27 Gorgeous Ethical Gifts For Everyone, Even Pets!

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The holidays can be stressful and finding the right gift for your loved ones just adds to the pressure. Ethical gifts are essential for the upcoming holiday season, using less waste and ensuring that our gifts are sustainable is so important especially when it comes to one of the biggest consumer holidays out there.

Worried about what to get and want to ensure it's sustainable? Well, have no fear I have compiled a list of the best ethical Christmas gifts for an eco-friendly holiday season!

Quick Links for Best Ethical Gifts

Ethical Gifts: Fashion

1. Smash + Tess

2 models wearing comfy joggers from Smash and Tees.Pin
Image: Smash + Tess

Talk about cute clothing! If I could buy everything from this shop, I would. Smash + Tess offers a variety of items from eco-friendly tee shirts to baby clothes. They are a slow fashion brand founded by two women with families who wanted to start an impactful business, they pride themselves on size inclusivity and small batch items.

Everything from these ladies is ethically sourced and ensures Fair Trade practices for their clothing. You can shop for pieces in sizes 3XS – 4X.

2. Naadam

A model wearing a white cashmere sweater from Naadam. Pin
Image: Naadam

With a commitment to transparency and ethical practices, NAADAM is the perfect place to get your hands on an ethical gift for the fashion lover in your family. NAADAM ensures that all their beautifully crafted cashmere garments are cruelty-free and that they pay their herder's sustainable wages. You can shop for a variety of items like sweaters, loungewear, and men’s clothing, with sizes from XXS-3X.

3. The Nude Label

4 models wearing Nude's undies. Pin
Image: The Nude Label

The Nude Label is the place to shop if you’re looking to gift comfortable and long-lasting undergarments. You can shop for anything from bras, undies, men’s underwear, and even swimwear. The Nude Label only uses organic cotton and recycled Polyamide, they also only partner with factories that embody environmental and sustainable practices, making this a great choice if you want to gift someone sustainable lingerie that is super soft and comfortable. Their sizes range from XS-XL.

4. PrAna Beanies

A model wearing a white beanie. Pin
Image: PrAna

I’m a big toque gal, so the PrAna beanies are a must-have for those in your life who love the outdoors or simply like to accessorize in the winter with sustainable winter hats. The beanies are made from organic cotton, nylon, and wool, and the linings of these are made from 100% recycled polyester. They have a variety of choices for beanies, and you know you are getting a good product with Prana with them being Fair Trade Certified and committed to circularity and sustainability.

5. Nisolo Handbag

A model holding a brown bag from Nisolo. Pin
Image: Nisolo

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bag to go with their outfit? Nisolo is where to go when you want to gift your loved one an eco-friendly handbag. Here you will find styles in crossbody, shopper, satchel, tote, and more, you will also find a variety of simple and timeless colors and designs.

Nisolo is a top-rated Certified B Corp and the #1 ranked Re/Make brand, you can rest easy knowing that they have a 100% carbon emissions offset, plus these bags are made from vegetable-tanned leather that comes from a leather working group certified tannery.

6. Nordgreen Watches

2 models wearing watches that are featured close up.  Pin
Image: Nordgreen

Okay, when I say I’m obsessed with these watches I am not joking! Nordgreen makes a stunning sustainable watch that is sure to top your list of the best ethical Christmas gift. With the use of leather that is Leather Working Group certified, vegan leather, and a fantastic refurbish program this is where you should come if you want to give something flashy to a loved one.

Nordgreen is also a certified B-Corp and has paired with charities that provide chemotherapy for childhood cancer and donate essential kits to children in Korea.

7. The Root Collective

A collection of Root Collective boots. Pin
Image: The Root Collective

Everyone needs shoes, so why not gift a pair of sustainable shoes? The Root Collective they have created a model of slow fashion so you can only get their shoes when they release lines in limited quantities, they also are fully transparent so you can find their cost breakdown right on the website. Get your hands on these handcrafted shoes in a variety of styles and selections.

Ethical Gifts: Home Goods

8. Terrera

Terrera White Bloom Duvet Cover Set. Pin
Image: Terrera

Terrera has the sustainable bedding of your dreams, made from organic or bamboo these sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers will surely have your gift receiver in awe of your choice. We spend so much time in our beds so why not make them as comfortable as possible, Terrera this means “our time on earth” has thoughtfully designed a collection of bedding that has sustainability in mind, they are certified organic, GOTS-certified, and OEKO-TEX certified. Shop their women-owned and Canadian home goods store for the best in bedding.

9. Boll & Branch

Cable Knit Throw Blanket on a white bed. Pin
Image: Boll & Branch

This Fair Trade organic comforter and bedding company ensure it upholds the highest standards for organic cotton and has carefully bought Fair Trade cotton seeds to make the lives of the people who grow it better. Boll & Branch is free of toxins and harmful chemicals and they are 100% traceable from farm to finish. This is another great company to purchase bedding from as their incredibly soft and durable fabrics are carefully designed with beautiful patterns and rich solid colors.  

