing a vintage plaid jacket from Chosen Vintage. Pin
Image: Chosen Vintage

What they offer: Home items, books, clothing, and accessories.
Price point: $$-$$$

Is an online thrift shop and brick-and-mortar boutique located in Toronto that sells hand-selected, gently loved, affordable pieces for women as they say "pieces that we hope will inspire you to shop imaginatively and sustainably." They have tie-dye skills, home goods, and the Chosen Vault, which I highly recommend you check out.

Chosen is one of the best secondhand designer stores because all of the outfits are styled so well and they have the quirkiest names "who's the boss" and "magenta magic". Love them all! It's places like these where you find real gems, don't you just love the thrill of the find, I mean look at this suit!

And even though all the items are being updated all the time, they are paying really close attention to getting new stuff in for the guys. Love that!

Why shopping at an online thrift shop matters:

Fashion is big business and the manufacturing process of making the clothing we love has a huge impact on many people in developing nations as well as the planet.

Consider these facts:

17-20% of industrial water pollution comes from textile dyeing and treatment.  The fashion industry uses 32 million Olympic size swimming pools of freshwater every year.

It is expected to increase by 50% by 2030. 17-20% of industrial water pollution comes from textile dyeing and treatment. More than 70 million barrels of oil is used to make polyester each year. Clothing production doubled between 2000-2014.

The industry relies more heavily on fossil-based polyester which is now used in 60% of our garments. The fashion industry accounts for 8.1% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. The clothing industry creates carbon emissions of 1.2 billion tonnes per year for our garments.

Now I have your attention! Buying things that already exist in the world helps to reduce the volume of resources we are using to make new things.

It's pretty simple math when you think about it. Yes, there are the shipping and dry-cleaning costs of buying online from a thrift shop, but it pales in comparison when you think about the amount of water it takes to make one tee shirt.

How to extend the life of your clothes:

1. Wash your clothes less

We are washing our clothing way too much and this is mostly due to smart marketing from laundry brands. The more you wash the more you need to buy detergent. Undies and socks yes we need to wash those, but jeans can be worn at least 4 times before you wash them.

Sweaters at least twice. If you have clothing made from synthetics fibres, odds are they are releasing microplastic into the environment.

2. Line dry your clothes as much as possible

Each time you dry your clothing the heat from the dryer breaks down the fibres, making them less and less durable over time. Line drying our clothing will not only reduce your electric bill it will also help your clothes last longer.

3. Mend your clothes

If a button falls off a shirt, sew it back on, don't toss it! Did you know this is one of the most common reasons people disregard their clothing? Keep a box of buttons, always save the buttons your clothing comes with and if you don't have matching buttons then consider replacing them all.

a woman mending a pair of jeansPin

4. Upcycle garments by turning them into something else

Instead of tossing an old worn-out tee, cut it up and use it to make DIY cleaning wipes. Old tee's make great cleaning rags. I've got guised on what to do with old jeans, old socks, old pillows and even old shoes. DYK you can even mend your shoes?

Cut up torn jeans and make them into shorts. Make a choker tee shirt or how about a cute pom-pom sweater? The fun is endless. If DIY is not your thing, consider selling your used clothes online.

5. Never ever put your clothing in the recycling bin!

Most clothing cannot be recycled. If you place your clothing in the blue bin, it will end up in the garbage. Find other ways to get rid of your clothes.

Clothing donation bins offer a convenient and easy way to donate clothing, shoes, accessories, bath and bed linens, etc. as there are hundreds of bins located across the province in highly visible and accessible locations.

Many charities operate these bins so not only do you get to declutter your closet but you are helping to support these charities.

6. Stop saying and thinking "I have nothing to wear"

How many of us have said "I have nothing to wear”, when in fact we have a full closet of clothing! I’ve been watching the news and seeing long lineups outside many fast fashion stores.

I am so disappointed and at the same time not surprised at all. Fast fashion is addictive.

I get it! People have been cooped up and need a little retail therapy BUT understand that that choice comes with a hefty price for millions of garment workers (in developing nations) who face dangerous working conditions, poor wages, sexual exploitation, and much more.

The fast fashion industry relies on a form of modern-day slavery period! These companies earn billions of dollars on the backs of (mostly) women who can’t even afford the clothing they are making for us to wear.

When you support companies like Zara, H&M, Forever 21, etc. You are part of the problem. Don’t get me wrong, I have bought items from these stores in the past, but the more I learned about their impact on people's lives (and the planet) the less I wanted to support them.

Instead take a look at Amazon and fast fashion alternatives to shop.

Final Thoughts on Online Thrift Stores For Secondhand Clothing

If you are new to thrifting shopping, my 10 best thrifting tips might help to get you started. So you know I really love secondhand shopping, but if you are looking to buy something new, then make sure to browse these 75+ sustainable fashion brands and think about creating a minimalist wardrobe too.

Fast fashion can be really hard for those of us trying to live a zero waste lifestyle. The basic premise is to produce as little waste as possible, with the fashion industry it's just about impossible.

My wardrobe has changed A LOT in the last 8 years. it’s very minimal, I wear a lot of the same things more than once and even when I am on TV.

Do I want to go out and buy pretty new dresses and shoes! YES! I am human. Have I supported the companies in the past yes!

But today I choose in the moment to think of others rather than myself. This is really the foundation of being an environmentalist. Think BEFORE you buy. And ask yourself is your choice harming someone?

Do you shop at online thrift shops, drop a comment below and let me know. If you found this post helpful, please help someone by sharing this article – sharing is caring 🙂!

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  1. I have a soft spot for stores and shops that try to do their part for the environment or even demonstrate some effort to give back in a way. I was reading about GiveRise which is a new online thrift store that allows individuals and groups to join and sell items on the site. It’s perfect for school fundraisers and they give 20% to the charity of your choice whenever you buy an item from the website. How’s that for social responsibility?!

  2. I love the store ThreadRush on ebay! They never use extra paper which just makes more waste and they have super awesome customer service. I usually shop local to cut waste but I like supporting family business too.

  3. Totally concur with the entire read! I love vintage clothing for the reasons you pointed out. And the fact that I won’t run into someone that wearing what I’m wearing. Great read! Keep up the good work!

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