10. Kana

2 yellow Kana pots on a table filled with food. Pin
Image: Kana

This company is perfect for the home cook in your life, Kana offers beautifully crafted cookware that comes in a variety of colors to fit your gift receiver’s personality. Choose from skillets, Dutch ovens, or cast iron, all of their items are ethically made with safe and fair working conditions in mind. Rest assured that their Milo collection has the best eco-friendly cookware that you can feel good about. 

11. Viva Terra

A collection of Shima Ceramic Dinnerware Collection. Pin
Image: Viva Terra

I’ll be gifting these Viva Terra eco-friendly dinnerware to a lucky family member this year who has been asking for a new set of cups. With a passion for eco-friendly décor, this company has made its products from recycled glass, handmade items, and made from natural stoneware, all the items are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

12. Parachute Home

The inside of a Parachute shop. Pin
Image: Parachute

I think home décor is always a welcomed gift if you know what the person you’re shopping for needs or wants. At Parachute you’ll find climate-neutral certified sustainable home décor that is all made from responsible materials that are GOTS certified and OEKO-Tex certified, they are also Fair Trade certified to ensure ethical manufacturing. You can find pillows, throws, nesting baskets, rugs, laundry hampers, and more to shop for in stunning shades and easy pairing colors and patterns. 

13. Safavieh

A pink safavieh rug in q bright room with a pink couch. Pin
Image: Safavieh

Rugs are a great way to accent your home or tie a room together, this year gift someone you love a Safavieh rug. They specialize in offering fine rugs that are long-lasting and come from a background in weaving. They have some really amazing rugs made from natural fibers made from jute, cotton, hemp, sisal, seagrass, and more so you can guarantee that you will be getting a non-toxic rug

Ethical Gifts: Edibles

14. Public Goods Chocolate Almonds

A bag of chocolate covered almonds. Pin
Image: Public Goods

Need a gift for a teacher or friend? Or even a stocking stuffer? Get your hands on these delicious chocolate almonds from Public Goods. The chocolates are additive-free and all-natural containing just six ingredients that are 100% natural. This is a feel-good kinda food!

15. Public Goods Coffee

A bag of ground coffee. Pin
Image: Public Goods

Beat this cold weather with a warm cup of joe, Public Goods coffee is all-natural, Fair Trade, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, and vegan friendly, talk about a list of good stuff in your coffee. The beans are sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and Central America and are considered high quality and full of natural ingredients.   

Ethical Gifts: Personal Care

16. Clove + Hallow

A flat  lay of Clove and Hallow makeup. Pin
Image: Clove + Hallow

Clean beauty is the only way to go and Clove + Hallow is one of my favorite brands, they are a small-batch and sustainable makeup brand that is fully transparent and uses minimal ingredients in their products. Try one of their beautiful lipsticks, concealers, or eco-friendly mascara, this will definitely become your gift receiver’s new favorite eco-makeup line with its high pigmentation. Bonus this company is vegan! 

17. Activist Skincare

A flat lay of three Activist Skincare products. Pin
Image: Activist Skincare

This brand is a must-have for the self-care lover in your family, Activist Skincare is a small-batch company with a focus on holistic wellness and a love for the planet. This brand is vegan and cruelty-free and made from carefully selected ingredients which makes it high on my list for sustainable skincare.

Worried this won’t be good for your giftee’s skin? Rest assured Activist is non-toxic and ensures their products are non-irritating, you can always grab a trial kit if you’re worried.

 Ethical Gifts: Sustainable Tech

18. Oakywood

An Oakywood desk. Pin
Image: Oakywood

Have someone in your life who loves their job and needs a desk upgrade? An Oakywood desk would make an amazing gift! You can completely customize the desk in color, shape, legs, length, and width, this desk also can stand so when the person you’re gifting this to gets tired of sitting they can raise the desk up with a press of a button.

The desk is made from certified and high-grade wood, and they provide a clear pricing policy. If a full fledge desk isn’t what you’re looking for they have lots of other great options to choose from. 

19. Solgaard

Lifepack Backpack.Pin
Image: Solgaard

Solgaard has come out with a Lifepack Backpack that is solar-powered and anti-theft, this backpack is made from Shore-Tex™ which is unique to Solgaard as it is made from upcycled ocean plastic. Some really neat features of this sustainable backpack include Solorbank and Solar Boombox compatibility, an integrated USB port, drop-proof laptop storage, and a water-resistant bottom.

Ethical Gifts: Zero Waste

20. Earth Hero Starter Kits

Eco Living Gift Box.Pin
Image: EarthHero

This is perfect to gift anyone who wants to start their sustainable journey, you can choose from so many different kits from zero-waste lunch kits to an eco-living box. All of the boxes contain wonderful zero-waste gift items that can be easily incorporated into everyday life so you don’t need to worry if your gift receiver will use the items or not.

Ethical Gifts: Kids

21. Melissa & Doug

Wooden toys for kids. Pin
Image: Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug is a one-stop shop for all your kid’s holiday gift needs! With an age range of 0 – 8 years old, you will absolutely find something for your kids here.

Melissa & Doug ensure that all their toys support thriving forests and create an inclusive world, they do this by creating open-play toys that have endless possibilities with your child’s imagination with toys that are made from wood. This is the perfect way to incorporate an eco-friendly toy into your child’s life and you can feel good knowing that it’s non-toxic.

22. Finn + Emma

A little girl wearing a graphic tee. Pin
Image: Finn + Emma

If you are looking for carefully crafted and sustainable children’s gifts, then you will want to add Finn + Emma to your list. They only use 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes, and all-natural wood so it’s completely safe and non-toxic for your little ones.

This company also follows Fair Trade practices and provides a safe work environment for its employees and families. They have everything from kids' apparel to gear and toys.

23. Zeki Learning

A child playing on the floor. Pin
Image: Zeki Learning

Zeki Learning is a non-profit dedicated to ethically made learning resources, Zeki utilizes Montessori principles to encourage growth and development for your little ones.

This is a Fair Trade brand that employs women from the West Bank which has historically faced opposition in the form of low-income and gender inequality to craft their products. Your little one will fall in love with one of the many safe products they offer. These make for an affordable ethical gift!

24. Kids' Wagon

A kid in a red wagon. Pin
Image: Wishbone Designs

Wagons are often gifted to young children for the holidays and rightfully so, it’s so convenient to tote your young ones around in a wagon (plus you can carry a lot of things in it!) Wishbone Designs makes a wonderfully crafted wagon that is super cute! It has a dual side hand brake and it can hold up to 50kg, this wagon also features a one-year warranty and is made from sustainable wood and non-toxic paint.

Ethical Gifts: Pets

25. Beco Pets

A border collie plating with a pink flamingo toy. Pin
Image: Beco

If you’re anything like me then it’s essential that you include your pet in your holiday gifts, I love giving my kitty a little toy on Christmas, but I love gifting an eco-friendly pet product even more! With Beco you will find pet dishes, treat toys, rope toys, and dog bags, all the products are made from silicone, hemp, or bamboo so your pet is only getting high-quality non-toxic toys.

26. West Paw

A brown dog on a beige pet bed. Pin
Image: West Paw

West Paw is a Canadian company that makes eco-friendly dog toys, treats, beds, collars, and leashes. Everything from West Paw has the environment in mind, their items are 100% recyclable, BAP-free, latex-free, and FDA compliant, this company is also a certified B-Crop.

The toys are a great gift for your furry friend because they are made for tough chewers and the best part is you can recycle the toys after your dog has ripped through them.

27. Nature’s Aid

A pet shampoo bar. Pin
Image: Nature's Aid

Mmmm nothing like a fresh-smelling pet after a nice bath! Nature’s Aid makes an awesome pet shampoo bar that comes in six different kinds like soothing skin, mild puppy, and ultra-sensitive. These shampoo bars are eco-friendly and made from local ingredients with no plastic packaging, even the box is produced in a carbon-neutral facility.

What makes an ethical gift?

At The Eco Hub, we stick to certain criteria when it comes to picking brands to recommend to you and we ensure that they live up to the specific criteria needed to make them sustainable and eco-friendly. This article is no different when it comes to the standards we look for in brands, we look for: 

  • How and where the product is made
  • If the company follows certain standards in the manufacturing process 
  • What certifications the brand has such as Fair Trade, B-corp, or Organic
  • If the packaging is sustainable or if they offset their carbon emissions
  • We also ensure that there is no greenwashing happening

Knowing that you are gifting someone an ethical gift, you can rest easy knowing that you made a sensible purchase this holiday season. Consumption is a huge issue especially over the holidays so choosing one of our many ethical gift ideas is a great way to protect the environment.

A final word on ethical gifts

During the holiday season, Americans will spend $15.2 billion dollars on unwanted holiday gifts this upcoming year and with 4% of them ending up in the trash it truly is important that we are mindful of the gifts we buy for people and ensure that they will actually use them and at the very least, they are ethical and sustainably made.

With all of the other waste that is generated from food, gift wrapping, and holiday parties, it’s good to reduce our waste and environmental impact everywhere you can!

Make sure to check out all of our other gift guides, we've got something for everyone on your list.

And don't forget that REGIFTING is okay too! Just make sure you do it right! If you found this post helpful, please help someone by sharing this article – help me to help others 🙂!


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